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UPDATE (12.01.2017):

We have found out that Banc de Binary is closed.

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Old Review:

24option ReviewBanc de Binary LogoHelping the financial trading reach a higher level is our priority and we try to take action in this regard. By providing in-depth and comparative information, we believe our audience will be much easier to make the right decision and be satisfied about it. Considering our great experience in making in depth reviews online that are related to the financial world, we thought it was opportune to develop a study that compares Banc De Binary and 24option, along with other brokers, helping our readers understand the pros and cons of each of them.


So, let’s get straight to the point. When we speak about the regulation, BDB stays on the top. You will find out criticisms against the approach and return rates proposed by 24option, which is not true about Banc De Binary. It may be remarked that both of the brokers are accepted as the greatest binary broker in certain countries and regions. For instance, you can easily notice that 24option is much more popular in the UK, being regarded as one of the best brokers online. However, if we want to look at it from a global viewpoint, BDB is in most cases the right choice.

Bonuses and Rewards

Providing clients with many distinctive returns and bonuses continues to be a good tradition for Banc De Binary. Generally, the bonus amounts offered by the broker ranges based on the first deposit done by the client. If you plan to get the maximum bonus possible, you should take into consideration filling your account with no less than $2500, because by doing this, your account will show a double sum, which is a 100% bonus.

Trading Platform

The Banc De Binary trading platform is not created by their own specialists, but uses an external system, which is SpotOption. It is very popular due to its convenience and online capabilities, helping traders to buy options without downloading any software. The style or its ‘skeleton’ is prepared for the introduction of many algorithmic analyses and options, leaving some flexibility for the brands that use it. On the other side, 24option uses TechFinancial system, another great platform, which is much better for trading from home, as it can be downloaded.

With regard to demo trading and customer service, Banc De Binary is also above its competitors. According to the previously discussed characteristics and possibilities, BDB is a wise decision for all the clients. Keep in mind that BDB got more awards for its quality customer service.

Banc De Binary vs. Traderush

When we are about to evaluate Banc De Binary in contrast with TradeRush, we should note that understanding the distinctions is very important first of all for novice traders. Both of the systems have a similarity in standard functions and parallels. In this research, you will see the difference and the similarities between them. This study is meant to help traders make the right decision when it comes to choosing the suitable trading system.

Banc de Binary Free Account

The Platform

The same SpotOption stays behind both Banc De Binary and TradeRush platforms. Of course, there are some particular points that make the trading experience unique for each of the broker. SpotOption is regulated by CySec, so you can trust both brokers. However, Banc De Binary is a much better option because of the features that go beyond its trading platform. The broker offers great bonuses and additional underlying assets related to stocks and commodities, which is not the case with TradeRush.

The Assets and Times of Expiry

Again, both brokers go hand in hand when it comes to the expiry time. BDB provides its customers options with many different expiry times, starting with the so-called Turbo options, which are short-term options, to long-term options. Anyway, Banc De Binary turns out to be superior at this point due to its exclusive asset list and high returns. The big plus in TradeRush’s list of assets is about the stock options available there.

The Payout Rates

When trading with BDB, you would be surprised to find out that the return rates are actually much higher and they vary depending on the type of options you choose. On the other hand, with TradeRush, you will possibly trade with a constant return rate that is offered to their registered clients.

The Customer Service

Despite the fact that both brokers can boast with exceptional customer service, you can still find a number of disadvantages. The TradeRush client may be provided with a quality and personalized customer care, yet he may have to wait for a longer time or go through some delays, which is not true about BDB. In fact, Banc De Binary got some awards for its customer service, which was already mentioned above.

The Withdrawals and Deposits

The withdrawal methods, like bank wire transfer, credit/debit card, Skrill, etc. are available with both brokers. With regard to cash out time, you will have to wait approximately two to five days if you deal with Banc De Binary. This withdrawal period is quicker than the average time.

Understanding Banc De Binary Options Trading

The main goal of Banc De Binary is to provide outstanding conditions for all of its clients without exception. For this purpose, the BDB’s specialists will work out the best strategies and will implement innovations to make sure the clients have everything they need for a decent trading experience. For individuals who would like to study more in depth and comprehend the trading world, you won’t find a better choice than Banc De Binary in terms of learning materials and all the related things. This is why many traders opt namely for BDB and are really satisfied. You may find this out by simply doing a little research on Google.

The trading platform offered by Banc De Binary is available online, so you can trade right from your browser. It is worth mentioning that traders who want to make orders from their mobile devices, this is also possible as the platform has a mobile version.

