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UPDATE (1.11.2016):

We have found out that CherryTrade is closed.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

1. IQ Option
2. Banc de Binary
3. Finpari (for US traders)

Try also Binary Option Robot if you are looking for automated binary trading.

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CherryTrade is an innovative and popular broker on the binary options trading market. CherryTrade uses the SpotOption software and also offers a 6-second option for the betterment of the traders including those from the USA. Accepting US trades has been one of the most excellent characteristics of this broker.

Withdrawal method of CherryTrade is very easy, logical and fair.  According to the broker’s withdrawals conditions, traders of CherryTrade have to submit the following documents: proof of address, a photo ID along with a copy of a credit card if this was the preference of asset. It is needed to be scanned and sent via email.

On CherryTrade binary options platform, no fees are charged for credit card withdrawals. On the other hand, the withdrawals via bank transfer will require paying a fee of $30. Traders are capable of obtaining a feedback from the broker regarding their withdrawal requests within up to 3 days. After the endorsement of every request, an additional 5 to 7 business day are needed for receiving funds by the traders.

The same credit card that was used for deposit needs to be supplied for withdrawals if the trader intends to withdraw via credit card. Moreover, the maximum withdrawal amount of funds to a particular credit card can`t go above the quantity invested. All the supplementary funds will be withdrawn through bank wire transfer.

CherryTrade customer support is available 24/7 and a trader can get in touch with them in the case of any doubts or problems through the contact form on the website. Moreover, all types of supports can be reached via live chat on the site or simply by phone. Their personnel will help with any technical challenges or demand for any information regarding the signals, markets and financial news.

CherryTrade Minimum Deposit

We determined to include CherryTrade in our updated Binary options brokers review list after successfully testing the platform ourselves. Moreover, we are incredibly happy to articulate that the broker has very well-organized banking services and transferring money with them does not take so much of time and efforts as with other brokers on the market, as we see in a number of trader complaints on those brokers.

All should be informed that no problems will be encountered at the time of investing in this platform as well. You can make a deposit with CherryTrade easily, as the company offers a lot of credit card and bank wire options for the convenience of the traders. Diners, Maestro, Visa, Delta, MasterCard and Solo can be chosen by users and, concerning bank wires, traders can also make use of their bank accounts for transfers here. Who those traders who normally like to trade rapidly, e-wallet is the best option for them to transfer money quickly and easily. Although there is simply an opportunity to take out your earnings via credit card or bank wire. This is quite standard and similar to any other broker on the market.

In CherryTrade, the minimum deposit amount is only $200 that is required for creating an account along with the currency preference. On the other hand, the minimum amount for transfer is $500 if the trader would like to keep away from paying fees when transferring money via bank wire. If the valued traders would like to open an account, the first thing that is essential to do is data verification like photo ID, detailed address confirmation and credit card information. This should be scanned and sent for the broker to check.

In addition, it takes just around 3 days to process a request at the time of withdrawing through bank wire and between 5 and 7 days for the funds come into view on the user’s account. It can be earlier with credit cards and the minimum withdrawal amount is only $100, depending on the bank’s requirements. The banking facilities are pretty quick and simple but the only difficulty is that wire withdrawals are subject to additional fees. That mean that no free-of-charge withdrawals via bank wire are available.

CherryTrade No Deposit Bonus

In the binary trading industry, CherryTrade is quite popular due to the high payout of 85%, particularly on 30-second contracts and the welcome bonuses provided at the time of opening one of the five possible account types the company offers. So, it is really a great opportunity for the traders.

We saw in the past few year that binary options trading is becoming one of the most popular forms of investment. In Cherry Trade, all the team members are highly educated professionals with great experience in risk management, Forex trading, derivatives and also global law and legislation.

In fact, the company works hard to make sure procedures are straightforward and fast and the platform is definitely very user-friendly. Moreover, the CherryTrade offers a marvelous collection of assets that were cautiously selected among the most promising currencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

Concerning the signing-up bonus which is a bonus you acquire at the time of signing up and making a deposit on any account selected, CherryTrade offers basically five kinds of accounts according to the deposit amount made by a trader. The Classic Account provides a sign-up bonus that is up to 25%, and the trader wants to deposit between $200 and $499 for this account type. Bronze account  gives a bonus up to 35% with the minimum deposit amount of $500 to $999 only.

