Cyber System Review

So the story behind this binary options robot is that it was created by Joshua, first name only, because you see, he is a hacker. And Joshua is such a good hacker that he was able to hack into the Wall Street financial markets and predict future price movements. How good is his system? Well, supposedly thanks to his hacking software, he is able to win at least 100 binary trades in a row! Simply an astounding success rate. And he wants to share his system with you, for free of course, because hackers don’t care about money; they just want to get back at the system.

So is Cyber System a real binary options trading system or just another scam system? See our answer below.

Basic information:

Cost: Paid
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • None whatsoever


  • Extremely ridiculous story
  • Unbelievable claims
  • Zero proof of success
  • No longer operational

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is Cyber System?

One look at the story behind Cyber System and you know that it is clearly made up, and with a really stupid plot to boot. Just take a look at the picture of ‘Joshua’ below, in which he tries to go for the ‘hacker look’ like the popular TV show Mr. Robot, but comes across as looking like someone from To Catch a Predator instead.

Cyber System

In going on with the hacker theme, the robot creators decided to go with the Matrix look for their site, even featuring the vertical scrolling Matrix symbols in the background. Truly ridiculous, and really quite obvious. We wonder how anyone can be silly enough to fall for this blatant false advertising.

We also like this little logo they put at the bottom of their site: it says “No Scam No Hype” despite the fact that Joshua claims that you can earn over $1m from binary options trading off a $250 minimum deposit! By the way, in the video he claims that you can become extremely wealthy in one hour! Even compared to the ridiculous claims we have seen from the many robots we have reviewed here, that claim is especially ridiculous.

To summarize, Cyber System is a 100% fake: No results – All Hype.

How Does It Work?

What we can tell you for sure is that no binary options trading robot ever has made money by ‘hacking into the Wall Street financial markets’. The robot you get with this system is likely just generic auto-trading software that these robot creators replicate countless times throughout their other schemes.

As for why these robots, which can supposedly make you uber-wealthy in a short amount of time are always offered to you for free, that’s part of the lure. You see, the creators make money from affiliate marketing commissions; when you fund your account with their partner broker, they get a nice percentage of it. The best part of this business model is that they earn their commission before you get the chance to even start using the robot!

That means that once you find out the robot cannot deliver as promised, it’s already too late. And since you didn’t pay for the robot anyway, you really have no real recourse. As for the binary options brokers they partner with, they’re almost always completely unregulated and in many cases quite unethical. Unfortunately competition in the binary options broking industry is intense, and many brokers have no issue partnering with these unethical robot creators.

In our case, when we tried to sign up with a broker using the Cyber System’s page, we found that the redirect had ceased to function. This means that the people behind the Cyber System robot have already moved on to their next scheme. This is very typical of these robots; they usually only last a few months max before their creators move on as review sites such as this one are continuously exposing them. Nevertheless, we did some digging and found out that their partner broker was apparently VXMarkets, which is, as expected, completely unregulated.


Not Reliable

Cyber System is most likely just a generic robot puffed up by a totally unbelievable backstory and even more unbelievable claims. The only system in play here is the same tired old unethical affiliate marketing system they keep repeating over and over again. Avoid this one.


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Binary Minery review: Cyber System: 1 stars.

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