With regard to the return, it’s surprising to discover that the broker doesn’t want to profit by introducing the spreads between the CALL and PUT. Additionally, the clients are told about the potential losses and risk in advance, which is a great characteristic of BDB.

BDB Screenshot

Banc De Binary Trading Platform

Banc De Binary platform, which is developed by SpotOption, is strictly web-oriented, so you don’t have to download any software. It has a number of helpful functions that you may like. It has been created to provide the novice and professional traders with safe and simple conditions for trading binary options on the internet. The money management and risk management capabilities make it exclusive.

Additionally, you should know that all the SpotOption platforms respond very quickly and provide an easy entry to Forex market, stocks and commodities. Basically, it suggests that the platform will never cease to work because the Forex market, for example, is opened 24 hours a day. Since the trading sessions are organized and performed all day long, Banc De Binary has always been ready to provide its clients with continuous support. Now, here is some info about different platforms proposed by BDB:

  • The Digital Option Pro

By making use of the down drop menu, the client can select any type of asset or option that he likes. Keep in mind to check out the expiry time, which can differ based on the particular asset. All you should do is to decide whether the chosen asset will go below or above the current price.

  • The Option Builder

The Option Builder feature is ideal for people who prefer to personalize the trading process based on their own wishes. In fact, it is a new approach that is gradually developing, and more and more brokers implement it with their platforms. You will discover increasing flexibility and a lot of possibilities that can be managed on your own. Keep in mind that if you choose to utilize the Options Builder, there are some restrictions. You can read about it on BDB’s official website.

  • The One Touch

This goes as a separate platform that is noticeable for its huge returns – up to 500%. On this platform, you can trade a single option instrument – the One Touch. With this trading method, you have to predict if the price will touch a predetermined level during a predetermined period.
There are also the Turbo options, also called 60-second options, and the BinaryMeta. Thus, you should choose the option trading type that is suitable with your own psychology, trading style, preferences and necessities.

BBinary gives 2.5% interest rate to traders who choose to put at least $50 000 into their account. In addition to getting profits from this interest, you can also benefit from a skilled personal manager from Wall Street that can help you in making decisions. He will behave like a personal adviser and will guide you throughout the whole process, offering special strategies and new trading approaches.

After replenishing the account with an initial deposit on the trading platform, the client can enjoy a demo account. With Banc De Binary, the demo account offers 50,000 virtual money, which can permit you to get acquainted with the trading process and all the nuances related to the platform. When you feel you got the idea, you can use the real money for buying options. The deposit is made only for activating the demo account, so you won’t risk anything. In fact, you can withdraw your deposited money the very next day if you didn’t accept the first deposit bonus.

Banc De Binary utilizes the remarkable SpotOption system for its platform, which is quite simple to trade on.

Even the beginner traders can easily learn to buy binary options in a few moments. They will choose the options and the assets that they like and will simply click PUT or CALL. Besides the standard forms of classic options such as the touch-no touch and the high-low options, the broker provides the Option Builder feature, which was discussed above. This feature offers even more flexibility. After you have learned the basic principles of how to trade options and how to perform a decent analysis of the markets, Option Builder will permit you to customize the risk level and the expiry time.

Therefore, if you feel that Apple price will go up within the next 2 hours, you should just set the expiry time at 2 hours and buy the CALL option. This feature will make you possible to manage the risks. However, you should know that there are some restrictions related to the amount of trades with Option Builder.

Banc De Binary App

The unique Banc De Binary app, which is available for both Android and iOS, is one of the best trading platforms. The option trading has gained much popularity today. Some years ago, you could see traders experimenting and improving skills in Forex trading, which is also a good alternative. However, Forex and binary options trading have both pros and cons, making them ideal only for particular groups of traders. To put it differently, those who don’t have any experience in binary trading might face some difficulties because of the high risks.

Yet, enjoying the help of a professional broker that is aware of all the nuances in the trading arena will give you a jump-start. If you are searching for a straightforward entry to the binary options, you can get the Banc De Binary app on your mobile device. This unique application can be downloaded in more than 80 countries around the world. It will take only a few moments to register the site and create an account, which means you can start trading immediately.

In order to get this app, you have to be a client of this broker. You can register Banc De Binary right now and will be possible to enjoy all the amazing features offered to BDB clients. Additionally, you will get the support of account managers and experts who can direct newcomers.
Don’t forget that you may benefit from the welcome bonus that can reach up to 100% depending on the initial deposit. To make sure you get the maximum bonus, you should deposit at least $2501. The broker is regulated and you should not feel unconfident about it. So, you can get the Banc De Binary App from the Apple and Google stores for free.

Banc de Binary Free Account

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