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UPDATE (12.01.2017):

We have found out that Banc de Binary is closed.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

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Old Review:

Banc de Binary LogoIf we think about a list of the most trustworthy brokers in terms of withdrawal procedure, then Banc De Binary is surely one of the first choices. This broker knows how to implement innovative technologies and be inventive in creating a safe trading environment. Any trader who plans to deal with this broker will be possible to choose from a variety of withdrawal methods. To be able to keep the customers’ funds safe in a constant manner, the broker implemented advanced safety measures and strategies.

It is rumored that there have been a number of withdrawal issues that the clients experienced before, yet currently such problems and slowdowns are gone. The broker provides the quickest cash out periods when put together with other internet binary options services. Regardless of what the withdrawal sum may be, you should not concern yourself with getting the cash into your account.

You will find a number of payment methods that are meant to satisfy the needs of different clients all over the world. The list includes bank wire transfer, credit/debit card, and electronic payments such as Skrill, yet there are more. It is really not a big deal to perform a withdrawal process – it’s super easy. The cash out time takes approximately 2-3 days based on the particular payment method that you choose.

The quickest method is Skrill, as you can get your money within 60 minutes, which is quite impressive. If you got a bonus with Banc de Binary and want to get it, you should know it is not possible to have it right after it was offered to you. The bonus is designed for practicing binary options trading, so there are particular requirements that you should follow. For example, you should trade 20 times the bonus volume in order to get the bonus amount. If we go back to withdrawal speed, then AlertPay is as fast as Skrill. Anyway, you should check out the rules and requirements for the withdrawal procedure to make sure you will have the payment as soon as possible.

Banc de Binary Review

Is Banc De Binary a scam?

With regards to withdrawal procedures, on many occasions the clients find out their broker is a scam only after they have generated some considerable profits and the broker does not want to pay because of different reasons. Well, with Banc de Binary this is not the case, but it is quite natural to be cautious with internet brokers, especially when you don’t really know much info about them.  Today, there are many scam services online, so people want to be sure about the broker they choose. We can surely state that we don’t have any issues in relation to Banc de Binary and we don’t consider it to be a scam.

There are lots of scams occurring on the internet, and for this reason it is recommended to keep cautious whenever choosing an internet broker. Even so, you should be aware that Banc de Binary is obviously not one of those brokers. It is an internet binary options service that is already well-known for providing quality and safe trading solutions. Prior to registering their site, it is important to comprehend various characteristics related to this broker.

The broker’s trading platform was developed for both beginner and professional traders. Even if you didn’t have the chance to get familiar with options trading, on this platform you will learn it very quickly. Once you make a deposit of at least $500, you can benefit from the broker’s demo account, which has virtual funds so that you could trade them for practicing. On the demo account, you will note that Banc De Binary platform is simple to utilize. The foundations in various market segments made sure the broker’s great reputation and positive results.

BDB creators knew everything about binary options trading particulars, so it helped them to offer an outstanding trading experience that is secure, legitimate, and adequate to all investors.

The broker was capable of keeping a trustworthy and clear status by delivering relevant details regarding their place and team members. Furthermore, they have acquired several prizes during the past, like BEST BINARY OPTIONS BROKER IN THE MIDDLE EAST 2013, 2015 IAIR AWARD – EXCELLENCE IN BINARY OPTION TRADING.

In addition, they are managed and regulate by CySEC, which is based in Cyprus and is a reputable institution with European recognition. BDB’s license by CySEC is 188/13 and it is not a problem to simply check it. The broker’s customer service is exceptional too, and it’s recommended to get in touch with it individually prior to signing-up the service in order to observe how fast the reply is. In fact, you should know the broker received two awards related to their customer service, one of which is shown above.

Is Banc De Binary Good?

BDB is believed to be a frontrunner and among the greatest online brokers worldwide. They have an impressive selection of underlying assets, high standard platform with great functions for both novice and experienced traders. There is certainly a justification why they have developed so rapidly and received the CySEC authorization. There are approximately 35 000 customers that constantly trade with BDB and their webpage is available in over 100 countries.

The broker offers plenty of functions that the clients really appreciate. For example, it includes totally separated website categories for market analysis and education centre. These are the 2 sections in which the investors can inform themselves regarding everything happening in the markets, as the info is always updating. Traders will also find out about trading procedure, different strategies, and many other characteristics that can direct them in reaching impressive results. Additionally, there are many content materials accessible on their webpage.

Their content is undoubtedly an excellent source for traders who are dealing with issues in comprehending different aspects. Alternatively, their market info offers details like suggestions, calendar, and economic events that are helpful when making some predictions. The broker offers impressive returns without hidden fees.

BDB is certainly among the greatest binary options services out there, so don’t be reluctant to benefit from their unique features. The platform offered by them actually demonstrates this. Additionally, they provide exceptional customer support for their clients. With this service, all of your concerns will be clarified and all of your questions will be answered usually within 24 hours.

