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The Click Cash Formula is a piece of software created by a Mr. James Edwards, who as all these stories go, was just a regular average Joe like you and me until he developed a proprietary algorithm for trading binary options risk-free. And now, he’s a jet-setting millionaire, living a life of luxury and leisure. Before he releases his software to the public, however, he is looking for an exclusive group of 10 people to beta test his product, so it will be provided for free of course. Mr. Edwards claims that within 27 days, all these 10 people will be millionaires.

So is the Click Cash Formula software a scam or the real deal? Read our answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • free


  • Fake claims and testimonials
  • No real information at all provided

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is Click Cash Formula?

Ok, people; let’s be real here. A million in a month trading binary options? If you believe that this is possible, we suggest you lay off the drugs. But let’s break it down anyway; first, remember how the binary options industry works. A binary options broker is not really a true broker in the sense that it is an intermediary connecting both sides of the trade. No, in fact, a binary options broker stands on the other side of the trade, meaning that a profitable trade for a trader is an unprofitable trade for the broker, and vice versa.

So what does that mean? Do you think a broker will allow you to use a guaranteed automated trading software and make $1m from them in a month? No way! They would boot you off their platform way before that. Anyway, that is just a hypothetical scenario because no robot, even the most legit ones, can even come close to making you that amount of money, it is sometimes almost baffling to us how unbelievable the claims are that these scammers make.

Oh, and as for the ’10 people only’ beta-tester limit, that is just some arbitrary figure they made up and if you pay a visit to the Click Cash Formula website, you will see that it changes the country at the top to match your IP location.


If the above, for some reason, hasn’t convinced you that Click Cash Formula is nothing but a scam, let’s take a look at Mr. James Edwards, the dashing gentleman in the white turtleneck sweater above, shall we? Does he look a little familiar to you? Well, he certainly looks familiar to us and that’s because he’s a regular actor in these scam videos, last seen in the Hedge Formula scam as well as the Zero Loss Formula scam (obviously he specializes in scams with the word ‘Formula’ in the title).


Figure 1: Going for the Professor X look here

Figure 2: Now he’s the Hedge Formula boss 

Fun bit of trivia for all of these fancy and lengthy scam videos; most of them are shot in Portland, Oregon, for reasons we have yet to uncover. As such, these scammers frequently hire local actors (not cheap Fiverr ones) for their videos, making them harder to track down. Fortunately, we are quite familiar with this guy, and we bring to you Mr. Doren Elias!


How Does It Work?

All of these ‘free’ scam robots have the same modus operandi: lure you in with some awesome claims (some more realistic, some clearly pure fantasy) plus a bogus reason on why they’re giving it you for free (beta testing, kindness and goodwill of the now-rich creator). Since there’s no apparent cost on the part of the customer, many sign up.

And that’s how these scammers make money: when customers sign up through the robot and fund their account with their partner broker, these scammers, who have an affiliate agreement with these brokers, take a significant cut. Yes, these scam robots are nothing but shady affiliate marketing practices. The robots themselves are just some generic auto-trading software that they bought off the market; by the time customers discover it can’t deliver anywhere near the promised results, the scammers have already taken their affiliate cut. Plus, since the robot was technically free, there is little recourse available.

And what about the partner brokers? In most case, they are unregulated and in some cases, very shady. In our case, we were unable to be redirected to any broker through the Click Cash Formula; it appears the scammers have already moved on. However, we did do some digging and apparently their partner broker used to be AAOption, which is unregulated, and as a bonus has recently shut down amidst numerous allegations of fraud and withheld withdrawals.

Final Conclusion: Is Click Cash Formula a Scam?

Not Reliable

The Click Cash Formula is just another scam with fake and totally unbelievable claims. It is strange that the scammers spend so much money to shoot high production videos with real actors only to make ludicrous claims of a million in a month. Still, their scam is really a tried and tested formula that does make cash; just not for you. Avoid this one.

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Binary Minery review: Click Cash Formula: 1 stars.

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