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As binary options trading is becoming more and more popular, we have seen a massive increase in the amount of automated trading software in recent years. There are literally hundreds of trading systems available online and traders are being inundated with offers for new trading bots. So how do you know which systems are reliable and which are scams?

It always pays to read reviews such as ours and reviews from traders who have used the system. Do not rely fully on the reviews posted on the product website as those tend to be rather biased. Read offsite reviews and trading forums to get unbiased and honest reviews of a trading system.

Brit Method has been around for over a year and claims to be the top binary options trading bot as it boasts of a 97% success rate. Is this accurate or are they just trying to sway us into using their software with no profit returns as so many other scam systems these days? Read our Brit Method review to find out more.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Software is available in a variety of languages
  • 100% computer-automated software


  • Minimum deposit of $350 is higher than the standard $250 of most other systems
  • Traders do not have the ability to choose their own brokers
  • Customer service does not respond to customer inquiries regarding missing funds
  • Brokers are not regulated
  • Far too many negative complaints in reading forums from users who have had a bad experience with Brit Method software

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is Brit Method?

The Brit Method was designed by Jason Taylor and is a fully automated trading software program that will predict trades on your behalf. During our investigation of Brit Method trading software we discovered that it was eerily similar to both the Canuck Method and the Aussie Method, which were released prior to the Brit Method and both were flagged as scams. It seems as though the creators of those scams simply revamped the website, changed the name and simply released the same system under the Brit Method, Sadly, this technique of releasing the same scam with a different name is becoming quite common, which is why it always pays to do your research so you do not fall victim to one of these fraudulent trading systems.

The fact that Brit Method claims to have a 97% winning ratio and earn up to 3.5 grand a day is also questionable. Even the most reliable trading systems have not been known to produce such high results. The average ratio for success is around 87% at best and the average daily profits are usually well under a thousand dollars. The only way you can earn that much money in one day is if you invest a large sum from the start. We feel these numbers are very misleading and do not give us a high opinion of this trading software.

In addition to this, we could find no proof that traders who have used this service have actually accrued any profits. In fact, most of them complained that they lost all of their investment. So as of this writing, we do not recommend Brit Method as a reliable trading method.


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How Does It Work?

To gain access to Brit Method automated trading software you must open an account with one of their brokers. We notice that none of their brokers displayed their licensing info, which makes us doubt that they are in fact, regulated. As well, the Brit Method requires a minimum starting deposit of $350, which is $100 higher than the norm, so again, we do not see this system as favorable.

Once you have created an account and deposit your $350 deposit, you get to choose your training parameters and then Brit Method will initiate trades on your behalf. If it does indeed earn any profits, you can then withdraw your funds. However, their policies are a bit unclear and we read many complaints from traders who said they never received their withdrawals. This too, leads us to believe that Brit Method is not to be trusted.

Final Conclusion: Is Brit Method a Scam?

Not Reliable

We cannot say with 100% certainty that Brit Method is a scam and as of this writing, it has not been officially flagged as such. However, due to the aforementioned facts, we honestly do not trust this trading software. We feel that our readers will benefit from using a trading system that has proven results and positive customer reviews.

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Binary Minery review: Brit Method: 1 stars.

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