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ETX Capital LogoFor the binary options learners that are intrigued to enhance their abilities, ETX Capital Demo Account is given for their sake. Clients of demo record get day by day market analysis by ETX Capital specialists. Truth be told, demo account is best for incompetent traders. It gives them a learning environment where virtual cash is traded and Put/Call trade options are chosen by evaluating market patterns. It is somewhat troublesome for newcomers to get acquainted with real binary options trading from the first day. Despite the fact that trading binaries is easy, merchants however need to hone their trading skills for successful trading. This is the reason ETX Capital presents demo account to all its customers. It is the best place to test your aptitudes and work on your deficiencies before starting to do real binary options trading.

The Demo trading account has made it easy for newbies as well as for professional traders to test their trading skills and also evaluate the percentage of their accurate predictions. The demo account is a low risk environment that motivates binary opinions traders to get familiar with binary options trading and experiment their strategies without losing a single coin of their real money. The demo account platform has lots of educational tools and it is free of charge, thus encouraging more and more binary options traders to register with them.

To actuate the ETX Capital Demo Account, binary options trader are coordinated to sign up for it. Here virtual cash is utilized to trade; however real time trading environment is given for trading. This empowers traders to get to know how to trade binaries simply like in the real account. Genuine prices of assets, trade options and time expiries are offered so that the trader can learn how to trade binary options. In the event that you have misfortune in the trading, no real money deduction is made thusly trading is free. This make the traders to build confidence.

The EXT Capital’s trading platform has been offering excellent binary option services for years. Demo account is therefore modified as per the needs of the Newbie traders as well as expert binary options traders who are interested to trade without loosing their money. Those who are experts in trading get help from the demo account since it enables them to try out their new binary options trading strategies. For the Newbies, ETX Capital demo service is highly beneficial, since they learn important trading techniques in a very short span of time.

It goes without say that the ETX Capital Demo Account is free of risks of losing actual money. Depending on the way the trader feels after trading in the demo account, the trader gets a clue to the traders whether they are ready to use the real time trading account or they still need some more practice. The EXT Capital Demo Account is the best customized demo account service that is only available on this platform. It is therefore an area of interest for beginners as well as professionals.

Most importantly, the traders can now use the ETX demo account services through their iPhone, iPad, tablet or android devices. Also, whenever a trader experiences any difficulty while using the demo account, they only have to make a phone call to the customer service and share their problem. The Customer Support team is provided in different languages so as to communicate with the binary options traders in a friendly and understandable way.

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ETX Capital Bonus

The ETX Capital Bonus is available to all its binary options traders who request for it. For example, if a trader have made a deposit of $250, his or her trading funds are increased by a 30% welcoming bonus. The welcoming bonus can be up to $20,000, depending on the amount of the initial deposited amount.

The welcoming bonus is determined by the initial deposit amount which is limited by the type of account that a trader holds. Also, every other type of bonus will thus also be determined by the type of a account. To this effect, ETX Capital offers four different types of accounts to its traders. These accounts are ETX Binary, ETX Trader Pro, ETX Trader and ETX MT4. Every account type has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as its own set of tools. If the initial deposit amount range is between $500 to $999, then a 40% bonus is given to the customer. If the initial deposit exceeds $1000, then the welcoming bonus will be 50%. For traders who can an initial deposit of more than $5000, they are entitled to more than 60% bonus.

ETX Capital Screenshot

The best features of the ETX Capital Bonus is that it is upon the request of the customer that the bonus is issued. If a trader wants the bonus, he or she should contact the customer support team and demand for the welcoming bonus on the basis of initial deposit. Provided that the trader has followed the terms and conditions of ETX Capital bonus, he or she is entitled to the bonus. However, the ETX traders are bound to complete 30X trading so that they can be allowed to withdraw any bonus. Therefore, once a trader understands the terms and conditions, it is up to the trader to make the request for a bonus or not.

The ETX Capital Bonus is therefore used as a motivating factor for the trader to take part in more and more trades and invest their amount in a money-making business. If the results are as per the traders your prediction, it means the trader is are awarded more payouts. The most important thing with this platform is that all terms and conditions concerning their bonuses are very transparent. Traders from all countries except USA traders have equal chances to open an account, verify, deposit funds and receive the bonus.

Immediately the awarded bonus amount is transferred to the trader’s account, it is available to use in the binary options trading. ETX Capital broker is best for binaries beginners who have fear of losing their money. The welcoming bonus makes them to use it for trading irrespective of results. When a trader is using the bonus amount, he or she is free to use Commodities, Stocks, Currencies or the Indices of their choices. Also, the short term and long term binary options trading options can be utilized to earn a maximum turnover.

It is very important to note that the ETX Capital Bonus can be withdrawn through another account, provided the funds are more than the deposited amount. Before using the other account to withdraw, the account verification is important and essential part since it is a requirement in this platform for one to make a deposit and before making first withdrawal.

The awarded Bonus amount is not for instant withdrawal. In actual fact, it is given so as to build up the interest of traders. The ETX Capital platform is well-reputed and recognized since funds are in safe hands and are transferred to different accounts without any subtractions.

