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HighLow Review Logo 1The HighLow binary options broker is among the most popular binary options brokers in Australian. It was founded in 2014 and it has developed to be a trusted broker in the industry. It provides an excellent customer service to all its clients that earned it an award in 2015.

The HiighLow withdrawal process is easy and fast. However, before looking into how to.withdraw your cash, it is always important to look into how the cash is acquired. The HighLow broker offers a variety of features and services that ensure their clients benefit as much as they can from their trading interface.

Even if the HighLow binary options broker is in a lot of aspects taken to be an ordinary options broker, the broker depends on offering good services to attract customers. In line with this, this broker offers some features that are not common with other brokers in this industry. This binary options broker has possible payouts that are only imagined by most traders of binary options trading who operate in other trading platforms.

Most binary options traders will agree that binary options trading can offer up to a 90% payout, with the normal return of the classical option is about 85%. However, even with the High Yield options, they are naturally riskier. And going by that thought, we expect that if a binary option promises a payout of 500% it is extremely risky to trade it. But that is not the case with the HighLow broker since their classical options can give returns of up to 100% or even 200% provided that the trader chooses the on demand options.

The trading accounts that this broker provide their customers with, are very secure since they are not clogged with funds from other sources. Since HighLow are regulated by Australian regulatory authorities, they are duty bound to hold all their funds in segregated accounts and avoid using the funds in boosting leverage on other activities like hedging or such like activities. This means it doesn’t have any sort of financial engineering.

According to the Australian regulatory Authorities the traders have the permission to access their binary options trading account, whereas the broker is not allowed to use any of the funds deposited by their customers since doing so would be contrary to the terms and conditions. This therefore makes the HighLow withdrawal better since you are guaranteed of your money.
The HighLow binary options broker allows clients to only use three major currencies for trading and even in the HighLow withdrawal. The three currencies allowed for HighLow withdrawal are the Australian dollar and Japanese Yen. However, HighLow broker is also in the process of allowing the use of EUR. When doing your HighLow withdrawals, it is advisable to use the Neteller since their services are quick. The minimum amount that a trader can withdraw with the HighLow withdrawal is 50 Australian dollars. This is among the lowest minimum withdrawal amount in the industry, although it still doesn’t meet the current trend of zero withdrawal.

The transaction fee is 2% of the amount of funds being transacted and the withdrawal processing only takes up to three (3) days

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HighLow Login

The HighLow binary options broker is among the best new binary options brokers in the word of financial markets for retail traders. Although there are very many similar binary brokers, HighLow broker is unique in a way among the new brokers of binary Options. The unique thing with this broker is that the broker utilizes the MarketsPulse trading platform that offers very interesting features, which include the spread trading.

In addition to the spread trading, the HighLow broker also provides the classical, touch options and the on demand options tools which assist traders since they enable them to customize their own options.

There are two types of accounts offered by the HighLow broker; the demo account and the real account. There is certainly a clear difference between these two trading accounts.

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The real account requires that the trader signs up with the broker and then login into the created HighLow account to start his or her trading career. After creating an account and login, the traders should feel free to use the HighLow account control panel to complete their profile and also deposit funds into their trading account. The process of registering for a new account with the HighLow broker is a well structured process which needs ID verifications. Therefore, new traders will have to send scanned copies of their ID for identity verification. The HighLow registration process will also require the trader to submit a scanned copy of a utility bill so that they can confirm the current location and address of the trader. After all this is done, new trader can now have access to the full HighLow trading platform.

On th other hand, the Demo account does not need the trader to do HighLow account registration. All that clients need to do is just to click the demo account button on the HighLow broker’s website and then access the interface of binary options trading. The starting amount of virtual money in the HighLow demo account is 1,000,000 Yens. Therefore, with the demo account, traders can access the HighLow trading arena and place trades using virtual money without having to go through the ordeal of registering. The demo accounts are the best places for traders to learn how to trade and even test relevant trading strategies for their live binary options trading. So, newcomers should first use the HighLow demo account before opening a real account for trading using their actual money.

Since the HighLow broker does not offer very large deposit bonuses, and the trader will have to manage his or her deposit well, it is very advisable to first open a demo account and learn how to manage your investments using the HighLow trading account.

HighLow Bonus/Reward

The HighLow bonus packages is lamentably one of the most minimal in the field of binary option brokerage. In any case, numerous traders view rewards as a sort of a trick when brokers which are not legitimate utilize these limited time instruments to draw clueless clients. While rewards do convey a scope of terms and conditions, the little HighLow rewards are secured by just few conditions and the traders’ cash is alway available to them, regardless of how high the reward is. The HighLow broker doesn’t utilize rewards as a technique for pulling in clients, they try to give other alternatives such as the super low deposit requirements and the flexible minimum trade requirements, keeping in mind the end goal is to give traders a chance to decide their own particular portfolio setup more effortlessly. In most cases, bonuses are seen as a technique for locking up clients who don’t generally comprehend what they are going to get and what sort of conditions they are liable to.

