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Cookies, when it comes to internet terminology, are small files that require your permission to be added to your hard drive. Once you accept, the file is then added to your system’s hard drive. It then analyzes web traffic and informs you when you visit a certain sight. Cookies give web applications the ability to personally respond to you as an individual user. Each cookie can alter its operations to meet your personal likes, dislikes and needs by acquiring data and remembering your specific preferences.

At Binary Minery, we utilize these cookies to let us know what pages are being accessed by our users. Then we are able to analyze this data and use it to help improve our website by tailoring it to meet our customers’ needs. We use this information for research purposes only and then the data is immediately wiped from our system.

In general, by monitoring which pages our clients find useful, as well as which they did not, cookies allow us to constantly improve our website. In no way do these cookies give us access to your personal information or your computer, only that data that you so chose to share.

You can personally choose to decline or accept our cookies. In general, most internet browsers will automatically accept cookies. However you can modify your browser by setting to only accept the cookies of your choice. To let you know, this may prevent you from being able to utilize our website to the fullest.

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