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HighLow Review LogoHighLow is an appealing and well-managed binary options broker from. The HighLow broker is another superb binary options broker for the Australian, African, Middle Eastern and European options clients. But unfortunately, the US traders cannot trade with HighLow broker. However, they can trade with some different brokers that do allow US binary options traders.

The Highlow site is super simple to use, with no mind-boggling surges of pointless data. The stage is mainly centered around binary options trading with an amazing trading platform that is a great fun to work with. In the event that you need to know more about sorts of alternatives and terms of this binary options broker, just go to their website or read this review.

Basic information:

Online since: 2014
Jurisdiction: Australia
Max Returns: 100%
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Deposit: AUD 10
Minimum Investment: AUD 10
Maximum Investment: AUD 1000
Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD
Mobile: Yes
Countries: All nations except US


– Regulated by Australia
– Accepts many different types of payments including Paypal
– Low initial investments for trading
Extensive trading options
– Multiple account options


– Can’t be used by USA clients

Binary Minery Rating:

5 stars

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HighLow broker special features

The HighLow proprietor company, RCTM, is situated in Australia and it holds an Australian Financial Services License (ASIC) number 364264. This makes it be among the binary options brokers that have made it in earning a chance to operate in Australia. So, this is an incredible open door for clients favoring trading using the Australian dollar (AUD).

HighLow promotions are nothing strange and future traders can expect a ton of promotions. The current advancement incorporates up to $50 money back on the first trade.

HighLow Trading Software

The trading interface for HighLow broker is one of the client friendliest there is in the market today. Here, trading is not considered to be static, but rather the process of setting up a trade is very well organised untill it just flows with the steps.

In the trading platform, the binary options types are placed at the top as tabs. Then the next line from the top comprises of the expiry times.

The binary options in the tabs are in something many refer to as the carrousel of binary options that empowers simple perusing with the most essential data present. This is a great advantage since traders can quickly look at various assets without wasting trading time.

Among the tabs that traders can choose are the traditional, digital and high/low binary option. With HighLow broker, trading binary options ensures traders of a score of up to 90% returns . The amount of investment very flexible with the minimum investment amount possible starting with $8.7. The 90% return is one of the highest possible returns in the binary options trading industry.

For traders who prefer fast binary options trading, they should feel at home with HighLow. All that they have to do is to click on the “Options on demand” tab and choose an expiry time of either 1 (60 seconds) minute, 1.5 (90 seconds) minutes or 5 minutes. The HighLow broker’s “Option on demand” is a very highly versatile and flexible tab. It is a best choice for traders who like taking advantage of the short term market price patterns and enjoys when there are a lot of dynamics the trading environment.

Highlow Review Screenshot

The other type of binary options trading that HighLow offers, is the Forex type of Spread HighLow trading. The Spread trading is designed for traders who like a trading environment that is more exciting and one that enables more risk taking but with higher returns that can go up to 100% or more. The Spread on demand options can be more involving for traders, when they are trading by making the expiry times shorter.

Another an interesting feature of the HighLow broker is the Traders choice indicator, which is used by binary traders to analyse the sentiment in the options markets. This amazing feature is found on the left side of the trading window and it provides a continuous update about the binary options market sentiment.

The Traders Choice indicator will mainly pop up after every 4 trade actions, and it updates after every 1 minute for the 15 minute options, after every 5 minutes for the hourly options and after every 15 minutes for the daily options. The trader also has the powers to keep it hidden or shown as he or she sees fit. Traders can be certain that the results of this indicator are surely coming from the choices their fellow traders make.

The HighLow broker also has a smartphone app for trading on the go. Traders who don’t have a lot of time in front of their personal computers can easily use this app to trade from wherever they are and whatever time they wish to. This makes trading success to be just a few touches away. This Mobile app supports both the iOS and the Android operating systems.

Features of the MarketsPulse trading software used by the HighLow broker

  • The Trade Options that it offers are the High / Low, Range options and the option Builder.
  • It offers a range of Expiry Times which include: 60 sec, 5min, 15 min, 1 hr, 24h and 24 hr+.
  • The assets offered are only the Currencies.
  • It allows mobile trading

HighLow Customer Support information

The HighLow broker is one of the few binary options brokers with 100% customer support.

In addition to the fact that this binary options broker is regulated and that it has a process in place to cater for any complaints, this broker also provides a very rich FAQ section which makes the entire process of filling for a complaint unnecessary. The FAQ section requires a lot of details to a point that the users ay sometimes think that it is being repetitive but it is all in the ensure that all the facts of a complaint are laid out clearly so that the complaint can be dealt with conclusively. The FAQ section makes things a whole lot easier by documenting solutions to most of the repetitive questions asked by HighLow traders.

Whenever a customer feels like in need of support in his trading activities, they should contact the HighLow broker by using e-mail. The emails ensure that the traders get first priority. However, the traders have to ensure that the complaint they are filling is not dealt with in the FAQ section. They should, therefore, go through the complaints dealt with in the FAQ section to ensure that their question isn’t similar to any of the questions in the FAQ. This is extremely fair because there is no reason why a trader should not use some effort in researching before stuffing the broker with e-mail inboxes.

Traders are also at liberty to contact HighLow broker via phone. This is designed for very urgent issues which need to be dealt with some level of urgency.

The customer support for the HighLow broker is offered in two main languages; English and Japanese. Since English is a worldwide language, they can communicate with most clients all over the world.
HighLow broker, however, does not accept traders from the US. It also doesn’t have a live chat feature as most other brokers have.

The HighLow binary option broker is the best in offering customer support to clients. It is well structured to effectively deal will almost all the complaints which arise between them and their customers. This ensures that they don’t loose any customer as a result of power customer support as is the case with some of the binary options brokers.

HighLow Banking options

HighLow manly uses Neteller and credit cards for depositing funds. The minimum amount that a trader can deposit using the Neteller and Credit cards is 50 Australian dollars. This is one of the lowest minimum deposits there is in the binary options trading industry.

Another good thing with HighLow broker is that it is very easy to deposit funds into trading wallets because everything is done electronically.

Apart form the Neteller and credit cards, HighLow broker also allow their customers to use Bank Wire. Traders who choose to use this transaction method can make a minimum deposit of 10 Australian dollars only.

All the withdrawals that are done using the Neteller are instant and clients don’t have to wait for a long time to receive their funds in their bank accounts. However, HighLow charges a 2% transaction fee for every withdrawal.

The Minimum withdrawal amount allowed by HighLow broker is 50 Australian dollars. These Bank transfers are one of the fastest in the industry, since they are processed immediately and they take one to three days to be completed.

HighLow broker is one of a kind since it doesn’t allow the use of credit cards in withdrawing funds. Traders can only use Neteller and Bank Wire to withdraw their finds to their respective bak accounts.

As cited at the beginning, the customer accounts are differentiated from those of the company, and they are held in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 (Commonwealth of Australia) and all the necessary regulations, in a client moneys trust account in National Australia Bank (NAB).

Additional information

Customer Service: Email: support@highlow.net
Languages: English, Japanese
Trading Options: High / Low, Option Builder, Range Options
Assets:Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Early close: No
Expiry Times: 60 second, 2minutes, 5minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour and End of Day
Deposits and Withdrawals: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Bank Wire, Neteller, Credit Card
Withdrawal Time: 1 day
Demo account: Yes

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HighLow Review: 5 stars.

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