ETX Capital Mobile Trading

With ETX Capital, you need not to be an expert in binary options trading. Additionally, the lowest amount of money is required for investment. Anybody can afford to open a trading account with $250.
The mobile devices technology has modified the mode of communication. With the ETX Capital mobile trading, you only need to get logged in to access your trading account. It is also possible to transfer money to your trading account, check the market conditions and observe the money-spinning opportunities before executing a trade. In the ETX Capital platform, binary options traders are encouraged to either predict Put or Call values notwithstanding their position or time. With their mobile platform traders will enjoy using their website features in French, Hungarian, South African, Czech, Danish, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Slovenian, Irish, Greek, Turkish and Russian.

This brokers are not like many binary options brokers who provide limited features for their mobile users. For most of them in order to access the educational tools or even access all the traded assets, the trader has to get logged in through a PC. But for the ETX Capital Mobile users, the platform has the same features which are provided to the computer users. The mobile platform has 5000 assets in form of Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks, from which the traders cab choose from. The ETX Capital mobile trading platform also allows the selection of trading options from High/Low, Pair Options, Long Terms and 60 Seconds through the assigning of particular time limits. But the binary options traders need to check the market movement of the assets before choosing either a Put or Call option.

With all these features, the ETX Capital broker provides an all-inclusive mobile application for its customers unlike most of its competitors. The mobile application allows the use of a demo account so as to improve the traders capability through virtual trading.

ETX Capital binary broker is a regulated and top rated broker for binary options trading. The mobile app is a SpotOption software although traders don’t need to download complicated software so as to run this application.

The mobile platform is accessible from an Android, iPhone, iPad or Tablet.

ETX Capital USA

ETX Capital is a dedicated broker in binary options trading industry. From 2003, this broker has become the epicenter for binary options traders’ attention due to its safe trading options. The ETX Capital service is currently not being offered in the US; but binary options traders from all other nations can register with this broker. The broker is popular due to its high welcoming bonus and low risk trading opportunities. They offer a 60 percent bonus is to all newcomers and a maximum level of bonus oof $20,000. The maximum amount of payout is more than 85%, thus encouraging binary options traders to understand binary trading strategies and the appropriate selection of the Put or Call options.

ETX Capital traders from all countries are given access to similar features; there are no discriminations. 3 trading currencies, which are USD, EUR and GBP are used to initiate trade. The Lowest amount for the initial deposit of funds is just $250. This is a good start for most traders.

The broker has also made it easy for the traders who would like to use their website in French, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, German, Greece, Danish, English, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese or Turkish languages. So as to trade the binary options, traders have the freedom to select either trade Commodities, Indices, Stocks or currency Pairs. Traders also have the liberty to choose between different Options, like, 60Seconds, High/Low and Long term trading options.

ETX Capital Screenshot 2

Similar to the depositing process, the withdrawal process from ETX Capital is also very simple. It is very important to also note that traders receive their exact funds with no deduction charges being levied during the exchange of the currencies.

Despite the ETX Capital USA being unavailable, all other traders from every other nation have the advantage of using the ETX Capital demo account services. The demo account as well as the real account offers a variety of features which include: educational tools, videos, webinars, news events, eBooks and traders courses.

Since this broker is regulated and approved by the FCA, fair options are offered in their trading platform. Also their mobile trading platform suits those traders who do not have time to sit infront of their personal computers for binary options trading all day long. With the mobile app, it is now easy for them to login and keep on taking part in trading any time and from whichever place they are.

Is ETX Capital Regulated?

In the binary options industry, a trader can easily find a variety of brokers in seconds. But before selecting the best among them, it is important to verify whether the broker is regulated or not. ETX Capital regulatory status has gotten the attention of professional traders as well as beginner traders. This broker is FCA regulated. Since it is UK regulated, it has been offering excellent services for the past ten years.

ETX Capital broker offers the binary options traders the opportunity to trade by just selecting down and up values of assets. This makes somehow a low risk binary options trading platform which also offers fixed low spreads. Also, due to the capability of using indicators, customized charts as well as educational tools it has been ranked as the world’s most popular broker. The FCA Regulation gives guarantee that the trader’s money is in safe hands. The regulating authorities always keep an eye on the performance and dealing of the various brokers and the traders should not get worried when they go for a regulated broker.

The ETX Capital regulation enhances security of funds and also the credibility of the broker. The regulatory authorities, allow traders to report about scam or unscrupulous activities of a broker. Since ETX Capital is regulated, it has nothing to cover up as compares to other unregulated brokers. The FCA doesn’t approve brokers who offer substandard services. If you follow and analyze the performance of ETX Capital throughout the past ten years, you will notice the top rated services and required safety measures which the broker offers to all its traders irrespective of their account types and country of origin. The above features have not only made this broker among the best in binary options in the world but also given confidence to traders so that they can invest their money in a low risk environment.

This regulated broker is perfect for beginner traders with no past experience. The bonus, high payouts and promotions which are offered to all its traders is a show of excellently. It has a good system for account registration and verification.

There are very many traders who are benefiting from ETX Capital Regulated services. Actually, with ETX Capital a trader is able to predict low or high value of assets and increase their investment when sited in their own rooms. The value of customers’s satisfaction can only be understood by a regulated and legitimate broker.

This broker offers a round the clock online customer support to its customers in an attempt to solve issues surrounding the registration process, bonuses, as well as the verification of account and assets selection. Traders are also at liberty to use the live chat option if they want to get an immediate response from the customer support team.

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