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Social trading is moderately innovative fact that took the binary trading industry with a step. Basically, it makes use of the ideologies of social networks and trading signals in one single service that is very much vital. Even though it is a bit different from automated trading and it still facilitates traders to create decisions and place trades without any prior analysis, experiment or concentrated learning.

In fact, CopyOp is an important social trading platform by a broker AnyOption. It is an outstanding social trading platform that can help the valued traders to place successful trades with the help information on how other traders make decisions on the basis of platform and whether they are winning or not in the binary options trading industry. Generally, on the basis of selected asset a trader can simply go after definite traders and facsimile their trades or copy trades. The platform is furthermore CySEC regulated which makes it further dependable and secured.

Basic information:

Online since: 2015
Jurisdiction: Cyprus
Software: SportOption
Max Returns: 85%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Investment: $10
Currencies: USD, GBP, EUR
Mobile: No
Countries: All Countries


– No false promises to make you rich within 1 hour
– Low minimum deposit
– High returns


– no Live support

Binary Minery Rating:

4,5 stars

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Registering with CopyOp

The user first must finish the registration process simply by filling the registration form with a view to copying trades on CopyOp very consciously. Moreover, CopyOp is not requested a lot of details. Some fundamental requirements are needed like name, email address, contract number etc. So, it is really simple and traders oriented. One thing is very important that there is the vast opportunity to personalize the avatar image that represents a trader smoothly.

After completion this integral and easy process, the trader receives an insight to an astonishing trading edge that is very easy to utilize for all types of traders. Traders can also be familiar with the platform before depositing or investing any real money. There is no demo account here but traders can be still observed and impression.

Social Feed by CopyOp

Social feed is actually that one which makes trading with CopyOp unique. For instance: the valued trader can decide to facsimile trades of the most excellent traders overall, asset experts that are experienced in certain marketplaces and they can go after the most excellent copiers or merely prefer the greatest winning trades. There is also the extreme possibility to follow the trades as they have been done in real time very smoothly and easily.

In this way, the valued traders can get a turn in trading in a mind-blowing way how they approximating. One’s wishes can place and maintain trade, actually. In addition, the traders can trade by themselves and others can copy their trades as well. So, it is matter of learning in a unique and tactful way.


How to trade with CopyOp?

It is really easy to trade with CopyOp. It is one the top trading experts that did their best to make all trading very effective, fun, easy and profitable for the traders. It is really unbelievably simple in which after completion the login section, the trader can plainly enter into the trading platform. This easiness makes it popular and well accepted by the traders as well.

CopyOp Trading Platform

If you look into the CopyOp, you will get that on the right side, the social feed must be found. In indicates that all tabs with the variety of types of trades and other traders are carefully listed for the betterment of the traders and the user can simply find those types of trading that you are actually looking for. Moreover, on the right part, the trader will discover assets and those also divided into a number of groups. It is also probable to look for them depending on the asset type but also depending on the expiry time or even favourites. So, it is very much clear for the traders.

Moreover, once the asset is made carefully, in the centre of the trading platform, a trading diagram will demonstrate up before you. The trader can go after the value fluctuations and even place unique trades and the other traders can copy it for the betterment.


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How CopyOp Social Trading Works?

It’s up to traders, since on the peak of the page, the trader has to set preferences firstly whether place his or her own trades or copy the trades. In case a trader needs to copy trades, he or she has to click on ‘Social’.

After completing the setting, the trader gets an impression or total overview of the circumstances in social trading that is actually needed. As a newsfeed in CopyOp, trades that can be copied are listed in the middle. Besides, on the left side, top traders are listed and on the top, the user can discover what the most excellent trade was in the previous twelve hours and who the best copier was in the past 24 hours very perfectly.

Every trade is placed usually in two options. One is to copy and the other is to watch that are very much reciprocal to the traders also. If a trader is decided to copy the trade, he/she will create an investment in the identical ways as the preceding trade. On the contrary, if he/she chooses to watch, the person will be taken further to observe the list and user will be informed all time that person makes. There is even a ‘buy’ button that indicates the trader can buy that trade from the preceding proprietor. It is really reciprocal.

Profits on CopyOp

In CopyOp, additional money can be achieved placing trades. Every time someone goes after a trade, the trader can be awarded in CopyOp coins that can be transformed into real money without any additional conditions. That is a popular system in CopyOp.

On the basis of the terms and conditions of CopyOp, traders can also benefit from bonuses and many other benefits and opportunities. The demanded proceed on this platform is x15.

Moreover, according to the CopyOp traders, traders can expect up to 80% returns and the most excellent thing about this platform is that trader invests their real money and obtains awarded in case they trade very productively. This stimulates high-quality trading to turn out to be even better and increases the possibilities to make a profit for beginners.

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Binary Minery Review: CopyOp: 4,5 stars.

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