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24option-logo124option Binary Options broker is among the leading brokers in their field. It offers its traders some of the best services and opportunities to make money by trading binary options. One of the ways by which it does so, is by providing an easy way of registering or opening a trading account with them.

The most unique thing with the 24option broker is that it offers a free demo account to every client who opens an account with them and deposits a minimum of $250. Once the account has been registered, the process of depositing funds/money takes just about 24 hours to be manually verified; after which the trader is allowed to immediately start trading if he so wishes.

The client/trader can choose to use a variety of methods to deposit his or her funds from the various options that are allowed by 24option. These options include: JCB, MasterCard, Skrill Moneybookers, Dankort, Visa Card, Bank Wire, Discover Card, Diners Club, Cartasi, Liberty Reserve, Visa Electron Dankort and Laser.

When making the first deposit after opening an account, it is very important to wisely choose the base currency of your trading account. The client can choose to deposit his money in Japanese Yens, Euros, dollars or any other currency provided it is allowed by 24option. It is worth noting that once you choose the base currency of your trading account, it is not possible to change it later.

For the newbies, it is highly commendable that they first trade in their demo account before going ahead to do live trading. The demo account provides the best place to practice and learn all about binary options trading with 24option. The beginners as well as trading gurus are allowed to experiment anything in the 24option demo account provided that it is allowed. There is also no fear of losing cash in the demo account since that is not real money in there.

When using the 24option demo account, you can request for any assistance from 24options and you will be effectively assisted.


24option Bonus Info

The other most outstanding 24option feature that makes it popular among binary options traders is the various trading bonuses that it offers to its clients. These additional services go a long way in ensuring that its clients get the best services as compared to its competitors.

The various types of bonuses offered by the 24option broker can be categorized into two, namely:

  1. Technology Bonuses

This are in two forms (technology bonus I and technology bonus II) and they are given in form of Apple products; mainly iPads and MacBooks. The iPad is given for a minimum deposit of $10,000 while the MacBook is given for a minimum deposit of $20,0000. However, there are other terms and conditions that the trader should be careful to observe and understand.

  1. Cash Bonuses

This bonuses are awarded mainly upon the clients deposit. However, it is fully upon the company’s discretion and the customer’s request. If the customer/client doesn’t need the bonus he or she will only avoid to request for it. There are usually strict terms and conditions that comes with the cash bonuses and the customer should carefully ensure that he or she fully understand them before accepting any of them. Failure to do so, the trader will always view this bonus as a scam whereas it is not.

The turnover requirement for this bonus is ×50 depending on the size of the deposited amount of money.

24option First Deposit Bonus

24option offer their new clients with a bonus upon their first deposit. When the clients completes registering his or her new account and makes the first deposit of a minimum of $250, they are entitled to a bonus of thirty percent to one hundred percent depending on the type of account that the client chooses to open. This means that the larger the deposit the larger bonus awarded.

24options have four different account types and each command a different amount of bonus for the first deposit. The basic and silver account have the least bonuses while the gold and platinum account have larger percentages of bonuses. Of all the accounts, platinum account is the one that has the largest first time deposit bonus.

Other 24option Deposit Bonuses

Apart from the first time deposit bonus, 24option also offer special promotion bonuses when clients deposit funds into their accounts. These special promotion bonuses are offered during special occasions throughout the year. Examples of when the special promotion deposit bonuses are offered are: during Christmas, New Year and during intense market volatility periods.

24option Gold Account

The 24option Gold account is a preference for intermediate and experts in binary options traders. It offers very exclusive features like a payout of up to 84%, receiving email and SMs alerts and an opportunity to use expert advisers in live trading. The traders also benefit from training sessions with trading experts.

The return of the overall amount that the traders invest in this account type is 2%. This simply means that the traders is guaranteed with a extra 2% return on each executed trade.

The first deposit bonus of this account is larger than that of the basic and silver accounts.

24option Platinum (VIP) Account

The platinum account of 24option is the highest account level that a binary options trader can own with this broker. It is the VIP trading account for 24option clients and it is preserved for the elite group of binary options traders.

The 24option platinum account holders enjoy al the services offered by 24option broker. Some of the exclusive features of this account are: payout of up to 86%, fully free cash withdrawals from the account to the bank, session of financial expert, provision of a research website, an opportunity to trade forex and higher trading limits.

Also, for every trade the platinum account holder gets a 4% account bonus.

The first deposit bonus of this account is larger than that of all other 24option accounts.

Withdrawing 24option bonuses

The ability to withdraw bonuses is on of the most lucrative service that 24option broker offers. The trader is given the rare chance of using the free money to trade and later he or she is also allowed to withdraw the money. What a deal!

However, before being able to withdraw the bonus, the trader has to reach the specified turnover for the specific bonus allocated to him or her. The turnover ranges from ×5 for the technology bonuses to ×50 for the cash bonuses.

When dealing with the bonuses, it is important to take note of the following terms used in your trading account:

  • Minimum trading volume

It is the least amount of money that a trader must reach so as to be able to withdraw any bonus money or any other amount of money.

  • Account Bonus balance

This is the amount of the awarded bonus which is usually unavailable until the requirements of the volume are reached.

  • Cumulative trading volume

This is the overall trading volume.

However, before any withdrawal is done, 24option waits until all the running trades are closed.

Are there scams associated with 24option deposit bonuses?

The answer is NO. The 24option deposit bonuses are not scams. They are real and traders benefit from them.

However, the trader should ensure that he or she has read all the terms and conditions of every bonus before requesting and accepting it. The terms and conditions include things that the trader should do or adhere to before being allowed to withdraw the bonus awarded to him or her.

For example, a trader can make a deposit of $7,000 after registering a new account, and he or she is awarded a first deposit bonus of 70%.  This will translate to a bonus of $4,900. Then, in the terms and conditions the trader must reach a trading volume of ×25 of the amount of bonus. Therefore, the bonus will be available once the account reaches a trading volume of $122,500.

In the above example, if the account of the trader doesn’t reach the required amount of trading volume, then the deposit bonus will not be available. And if it so happens that the trader had not read the terms and conditions comprehensively, he or she may end up saying that the deposit bonus was a scam whereas it wasn’t.

For newbies who have still not familiarized themselves well with 24option, it is advisable for them to keep off from accepting the bonuses. The bonuses are completely optional and it is left to the trader’s choice to accept or decline from requesting for them. But if you are confident that you have understood all that is required for the bonus, you should not hesitate from taking it since it will quicken your profit making process.

Another thing that the trader should know is that making any withdrawal after accepting a bonus and all the requirements are not met forfeits the whole bonus. Therefore, the trader should avoid withdrawing any money until he or she meets all the termzs and conditions.



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