How do you start trading binary options?

1. Find a reliable broker/trading platform. See our list for recommended platforms
2. Choose an asset to trade (i.e.: EUR/USD)
3. Decide on the amount you wish to trade, and then predict the direction of the value of an asset. If you think the asset will fall, select down/put. If you believe that it will increase, select up/call.
4. Withdraw your winnings/profits

Which Platform do you think is the best?

We have compiled a list of carefully analyzed platforms that we recommend as the most trustworthy and the most reliable. Please check out our extensive list.

Which automatic trading systems do you think are the best?

We feel that the Binary Option Robot system is the best in the market. We highly recommend this system as it helps you with trading and provides the best results for a winning rate and higher profit earnings.

Which service do you suggest for buy/sell signals?

Check out the absolute elite signal tip back and forth service. We highly recommend this service.
What investing strategy do you most recommend?

We strongly recommend Trend Strength as it is the most popular and most profitable.

Can you explain binary options?

Binary options trading consist of trading options such as indices, currency pairs and commodities. The payoff is either a win/lose situation which gives you have only two options (hence the term binary).

Are the sites on which I can practice with free demo account for simulated trading before using my own money?

Banc de binary offers free demo accounts on which you can practice trading binary options. They give you a limit of $50,000 of “practice” money with which to trade.

Can you please tell me what put and call mean?

Put and Call are the options used to predict trades in binary trading.

Call/Up option predicts that the value of an asset will increase while Put/Down predicts that it will decrease.

What does the term expiration/expiry time mean?

The time period in which a trade expires is known as the expiration, or expiry time. For example a 60 seconds trade will expire in one minute, or 60 seconds. After this, you will know the results of your trade.

Can you please explain what the maximum winning percentage for trading platforms means?

This is the maximum amount of returns on which you can get for an investment. For example with Banc De Binary, this is 91% so if you had originally invested $100, you would receive a profit of $91 as a result.

Is it there an option to trade with my mobile device?

Definitely, please refer to our list of recommended platforms to see which offer trading via smart phones or tablets

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