The HighLow reward being low is an aftereffect of focus where this binary options broker is for the most part keen on getting developed and experienced traders who don’t depend on rewards a lot with a specific end goal of having the capacity to trade their assets at whatever point they need. All things considered, they can utilize enormous rewards offered by some different brokers, however since turnover necessities are frequently too high these items might be more qualified for amateurs who need higher influence toward the start of their binary options trading profession. It is common for the armatures to begin in a fairly shaky manner but with rewards this is made simpler for them.

The HighLow bonuses adds up to 50 Australian dollars, which is not an established reward nor a trading refund. So if a broker enters a first trade of 10 Australian dollars and loses it, HighLow bonus will be honoured to cover that misfortune. With 10 Australian dollars trades, clients can get 5 such discounts on the off chance that they lose every one of them. What is critical is that this is not an approach to test the trading platform of HighLow since the binary options broker likewise has a demo stage that offers merchants up to $10,000 of virtual cash to trade with.
The HighLow bonus is low since newcomers can essentially utilize the demo stage and have no different duties toward a trading account with HighLow. Similarly as with HighLow reward, every single other term and conditions are maximally rearranged to support the rights of the traders and not lock them in.

HighLow Minimum Deposit

The HighLow broker has as of now appeared to be a creative binary options broker with a truly great arrangement of conditions for every one of the traders who need to trade binary options with just one binary option trading account. The HighLow broker has such a great amount of trust in their management that they are setting up just the most minimal charges, account prerequisites and a free demo account so anybody can trade with them at the least cost. Along these lines, all traders get the chance to see what a fine binary options broker this is. Everybody will have no issue investing the minimum deposit necessity of HighLow to test the broker, even with the free demo account.

The HighLow minimum deposit is just 10 Australian dollars. So anybody can begin trading with HighLow with this minimum sum. This is most likely one of the least minimum deposit in the business. The proportion to the most reduced speculation that is conceivable with HighLow is 1:1. So traders really get stand out trade with the minimum deposit choice, yet they get colossal adaptability with regards to dealing with their account and statement as much as they need. This is extraordinary news for everybody who likes to add an a little bit at a time to their trading account or doesn’t get tremendous wage helps routinely. They find the opportunity to construct their capital gradually as they advance in binary options trading.

Without a doubt, this is one of the smallest deposit ever required in binary options, and yet somehow, other than for limited time purposes we don’t understand it since HighLow minimum deposit approach is multiplying down on great components. There is no requirement for a low obstruction in trading if there is a demo account that is really shabby and doesn’t require any deposit from the side of the trader. So everybody has an opportunity to test the platform with zero assets contributed. Some will think the minimum deposit of higgle is incredible, yet as specified, unless one has a considerable measure of persistence, there is no quicker approach to assemble capital than to contribute more. For this situation, the HighLow minimum deposit could have been much higher.

Be that as it may, since we put our brokers on the primary spot we do think HighLow minim deposit approach helps every one of them since they all receive more adaptability in return. With more control they can have more oversight of their account. Nobody is restricting a client to deposit more than the minimum amount of A$10 and get stunning returns since with HighLow payouts are more than 100%.

HighLow Mobile Trading

While HighLow is no common broker since they are controlled by the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission, they do have all the typical elements that every single broker offers to their clients. The main thing in binary options trading since cell phones began to lead the portable space has been mobile trading on local portable applications or web interface trading on the cell phone/tablet. The late ascent in pfablets – ultra huge cell phones simply strengthened this pattern. That is the reason as to why the HighLow mobile application is now available to brokers.

HighLow mobile application utilizes the MarketPulse software, which is generally their web binary options trading interface. MarketsPulse is one of the enormous binary options trading software suppliers, similar to SpotOption or TradeSmarter. MarketsPulse offers full back end and front end answer for HighLow broker as a business in addition for HighLow clients who can utilize their coordinated framework to run their trading on HighLow platform. HighLow mobile application is likewise all around coordinated with whatever is left of the trading platform since it is a local iOS/Android application that isn’t large in size. MarketsPulse as of late distributed information demonstrating that in the most up to date mobile trading platform for binary options trading offering up to 30% of all trades set on their binary options trading platform. It is not a wonder that HighLow broker simply brought to the table the mobile application when such a large number of traders are utilizing their smartphones to trade.

While other binary options trading platforms depend on HTML5 run web interfaces to guarantee their backing of the mobile phone trading platforms, HighLow mobile trading application keeps running from the cell phone while using the official advancement pack by Apple or Google and therefore making the application keep running as though it is a genuine desktop application. HighLow mobile application can utilize all APIs and get to all the significant trading assets with no layers in the middle. Along these lines, the HighLow mobile application is enhanced for the best binary options trading platform background. The mobile application can handle all the important data originating from the business sector stream and present them in an easy to use path on the screen. Traders can, the same way as they do on the HighLow web interface, pick the option of choice, track the prices on chart and choose when to strike so as to get the best position when they put the trade.

The HighLow mobile trading platform empowers traders to make the best of their binary options trading encounter, and not through some odd little web trading platforms but rather through an out and out application.

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