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UPDATE (12.01.2017):

We have found out that Banc de Binary is closed.

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Old Review:

Banc de Binary LogoBanc De Binary has a reputation as one of the most prosperous and safe brokers out there.

Joining and signing up is not a big deal. It’s actually incredibly quick and simple for a person with basic computer knowledge. During the registration procedure, the clients have to present their personal info. Then, there is required to carry out personal data authentication, and a message on the email address will appear in order to help the client activating the account. Next, the customers should decide which payment method to choose: wire transfer or credit/debit card. Additionally, clients must show a scan or a picture with some ID document with quality image, copy of the bank card, and some recent bill in which the address and name are visible. Even if you can trade without this, the verification method is mandatory for any client who wants to make the first

When registering, the trader will be required the first and last name, the email, country, and phone number. In the same section, the trader will have to choose a password and repeat it, then to select the account currency, and finally type some characters for security reasons. The acceptance of terms and conditions is mandatory for successfully finishing the registration procedure.
If you feel you’re more experienced than others in terms of binary options trading, you might be interested in Banc De Binary’s exclusive VIP account package which is provided for individuals who plan to generate profits and are more capable. You will be impressed to find out what’s inside those packages! First of all, it is about the 100% sign-up bonus, then there are the account management features of a top-notch broker, and this is not all! Anyone, who wants to benefit from these exclusive offers available for those who participate in this unique club, has to make a deposit no less than $50 000 and go through the instructional videos and e-books provided with the package.

Banc De Binary Scam

Based on our reports and reviews, there were not any complaints about Banc De Binary Scams. You should know that we are quite rigorous when it comes to broker scams and we use the broad meaning of it. For example, there may be different types of scams related to bonuses, withdrawal problems, suspicious rules and conditions, psychological pressure on the phone, and many more. None of these scams were reported against Banc De Binary. It is a reputable brand and it won’t risk missing something. The scams are generally true about less popular brokers that want to overcome the competition and generate profits fast based on their clients’ losses. Yet, this can’t be true about a regulated broker as BdB.
As you could read above, Banc De Binary has the CySEC license, which confirms the broker is serious in keeping its promises to the clients. This Cyprus license is valid for all the European Union countries, which demonstrates it is not ambiguous.

Banc De Binary EU

With the CySEC license, Banc De Binary can operate in all the European countries. It is an EU registered broker, the license of which is coordinated trough the EU’s MiFID. The broker’s webpage has a specific .eu domain that is meant to serve the European clients.

Banc De Binary puts an effort to increase their presence in the EU once the US regulators restricted their activities there. The EU represents the second largest market, so the broker has a good perspective.

Banc de Binary Free Account

Banc De Binary Free Demo Trading

Whenever you’ll go through lists with the top binary options brokers, you will find Banc De Binary in the first lines. It shows that it is a broker truly focused on its clients’ needs. One of these needs is the demo trading – a great practice meant to help novice traders develop their skills. With BdB, demo trading is possible after making the first deposit in the account. The customer support can help you whenever there is a concern about the demo account and many other issues.

After making the first deposit, the broker will check the client’s account and a free demo account will be automatically provided. Once the client sings in, he can enjoy the demo account’s features that are identical to the real account ones. You don’t have to concern yourself with any kind of risks, because the funds you deposited won’t be considered at all with demo trading. The demo account is particularly made to use virtual money for training purposes, so the deposit will be saved. Actually, if you want to use the deposited money, you can carry out the withdrawal procedure the very next day.

Even if you find binary trading so easy and have watched some learning videos, you should try to practice on a demo account as it will give you knowledge based on experience, which is more valuable than the theoretical one. Opening a demo account would be really a smart decision even for a more experienced trader. It can help them get familiar with the platform particulars.
In fact, you will understand the effect of demo trading much later, when you will make the right decisions in difficult situations. So we discuss here advantages that are valid for a long time. Traders that dream about making binary options a consistent source of profits should take the right steps in their trading path, and demo trading should stay at the very foundation. That being said let us see how you can sign up for a demo account.

Banc de Binary Market Analysis

Banc De Binary Practice Account

Those who never tried binary options trading and heard about its great potential, must definitely try a demo account, and Banc De Binary offers one of the best products.
It is true that occasionally people can make profits based on luck as there are only two options: CALL and PUT. However, it refers only to short periods, but in the long term it will be impossible for beginners to generate constant profits. We don’t want to discourage traders, but only insist on the fact that you should focus on developing skills and stick to some good strategies rather than hope on luck.

In order to achieve this knowledge, demo trading is the key. The great thing about demo trading is that the trader has the chance to simulate real trades with no funds, which means no risks. Even if the profits and losses will be imaginary, the trader can precisely understand how the process works. The quotations are the same and they are moving exactly the same way. It is a good chance to get in contact with Banc De Binary platform and discover its particular features.

Singing in with Banc De Binary opens many new opportunities. It is clear that this broker has all the “ingredients” for a successful binary options service. Creating an account with Banc De Binary and asking for a demo account is a smart decision for both beginner and experienced traders. Nevertheless, if you are a US citizen, you cannot enjoy these benefits.
Banc De Binary Robot Auto Trading

A lot of clients are curious about Banc De Binary auto trading possibilities. Well, the broker supports Binary Options Robot, the most well-liked auto trading provider in the world.
If you deal with Binary Options Robot, here is what you should do: go into Robot dashboard and you will find “Open Account” button. Click there next to Banc De Binary. This will instantly open an account on Banc De Binary broker that will be linked to the robot.

If you already have an account with Banc De Binary, this won’t function – you have to make a new one as described above. It is mandatory to create the account via Binary Options Robot interface and make a deposit there. Additionally, the clients can’t relocate their money from the old BDB account. They have to withdraw the funds and then make a deposit via the robot dashboard next to Banc De Binary.

Banc de Binary Free Account

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