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We have found out that CherryTrade is closed.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

1. IQ Option
2. Banc de Binary
3. Finpari (for US traders)

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CherryTrade - logoCherryTrade App is an outstanding app that can make your trade extremely enjoyable. Traders can be sure with the skill of innovative CherryTrade App. CherryTrade App has been designed with the purpose of providing the basic information needed to trade a wide range of assets for traders all over the world and making binary options trading a straightforward and trouble-free process.

CherryTrade has always a trader-friendly website. It created an incredible trading setting with plenty of trading options to suit all kinds of investors, and the company is always trying to offer the most excellent trading service with the lowest costs to all customers and traders.

The wide-ranging and necessary assets are accessible on the list of CherryTrade that is really impressive for the traders. It makes this platform very popular on the market. Furthermore, it includes currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. Consequently, traders have the premium opportunity to decide and choose from the great variety of assets. So, it is one of the best brokers to trade successfully.

There are five account types make this broker offers are acceptable for the traders, depending on the amount of their deposit. In addition, each account takes in supplementary characteristics  that differentiate one from another and make each of them different from one another.

We have been noticing that the Smartphone is becoming more and more popular as a tool for trading. To support this trend, CherryTrade is offering CherryTrade App. The use of Smartphone has brought a great opportunity for trading easily and flexibly in the online world. Especially at the time when there is no opportunity to access your computer and you need to trade on the go. Furthermore, CherryTrade is aware of the fact that mobile apps should have all the features of the desktop trading to assure the same level of success in mobile trading.

You can use every feature you are used to and earn profits while traveling, commuting or even doing your shopping. The sign-up procedure is extremely straightforward through the CherryTrade App. All you have to do is send your full name, phone number, email address and choose the currency in order to open the account here.

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CherryTrade Assets

It is CherryTrade broker has done a great job in providing innovative ways to trade using its platform. Particularly for that reason, CherryTrade is the very latest addition to our suggested broker list.

The varied assets for any need and life presented on the list of CherryTrade are really impressive in a positive way. It is mostly impressive because the platform has been on the binary options marketplace for a small phase of time. With the intention of helping traders, CherryTrade has real-time information streaming from their data providers. In CherryTrade, trades are done using the latest technology showing that they are safe, rapid and really secure, always assuring the safety of the traders and their personal information.

CherryTrade is always dedicated to the traders as it has vast options to trade smoothly. The asset list includes commodities, indices, stocks and currencies. Therefore it has an enormous diversity to offer for traders who want to trade stocks such as Microsoft, IBM, Cola-Cola, All of those can be traded on CherryTrade. It is important to inform you that more than 12 of the most excellent stock options are listed on the page of CherryTrade. Each of them is with exact descriptions, making it easy for traders to learn more about them before deciding to trade.

Dynamics and diversity of the currency pairs can make a trading platform very successful within a very short time. Furthermore, the currency pairs are also obtainable for trading with a total of 13 pairs to be chosen from CherryTrade. Additionally, a report about each of the pairs is provided to traders as the foreign exchange is proven to be one of the most popular and major markets.

On the subject of commodities, traders can decide between gold, oil, coffee, platinum, silver, sugar, and wheat. Just as it is with other options, short and express descriptions can be seen on the page, including the expiry regulation and Reuter’s code for a number of commodities listed with them.

Ultimately, the most excellent indices (the list includes of twenty of them) are obtainable on CherryTrade and a small description can also be seen on CherryTrade platform. The impressive and significant list includes NASDAQ (US), NIKKEI 225 (Japan) DOW (US), DAX (Germany), and BOMBAY SE are all available to the traders.

You can start trading by opening an account with providing exact personal data, adding funds to the account by using any of the various deposit options such as credit cards or wire transfers. You can choose the currency to be USD or EUR. After that, you choose one of the assets accessible and opt for CALL or PUT options on this platform.

CherryTrade Binary Options

Because of its simple, easy and profitable capability, is one of the most respectful brokers in the binary options market. You can start trading with them already today! First, all the trader have to do is to pick an asset to trade, click for “call” or “put” on the basis of whether the trader believes the value of the asset will go above or below the entry price. Subsequently, the trader just wants to sit back and wait for the outcome of the trade.

In CherryTrade, the compensations of trading binary options are often very beneficial for the traders. One of its advantages is that there is no need to worry about hidden fees, spreads or commissions. Risks and rewards are displayed on the platform for the traders always in advance. It is possible to customize trading since the expiry time, assets and amount invested depends on trader’s decision. So, it is a very trader-friendly setting.

In CherryTrade, the marketplace does not have to create large moves to actualize good profits, as even a single score favorable to the trader is sufficient for an exact trade to end-in-the-money and making money as a result of trading.

