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With the development of technology, the financial sector has also moved towards the incorporation of the technology into its daily doings. The binary options trading has since the beginning been associated with the technological development and it is no wonder that many people who have the experience of trading with binary options have come to the conclusion that a software that actually helps traders with the process can be developed. However, since then the idea has spread and many fake software products for the binary options trading have appeared.

Many software products that were advertised as a tool for the traders that would provide them with the better opportunity to earn money have proved to be a scam and just another attempt in the series of attempt to take people’s money. For those people who do not have sufficient experience in these regards, these binary options software might prove to be catastrophic because by using the wrong software those people would for sure lose money. One of those products is also Click Trade App and the following review will focus on elements that make this software for trading binary options a scam.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • The speed at which the software is operating
  • Technological solutions used for the creation of the software


  • The lack of options for the traders
  • Shady developers and creators
  • False claims about the percentage of the payouts
  • False advertisements

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is Click Trade App?

Click Trade App is a software that is available for free for the binary options traders who are looking for software that might have helped them in their daily binary options trading. The creator of this software is John Cross and even though the software is free it will charge you five dollars in order for you to see the tutorial that explains how this software should be used. Additionally, John Cross still remains the mystery because nobody can recognize him among the binary options traders. The creators of this software are promising that a user will earn a daily amount of money that is between a couple of hundreds and more than 2,500 dollars. Truth be told, it was not that hard to see that this software is actually a scam because it is impossible for software to guarantee that kind of winnings on a daily basis.

Besides that, creators are also promising that the software will enable you to earn between 100 percent and 250 percent of the payouts that you get on each state. This is also another element that proves that this software for trading binary options because there is no broker in the world that will provide the traders which such high percentage of payouts because the maximum amount of the payouts that the brokers are offering is 85 percent. Even though the software is available for more than two years it was successfully registered only in February 2016. It really was impossible for us to find any elements that might make us believe that the Click Trade App is reliable software that the traders can use.


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How Does It Work?

In order for a user to use this software for trading binary options, a user would have to watch the tutorial video until the very end. After watching the video, a user would have to register and sign-up in order to access the member’s area. After that a user will have to create his or her account at some of the brokers that have been offered and once that is completed, a user will be able to deposit money into his or her accounts and a user will be ready for trading.

Apparently, this software is one of the best software products when it comes to the speed at which the software is operating. It is said that this software is analyzing 1 million variables per one second. This, apparently, enables the software to analyze huge amounts of data and conduct the trade operations automatically according to those data. However, experts for the binary options have concluded that this actually is not the case which makes this software for trading binary options even bigger scam.

Final Conclusion: Is Click Trade App a Scam?

Not Reliable

When you get the feeling that something sounds too good to be true that feeling is usually true. That might be said for Click Trade App as well. With the promotions that indicated many different and very impressive features, it looked like that this software will actually be the real thing.

However, upon using it for a couple of hours, binary options traders have been convinced that the advertisements were actually false and that this software will rarely do something that you want and that will not bring you profit when trading with binary options.

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