Moreover, Silver, Gold, and Diamond require smallest amount deposits of $1000, $5000 and $10000 accordingly and they offer a sign-up bonus up to 50%, 75% and 100.

According to the trader’s choice various great benefits are available such as daily and weekly marketplace reviews, free weekly calls and development sessions, risk trades, auto trading signals, as well as insurance for any month that ends in a loss, free individual account manager and the right of entry to a private Skype room, free alerts on trades, technological and fundamental training sessions are given for the betterment of the traders with CherryTrade.

In CherryTrade, all types of the features and activities such as withdrawals, deposits and portfolio can be seen and accessed very quickly in the section titled “My Account”. Another important thing: there is no requirement to set up the software to trade with CherryTrade, so the trading platform can be accessed anywhere and anytime for the betterment of the valued traders.

CherryTrade Review

Binary Minery is always researching the opportunities on the binary options market and is constantly in search of great advantages and promotions for their readers, either they are experienced or beginner traders. We determined that this broker should be part of our detailed list of the most excellent binary options brokers obtainable on the market today, because of its outstanding capabilities and benefits that come with trading with it.

As a trader of binary option trader, you can observe more details in our CherryTrade Review.

You will discover comprehensive information concerning their particular features and the five account types offered by CherryTrade. Every single of them has its own requirements and characteristics according to trader’s requirements and ability to invest in their trading.

CherryTrade has one of the most appealing payouts of the marketplace (85%) on 30-second contracts. One the most generous payouts in the business, we have to say, and the company is proud of these results. As we had witnessed, digital binary options have increased in popularity in the last years and to meet the needs of the marketplaces, CherryTrade decided to build a strong group of professionals with immense experience in FX trading, derivatives, international legislation and also risk management.

CherryTrade trading platform is very much easy to use for traders, as it is 100% web-based. Because of this, traders do not need to download any software, making it easy to trade at any time and from anywhere. Moreover, you don’t need to have any preceding trading experience to begin trading with the platform, as great educational materials are available here to speed up your learning process.

CherryTrade trading platform has an enormous list of assets, including the most promising indices, commodities, stocks and currencies in order to trade successfully. Their CherryRevenue and affiliate program provides you with a personal manager that can help always help you with trading, tracking, payments optimization and conversion. Concerning appropriate payments, your affiliate commissions are sent by the 12th of each calendar month unfailingly. So, this affiliating is profitable also. Their affiliate programs are just like the fuel that empowers the binary options enlargement engine and through personalized promotional resources and innovative and creative work that Cherry Revenue is doing it has been proved to be an extremely successful program.

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Is CherryTrade a Scam?

One of the main commitments that we have to traders is the fact that our users can always surely have the opportunity to choose from a well-selected list of binary options brokers, and this can be done based on readings of our full reviews. By doing this, we are providing traders with the assurance that the chosen broker is trustworthy and respectful, and the highest customer protection standards can be expected from this broker.

And it is not different with CherryTrade, as traders can see the company is in compliance with our guidelines in relation to fairness and reliability. Offering various options and features to choose from, this broker has five account types for selection according to trader’s preference. Besides, CherryTrade is committed to helping traders through personal service with training, general help and any advice needed.

The company has an effective trading software, the traditional graph-window system, which is run from the browser and performs well even with a bad internet connection. With a very clear and understandable layout, users can see the settings on the top of the screen and the payout amount with return ratio on the side.

Regarding the five accounts offered, CherryTrade has some good features on each of them. The Classic account requires a minimum deposit of $200 and includes a welcome bonus of 25%, as well as daily and weekly market reviews. The Bronze one offers 35% welcome bonus and 20% deposit bonus, and a minimum deposit of $500 is necessary.

The Silver account requires a minimum deposit of $1000, and a 50% welcome bonus and four $50 risk-free trades, as well as auto-trading signals, are provided. The fourth type, the Gold account, starts with a minimum deposit of $5000, and 75% bonus is added on the initial deposit, as well as four $250 risk-free trades, a month of signals and a 10% monthly loss insurance, weekly technical analysis sessions and a personal account manager.

Finally, the Diamond account is for those traders who wish to receive 100% bonus and four $500 risk-free trades and 3 months of risk-free trades, and a minimum deposit of $10000 is necessary.

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