Banc de Binary Free Account

Is it legal to trade with Banc De Binary?

BDB experts have developed an advanced platform that is intuitive and simple. The intuitive interface is great for beginners, while the advanced options will benefit more experienced traders. Furthermore, the broker provides many unique advantages and generous bonuses to all the customers no matter where they live. Accordingly, these aspects are essential evidences that the broker is a dedicated one and is a reliable trading opportunity in the internet environment.

If you are unsure about the broker’s reliability, you can simply invest some hours in exploring the web and special binary pages. Well, it is probable that you will find some criticisms against this broker, yet you should not be confused about opting for BDB because of this. You can always find clients who choose to condemn their broker because of the losses that were caused because of their own faults. Sometimes, people get emotional and can exaggerate their impressions.

Banc De Binary, which is a trusted and certified binary options service, is aware of how significant the client approval is. This is why the broker employees who are responsible with client relations are meticulous in directing traders throughout all the steps of signing up and trading procedures.

Banc de Binary Review Platform 2

Banc De Binary Regulated by CySEC

The broker is legally accepted by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, shortly known as CySEC. In fact, the broker is one of the first to get the CySEC license and it still efficiently implements measures in order to make trading an available experience and really secure for all the traders regardless of their country of origin. The strong reputation is supported by the fact that BDB is among the first brokers regulated in the European Union. It is something that boosts their authority and security precautions too.

Having a CySEC official license means that the clients can regularly report if something is wrong or if they have any issues or questions. It is a clear sign that the broker has nothing to cover from its clients, as opposed to other similar services out there. You should take into account that getting licensed with CySEC is not an easy job. Actually, it is quite complicated, as the regulator recognizes only convincing and genuine brokers. This Commission is famous for its severe rules and restrictions, so you should feel safe.

Cyprus is part of the EU and it is regarded as an important center in banking and trading. This is why CySEC is a gateway in the whole European market, so it does not simply mean a certificate for the Cyprus market. The financial resources are kept as outlined by CySEC’s tight rules and this is exactly why the broker will never impose any extra costs that are visible or hidden.

All of the mentioned above demonstrates the way in which the broker has grown to be committed over the recent past. This service is known to offer the greatest solutions to their clients and to apply security precautions that use advanced technologies.

The clients have nothing to stress with, thinking only about trading issues and developing different strategies. This is surely a great method to generate money and improve personal discipline. These attributes make the broker one of the most preferred worldwide.

Trust Pay AS Banc De Binary

The leader status of this broker is also supported by the fact that it applies effective payment solutions and prompt banking operations to a large number of clients who find BDB’s platform ideal. Banc De Binary makes use of Trust Pay AS, which helps them process the withdrawal demands. It is clear that all the clients would like to find quick payment options from their broker, and Banc De Binary won’t disappoint you in this regard. The prompt manner of payment processing is a big plus for this broker.

Trust Pay AS offers a secure and trustworthy platform meant for payment procedures in the European countries. The broker applies this system for all the payment methods: wire transfers, credit/debit card or e-wallets. Trust Pay AS is compatible with over 60 European banks, making sure BDB clients receive the greatest and most affordable path to unique banking solutions.

The BDB payments via Trust Pay AS are totally safe, which means the clients should not worry about transferring money in and out. The system is certified by the Payment Service Directive (2007/64/EC) and Payment services law (492/2009 Z.Z.). This transparency will help traders have peace of mind about their funds.

The Right Banc De Binary Strategy

The binary options strategy you choose can make the real difference. In fact, each project or job has a precise plan, and binary option trading is not an exception. Because of this, Banc De Binary is ready to provide you with valuable info regarding different strategies that must be applied first. Yet, ultimately, it is the trader who is responsible in applying it properly and successfully.

Both beginners and experienced traders can enjoy the broker’s strategy related content on their website. The guidelines and methods can differ based on trader’s knowledge. Additionally, be ready to read all other e-books that are accessible there. BDB’s guidebook must be the first one.

Besides the basic info about how to trade on their platform, BDB’s e-book also contains special chapters about unique strategies and ideas that will reward traders in the long term. For example, let us discuss one simple strategy:

Fence Trading

The fence strategy is ideal for traders who want to risk less. It is about having at least two market entries in different directions, like CALL and PUT. This will help you create something similar to a fence. Here is how it works: when the Strike Price is at $10, you can invest $1000 by clicking CALL with 30 minute expiration time and wait for $850 return. If the price goes up, it is great for you. However, there may be a moment when there is a reversal, and in this case, you can buy a PUT option for an additional $1000, let’s say when the price reaches $15 on its way down. Therefore, the channel between $10 and $15 looks like a fence, and if the price will close in this range, you will get profits from both orders. And, if the price closes below $10 or above $15, you will profit $850 from one of the orders, reducing in this way the losses.

Regardless of what strategy you apply, you should always be ready for market changes.

Banc de Binary Free Account

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