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bdswiss logoIt is obvious that binary traders who evaluate a broker will pay specific attention to the deposit/withdrawal conditions, charges, minimum deposit requirements, and so on. If we refer to BDSwiss, you should know that their payment methods are performed in a prompt manner, without any obstacles.

First of all, we found that this broker is happy to offer payment means that are diversified, manageable, and most important, safe and efficient. BDSwiss came recently in the industry, so it is clear that they apply the latest technologies like e-wallets and electronic payment methods, which allow clients to get cash within minutes. Among the electronic payment systems, you will find Paysafecard, Sofort, Ukash, Giropay and UPS, the latter being available for Australian clients. Besides the e-wallets, BDSwiss clients can get their money via credit/debit card or bank wire transfer. The broker deals with important card providers to make sure that the clients can use their cards without problems. Prior to making any withdrawal request, the clients must show their personal documents like passport, driver license, etc. You can do it by sending a scan or a picture on the broker’s email. This is a common procedure for all the brokers out there, so don’t worry in case you feel confused about it.

As a Banc De Swiss client, you may find it necessary to carry out a withdrawal procedure. Maybe you need the cash for shopping, paying the credit, spending for family, etc. In fact, the broker’s clients come from various social levels, so there are many reasons why a client wants to get his money. Considering the fact that most of the clients would like a fast withdrawal, the credit/debit card is probably the most favored option, since the wire transfer takes longer, while the e-wallet funds are also accessed via bank cards. It is worth mentioning that the minimum amount that you can get at once is $100. It is true that there are brokers that may offer lower limits, but this is not a problem. This aspect is not important when reviewing a broker because it does not affect the trading process or the safety level.

Furthermore, you won’t find this $100 limit problematic because the broker does not charge any fees for the withdrawal via credit card method. It is true that you have to pay a fee when choosing the bank wire transfer, but this has nothing to do with the broker. This fee is generally $25, and it is charged by the banking institution you deal with, which shows the high security of the transfer. In fact, many traders give priority to wire transfer instead of credit card specifically for higher security reasons. If you don’t feel ready to pay such a fee, don’t worry, the credit/debit card is still a great option. When we speak about the cash out time, you should know that the wire transfer requires up to 7 days, which is the longest period among the payment methods. With the credit card, you will do the transfer in up to 10 minutes, while the e-wallets operate within seconds.

The clients must bear in mind that when we speak about the withdrawal procedures, we don’t refer to the bonus, which everyone can get. The bonus requires a different approach because it is offered exclusively for trading purposes. You cannot withdraw it right after it was offered to you. The main bonus requirements involve generating a specific trading volume, in which the turnover has to exceed the bonus amount by 30 times. This is an average figure when compared to other brokers.

Finally, the client has to know that he can terminate the withdrawal request even after starting it. This function is helpful for those who realize that they don’t have sufficient money into their accounts.

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Banc De Swiss Login

BDSwiss is a trustworthy service that is licensed by EU regulators. Its mission is to develop an innovative and efficient place for devoted traders and assist them in achieving great results. The clients will benefit from the broker’s great knowledge of the financial markets. Being new on the market, BDSwiss knows exactly how to attract clients by offering a simple and secure login approach.

The whole operation of signing up won’t require much time. New customers can just complete a couple of blank spaces with their private info, yet they may decide to access the system via Facebook or Google profiles as well. The latter options would make the login process look easy and straight, allowing the customers to save time and energy and start trading immediately. After the signup process, the customers will get an email, which will validate the new account. The remarkable point of BDSwiss is the fact that it offers only one account type. In this way, the broker does not want to divide its clients by social status, showing its total dedication to everyone. The traders just need to transfer the amount for deposit in accordance with their financial possibilities. Once registering, the clients will benefit from many educational articles and materials. This is a great tool for people who are not familiar with the binary options trading at all.

Even though there is an indicated low limit of the deposit amount, which is $100, it does not mean you can’t deposit a larger amount. In fact, it would be much better to start with a greater sum, so that you could buy more options. You should know that if you are ready to spend more on your deposit, it won’t give you additional features because there is only one basic account type, which is a different approach if we compare with other brokers. Moreover, this broker doesn’t offer any promotions, giving its clients the chance to focus exclusively on trading with real money, without exaggerating with trading volume requirements, which usually come with most of the promotions in the binary options market. The minimum withdrawal sum coincides with the minimum deposit, which is $100, as mentioned above. BDSwiss gained a huge popularity and reputation, becoming one of the top brokers in the EU. This is due to the wide list of assets, responsive platform and fast payment methods.

Right after registering, the trader would be able to start trading, as there is no need to download some application and install it on your laptop or PC. The BDSiwss platform is developed by SpotOptions, which means it is web oriented. There is also a mobile version since the broker is new on the market and it is aware of the increasing potential of mobile trading. It is truly comfortable to get on the mobile phone’s browser and trade the favorite assets via an intuitive platform. The broker has a special compartment for updating news, which you can find on their official website. In this way, they make an effort to inform the traders about the recent events and price moves that are relevant for making important decisions. The customer service is also at the highest level. The client can get in touch with the experts by phone, live chat, email, and even Skype. As you can see, this binary service has all the necessary elements for being considered a reliable broker.


