Daily Trader Club Review

Daily Trader Club is a binary options robot created by Stephen Gilbert, who was just a regular guy from a regular neighborhood. Until one day of course, he gets to talking to his rich and self-employed friend, Mike who only worked a few hours a week and yet was absolutely loaded. Mike introduced him to the Daily Trader Club, created by four people named Jeff, Bojing, Richard, and Amrit. The first two whizzes were math geniuses while the other two were coding geniuses.

The program they created analyzes billions of trades every day and then ‘snipes’ the best ones for them, which results in their astounding 87% success rate. And now of course, there is a chance for you to be in the club!

So will the Daily Trader Club push you into the club of successful binary options traders? Or is it just another scam? See the answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Paid
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • None


  • Nothing but stock images
  • Faked testimonials, Twitter feeds, and Facebook account
  • No longer operational

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is Daily Trader Club?

Do we even need to reiterate this at this point? One look at the story of the everyman with a rich friend who lets him in on some proprietary money making software and you will know that this is nothing but a scam. That trope is tired and old, and the Daily Trader Club is a cheap and lame scam. In fact, it’s nothing but a rehash of another scam robot, BIT Options Society.

Anyway, the only money that these scammers appear to have spent on is for purchasing stock photos. Lots and lots of stock photos. In fact, of all the scam robots we have reviewed so far, Daily Trader Club might actually win some sort of award for the highest number of stock photos used in a scam robot. There’s not even one real person in the whole Daily Traders Club scam. As we mentioned, there are many other stock photos in used by the scam, all the way from fake testimonials to fake Twitter and fake Facebook accounts.

They even photoshopped fake Bloomberg and CNN articles! Too bad they forgot to use spellcheck for the Bloomberg one; we hardly think the Bloombeg editors would let ‘Daily’ to be misspelled as ‘Daly’ in a headline.

Daily Traders Club Screenshot

How Does It Work?

So you know by now (if you didn’t realize upon reading the first 2 paragraphs in this review), that the Daily Trader Club is nothing but a scam. And while most scammers don’t rehash the scam so blatantly, the business model remains the same.

Daily Traders Club Screenshot

You see, the binary options brokerage industry is absolutely cutthroat; there is very little to almost non-existent differentiation between the brokers and hence one way the brokers try to promote their services is via affiliate marketing. And while there are many legit ways that an affiliate can promote their partner broker, there are also many unethical and illegitimate ways to promote said brokers, and creating scam robots is one of them.

This means that the scammers earn their affiliate commissions the moment you fund your account through the robot; even before you even start trading! It’s no wonder that these robots are offered for free and are so hyped up; by the time you discover the truth, it’s already too late!

In our case, the Daily Trader Club site was not able to redirect us to any broker. This is normal; these scam robots never stay up for very long, thanks to reviews like this one, and the scammers have likely moved on to their next scam.


Not Reliable

The Daily Trader Club is nothing but a low budget robot that is in itself a rip-off of another scam robot. Instead of an 87% success rate, there is a more than an 87% chance of you losing all your money. Not even worth a second glance.


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Binary Minery review: Daily Trader Club: 1 stars.

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