24option Wealth Academy

24option ReviewOut of the successful attempts of the 24Option broker to help its clients in trading, the broker established an academy, the 24Option Wealth Academy, where traders can learn how to manage their investments. This academy is dedicated in ensuring that every trader in 24option trades like an expert from the very start of trading.
The 24Option Wealth academy is made of a team of very successful market specialists and traders who have a great knowledge of the binary option markets.
Contrary to what most newbies believe, binary option trading is not that simple and it requires some education before investing in it.

It is not just selecting a high or a low; NO. It goes far much beyond that; it includes understanding the financial market, analyzing the market and choosing the type of contract to place among several other things for you to be a successful trader. The 24option is there to help educate its clients in these things. It is actually the best place for a binary option trading beginner.


Benefits of the 24Option Wealth Academy

When a trader is enrolled with the 24Option Wealth Academy, he or she is entitled to a variety of features which include:

  • The trader is free to use a one-on-one coaching call.
  • The trader can freely download the trading eBook.
  • The trader has access to a live professional customer support.
  • The trader is free to access an online wealth market app.
  • The trader can access the trading tutorial videos that are on demand
  • The trader has the advantage of getting advanced trading strategies.
  • There is also a Fast Start Guide for the totally new binary options traders with no experience in trading at all.

24option Educational Tools

How to enroll in the 24Option Wealth Academy

Activate your real account

Activation of a new account is simple and only requires that after verification of the registration documents, the trader should deposit a minimum of $250 into his or her new 24Option trading account.
Once a trader activates his or her real trading account, they are eligible for the 24Option Wealth Academy irrespective of the type of account that they decide to open.

Download the trading ebook

The trading ebook contains information on what binary options are, different types of binary options and ways of creating trading techniques as well as other useful trading information.
It is made in such a way that beginners will understand how to trade from the word go.

Watch the 24Option’s comprehensive VOD

This is a series of 37 complied video tutorials of proven trading strategies, key trading patterns, new strategies, professional market analysis as well as advanced trading tips.

Go ahead and watch the advanced 24Option’s VOD

This is a compilation of 9 tutorials on the professional trading methods. The videos highlight topics such as passive trading, market analysis and aggressive trading among several other important topics.

Request the powerful trading alerts with PRO signals

This alerts are free. They include services such as powerful and precise signal alerts and advanced algorithms that are very simple to use.


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