Banc De Swiss Minimum Deposit

As you will find out, all the brokers require a minimum deposit in order to validate a new account. Some of the brokers focus on professional traders and set a higher limit, like $1000, others are more accessible and offer their trading services for at least $1 deposit. Well, BDSwiss is somewhere between, as the broker wants to offer more opportunities for a wider range of clients, and also avoid those traders who are not really serious about the trading activity. If there is a precise lower limit for making a deposit, it does not suggest you can’t replenish your account with a larger amount. Basically, $100 is just sufficient for beginners to get familiar with the markets and understand how the process works. For more experienced traders, it is recommended to deposit a larger sum, like $500 or $1000, because in this way, you feel the trading experience much better and you have more options to buy.

The beginners will find the minimum deposit ideal for their trading plans. They can choose some of the wide range of assets, such as over 100 stocks, 34 Forex pairs, 18 commodities and 45 indexes. This is an impressive list. The experienced traders will feel excited about such a variety and will opt for a larger deposit sum.

Both the deposit and withdrawal methods of BDSwiss utilize the most recent payment methods like bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets, including PaySafe, Sofort, Skrill, GiroPay, and more. In addition, most of these payment means are recognized worldwide. This suggests that the payment methods offered by BDSwiss are reliable, safe and comfortable to use when shopping or paying. The broker applied the latest technologies to keep a high-security level. One of their systems is the SSL data encryption, which will keep your private info safe. The low minimum deposit level, the high-security measures, convenient payment methods, and the fast cash out time, are only a few advantages that oblige us to appreciate this broker.

To sum up, the BDSwiss’s minimum deposit is acceptable even for beginners, even though it would be advised to deposit a larger sum for a more productive trading. Yet, it is up to you to decide what the replenishment amount should be.

Banc De Swiss Demo Account

BDSwiss has an ascending path and it seems to reach higher levels year by year. Recently, the broker got the CySEC license, which is valid across all the EU countries. This achievement got the attention of even more clients, many of which were unaware of binary trading. The latter ones would be glad to test their potential skills on a demo account, which is a trial account that uses virtual money. The demo account offers all the trading conditions similar to a live account, the only difference is that the client does not spend money at all, except the virtual cash that can be updated again and again without limits. Many brokers offer such an account, but BDSwiss decided to neglect this aspect. It may sound disappointing at first, but you should know that BDSwiss’s clients have many other advantages that compensate the absence of a demo account.

Many traders associate the presence of a demo account with the reputation and reliability of a broker. However, with BDSwiss, this is not the case. You should not feel unconfident about this broker because it is regulated by CySEC, a reputable institution that does not accept any scams. Their license is a solid proof that the broker is a serious one. In addition, you will find positive comments and feedbacks related to the broker’s activity. Therefore, you should not worry about the broker’s potential only because it does have a demo account.

It is true that from an educational viewpoint, the demo account would provide a tremendous support. There is no question about that. Yet, BDSwiss decided to focus exclusively on trading, maybe because they want to avoid traders who simply play with virtual money and are not serious about starting a trading career. If you want to test your skills, a $100 deposit would be more than enough for learning purposes.

If we refer to the same education, BDSwiss does not ignore this aspect at all. On the contrary, the broker offers a separate section that includes materials, courses and video clips for free. You will find out how to trade both short-term and long-term options. If you got familiar with the basic concepts, you can start trading with a minimum deposit and keep an eye on the market news. The broker always updates the news and recent events.

Besides all the educational benefits, the beginners can also get the help of the customer support service. The broker’s assistance will help you with all the questions you may have: signing up, signing in, using the platform, applying different tools, and so on.

Banc De Swiss Mobile Trading

The BDSwiss’s official site is easy to navigate on thanks to its simplicity. The broker gave priority to the SpotOption platform, which offers lots of features. The platform is web-oriented and you don’t need to download any application. It is similar to any other SpotOption version that is used by reputable brokers with many years of experience. The site is translated into 20 languages. The basket of trading assets of this broker contains many stocks, commodities, currency pairs, and indexes, totaling together around 200 assets, which is quite a number. Traders can enjoy short-term options, like 60 seconds, and long-term options with an expiry time that can last for weeks. There are other expiry time options that you may choose from. In other words, the broker’s platform is one of the best in the binary options market and you won’t be disappointed by trading on it.

Besides the web-oriented platform for the laptops and PCs, BDSwiss didn’t ignore the mobile trading possibilities. The broker is a young one compared to the top brokers out there, so they have an inclination to use all the modern tools and the latest trends. It is a known fact that mobile trading is a growing phenomenon the pace of which is incredibly fast. Accordingly, the broker has developed a high-quality platform version for mobile phones and other similar gadgets with internet connection. All you have to do is to open the broker’s site from your device, sign in, and just continue your trading experience. It won’t be a problem to sign up and start your trading experience from a mobile device.

The mobile version of the platform is a great instrument for all the traders who are regularly traveling and can’t use a laptop or the home computer. In fact, many traders find mobile trading more attractive and convenient than trading from a computer. Anyway, the great thing is that you can trade from anywhere. For example, if you are in transport or at an event, you can take a look at your orders or even buy options based on your analysis. The trading process is the same – just open the browser, enter the website, go to the platform and that’s it!

BDSwiss is a devoted broker; this is why their experts tried to consider all the features that may improve the trading experience. Mobile trading is one of the essential elements that show the broker’s status. We are truly pleased to say that both of the platforms work fine. You can trade on your computer or by using the mobile phone. The platform is available for both iOS and Android systems.

Our conclusion is obvious: BDSwiss is one of the fastest growing brokers and there are good reasons for this. The broker is focused on its customers and provides excellent support. It is a great choice for novice traders, due to the small minimum deposit. The SpotOption platform offers many features, including options for 60 seconds, OptionBuilder, ProTrader, and there is also the mobile version.

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