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BO Not BS is a binary options robot with modest promises: a mere 70% winning ratio over time. No promises of 99% win rates, 6 figure paydays, and actors playing shady businessmen in rented yachts. In fact, in their promotional video, which you can view here, they clearly tell you to be wary of such promises, identifying them as nothing but scams. Their robot is given to you for free, as you might expect, because the creators need more data to further improve the robot. A win-win situation.

So is BO Not BS a legitimate robot whose creators have your best interests in mind? Or are they just another scam robot slamming other scam robots in order to stand out? See our full answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Paid
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • A more realistic winning ratio


  • No actual information provided
  • Unverifiable claims
  • Non-functional website

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is BO Not BS?

Despite their best attempts to set themselves apart from the crowd, BO Not BS is no different from all the other robots using false advertising out there. This is actually a trend we are seeing with some of the emerging robots now; as review sites such as ours keep exposing them for the frauds they are, more and more of their promotional videos are trying right off the bat to disassociate themselves with other scams. Of course, they are no different, and let’s take a look at why BO Not BS is pure BS.

Just to get it out of the way, we will tell you that everything that their promotional video says about the other scam robots: 100% winning ratios, promises of dream vacations and fancy cars, the handsome older businessman in a fancy house routine, extraordinary yachts you can’t afford – that’s all true. Those are all common promotional tactics among scam robots.

The only thing that BO Not BS has to differentiate itself from the other scam robots is a lower claimed winning ratio of 70%. Now is 70% a realistic figure for a successful binary trading robot? Remember that just in order to break even in binary trading you will need a winning ratio of anywhere between 52% to 54%, so the advantage provided by the robot doesn’t seem that large in context.

Here’s what gives them away however – the lack of any other information whatsoever. For example, neither their video nor their website gives any indication of who the creators are, how it works, or any proof as to their 70% winning ratio. By the way a 70% promised winning ratio is still unrealistic; in fact, any robot that promises a wining ratio of any kind should be viewed with suspicion. Here’s an extract from their ‘FAQ’.

BO not BS 1

Ok, right away you can easily see that whoever wrote that FAQ is not even a native English speaker. The second is that again, there is no real information provided other than that they are a bunch of ‘software geeks’ who joined forces with some ‘hardcore expert traders’. Nothing but a bunch of generic BS.

And as for the description on how their robot supposedly works, it’s even worse! They use random jargon like ‘sophisticated statistical analysis’, ‘pattern recognition and matching algorithms borrowed from the image processing field’, and ‘technical analysis’. These phrases are just randomly slapped together and to anyone who knows even the slightest bit about trading is just simply laughable.

How Does It Work?

We have absolutely no idea how the BO Not BS robot works because no information is provided and also because it likely doesn’t work at all. In fact, the business model of the BO Not BS robot is exactly the same as that of all the other robots it denigrates – affiliate marketing commissions. That’s why BO Not BS is offered for free, just like all the other shady robots, no matter what lame justification they come up with.

The robot being free lures in more people and also avoids recourse back to its creators after the customers find out that the robot doesn’t work. And by the time they find that out, they’ve already funded a trading account with the robot’s partner broker, and thus the creators have already gotten paid. Pretty ingenious, really.

We were unable to be redirected to any broker from the BO Not BS website; it appears this scheme has run its course and the creators have moved on. Based on an IP address search, it appears the people behind BO Not BS are also behind another shady robot: the Medallionaire App as well as Traders Sense, another online trading algorithm.

BO not BS


Not Reliable

BO Not BS is pure Binary Options BS. While they try to deceive you by telling you that “they’re not like all those other scam robots”, the reality is that they are no different; just full of false advertising. Just like all BS, tread carefully to avoid stepping into this particular pile.


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Binary Minery review: BO Not BS: 1 stars.

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