In fact, CherryTrade has an organized platform that is 100% web-based. Consequently, traders do not have to download any software, making trading very easy and undemanding. No previous trading experience is required here and this platform also offers educational materials to speed up and improve the learning procedure quickly.

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CherryTrade Deposit Bonus

Positive and profitable experience of its traders and their successes makes Cherry Trade very popular on the market. It is one of the most important binary options trading brokers in the world that can boost your trading with their main focus on the skill and education of their traders. CherryTrade offers their traders learning with their educational materials and video lessons and assistance from specialized market analysts. CherryTrade is one of the best trading places, as its creators have more than 10 years of knowledge in the field of trading business and banking business, Forex, risk management. So, it is one of the most experienced  profitable platforms on the market.

Why CherryTrade is considered to be a user-friendly and simple trading platform can practicality seen from the web-based interface. It is easy to operate even for a beginner trader. Moreover, it is a broker modified to all kinds of traders, from the advanced to the new ones in the binary options trading industry. The company is constantly working to improve their services and client support throughout excellent offers of up to 100% bonus and one-to-one guidance sessions.

On the subject of the bonus, CherryTrade offers five different types of account and bonus amounts to each of the accounts for their traders:

  1. To begin tradings, there is Classic Account in CherryTrade with a required minimum deposit of $200 up to $499 only. It includes a welcome bonus of up to 25% along with a succeeding deposit bonus of up to 25% that will be added to their account. In addition, daily and weekly marketplace reviews are provided to the traders who decide on this category of account in CherryTrade platform.
  2. In Bronze account of a Classic account, traders need to deposit between $500 and $999 only, and a welcome bonus here is up to 35% along with a succeeding bonus of up to 20% that is added to the trader`s account . Free weekly calls, improvement sessions and daily market reviews are offered to the traders who prefer this sort of account also.
  3. For those who intends to deposit a minimum amount of $1000 and a maximum of $4999 only, the Silver account is offered. The welcome bonus can be of up to 50% plus succeeding deposits bonus of 35% as well as 4 (four) risk-free trades of $50 and also free auto-trading signals are available here for the traders.
  4. In CherryTrade, the Gold account is very popular and  it offers traders 4 risk-free trades of $250 with a free personal account manager and access to a confidential Skype room and free weekly technological and basic training sessions in addition to the previously discussed features. All you need to do is to deposit between $5000 and $9999 and a welcome bonus up to 75% plus succeeding deposits bonus up 50% is going to be funded into your account.
  5. Finally, the Diamond account suits those traders who want to invest more and trade as experts do. To acquire profit from it, traders require depositing at least the amount of $10000 and the greatest of $250000 with a welcome bonus up to 100% plus subsequent deposits bonus up to 100% that is added to your account. Moreover, the benefits are enormous: daily and weekly marketplace reviews, 3 (three) months of free auto trading signals, 10% of insurance for any month that ends in a loss, plus complimentary alert and personal account manager calls and admittance to Skype opportunity have been offered by CherryTrade.

Global Transaction Services LLC CherryTrade

CherryTrade is supporting US accounts and, more than that, has great payment methods that go over the standard set of requirements for localized brokers. In this way, this trading broker is truly a global binary options broker. CherryTrade is an integral part of binary options trading field. They propose a lot of deposit methods and have a minimum deposit requirement of $200. It should be known to all that their financial operations are secure, logical and brokers’ money are securely transferred around the globe with the assistance of the broker. CherryTrade has been established as a partner in Global Transaction Services LLC as did affiliate program called Cherry Revenue. It is important to know that the Global Transaction Services LLC is a global payments supplier that makes certain everything functions accurately.

Money transfers and foreign exchange services have been maintained by the Global Transaction Services LLC. GTS makes certain customers or traders have total right of entry to their funds 24/7 and it is important to know that the tracking of payments works without any difficulty at all on this platform. This is self-evident but an essential requirement to trade with the broker for CherryTrade customers  always. In the case of any questions, the support team representatives are very helpful and experienced to serve the traders in the best way and make sure their capital is totally safe and secured.

For companies like CherryTrade, it is central to run high-quality compliance programs. So they like to make certain their clients obtain full security and their funds are transferred as soon as possible very smoothly and in a trouble-free way. CherryTrade  implements KYC strategy along with other important requirements posed with the AML (anti-money laundering) laws for the traders. It is crucial in order to make sure banks do not obtain any money laundering reports and/or freeze funds at the time of dealing with Global Transaction Services LLC. So, CherryTrade really did their best by implementing all the necessary rules for the success of their traders.

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