Drexel Code System Review

Apparently, Drexel Code is a company founded by Cory Drexel, a former Wall Street trader who recruited a top notch team of programmers and traders to create a system that has never had a loss in 3 years. That’s right, they claim a 100% winning ratio over the past 3 years, which is why they can promise their users over $300k a month ($344,589.65 to be exact). Currently, they are looking for 50 beta testers to use their system for free.

Their promotional video, which shows Cory Drexel’s house, luxury car, his office, and even introduces us to his team, which he dubs the ‘Brew Crew’ can be watched here. Do note however that the video is 25 minutes long.

So will Drexel Code really make you a millionaire within 3 months? Or are they just luring you in with an impossible dream? See our answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Paid
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • High production values


  • Nonsensical claims of earning potential
  • Hired actors
  • Non-functioning website

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is Drexel Code System?

Honestly, this review almost seems unnecessary to us because anyone who believes that they can get almost $350k in a month doing binary trading off a $250 minimum deposit would probably not have done any further research on the Drexel Code and thus would never have reached this site. No, most likely they would have signed up without giving it a second thought and found their ridiculous fantasies completely dashed.

So yes, Drexel Code is just another robot that uses blatant false advertising to attract clients. No, you will definitely not become a millionaire in 3 months, and Cory Drexel is just an actor, like everybody else in the video, and the Drexel Code is not a real company.

As we have seen so many times with these robot videos with high production videos such as this one, this video was filmed in Portland, Oregon and features local actors (not those cheap ones from Fiverr). The office location looks very familiar to us and we are sure that it has been used to shoot other robot videos as well; just look at how the Drexel Code sign is just pasted on!

As for the actors in the video, while we were unable to identify the actor playing the head honcho Cory Drexel, we did recognize the actor playing ‘Ben’ who is supposedly his senior software engineer as well as the head of the brew crew. He features in another one of these robots; the Perpetual Formula in which he plays the lead role as ‘David Parker’. Check out the screenshots below. It’s also highly likely that the Perpetual Formula video and the Drexel Code videos were shot in the same rented office location.

Drexel Code

We won’t go any further on this point; the ridiculous profit claims as well as the proof of hired actors should be more than sufficient to convince you that the Drexel Code is nothing but blatant false advertising.

How Does It Work?

The Drexel Code software itself is just a generic auto-trader that we have seen used time and time again on other robots. There is a 100% chance that you will not get a 100% winning ratio as promised. Also, the 50 free beta-testers thing is absolute nonsense, this is just how these people justify giving away such a supposedly awesome robot for free.

And the reason these robots are always free, of course, is that their creators make money only indirectly from you. Indirectly meaning when you fund your trading account with their partner broker, they get a nice affiliate commission. Yes, these robots are nothing but unethical affiliate marketing. And the brokers these people partner with are not the best, usually completely unregulated and in many cases with many accusations of fraudulent behavior to be found.

In our case, we were unable to be redirected to any broker via the Drexel Code website; either their website is experiencing technical difficulties or they have already moved on. However, we did some research and apparently their partner broker was TitanTrade, which is completely unregulated and has more than a few angry complaints against them alleging dishonest conduct.


Not Reliable

The Drexel Code System is nothing but another unethical affiliate marketing vehicle trying to be passed off as a high-earning robot. You most likely won’t even earn $300 using this system, let alone $300k. Ignore this one completely.


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Binary Minery review: Drexel Code System: 1 stars.

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