Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App Review

HoffMan Stein Every week on the internet, we see dozens of companies and individuals offering binary options traders a revolutionary trading solution that can help them made tons of money within a short period of time. One such company which has recently come to our attention is Hoffman Stein Capital. The company is said to be owned by an individual by the name of Dr. Anthony Henderson. Their trading software called the Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App is said to be revolutionary trading system which can help its users earn up to $125,000 in one week. So is this claim true or is it just another scam? Read on to know more.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Free Software


  • No information to verify the credentials of the development team
  • No conclusive proof that the software works
  • Contradictory explanation on how the software works

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is the Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App?

So what is the Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App? From what we can gather from the promotional video about the Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App, it is said to be a trading robot that has taken Dr. Anthony Henderson and his development team eight long years to develop. The team is said to include a notable Chinese market analyst named Ana Chong and a leading German financial programmer called Allen Kuhn. While all these introductions might sound impressive, we were unable to find any information pertaining to the background of these individuals. This led us to conclude that these individuals could actually be fictional characters conjured up for the purpose providing credibility to the existence of the Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App.

How does it work?

As to the workings of the Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App, the promotional video provided very little details about how the software works except that it is based on a trading algorithm which is able to achieve a 100% success rate. Basically the Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App does this by tracking all trading transactions on the market regardless of whether they are winning trades or losing trades. The trading app then places trades to counter the losing trades as well as placing trades to mimic the winning ones hence resulting in a 100% winning ratio.

From our experience, we know that this is a virtual impossibility as no trading system in the world is able to achieve a 100% win rate. While the given explanation seems plausible on first impression, upon a closer analysis we noted that the promotional video failed to explain how the trading system is able to distinguish between genuine trades and those placed in errors. It also doesn’t explain the discrepancy that for every trade that is placed in one direction, there is always a counterparty placing a trade in the opposite direction

All these observations lead us to conclude that the Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App is most likely another scam designed to dupe unsuspecting traders into subscribing to the software. Although the software is provided free of charge, users are required to link their credit card to this trading software. This is highly irregular and dangerous as it leaves you open to identity theft.


Not Reliable

Our final conclusion about the Hoffman Stein Nexus App is that it is most likely a scam. No data has been provided by the developer to verify that the trading software is supposed to work the way it is claimed to work in the promotional video. Instead, users are required to reveal sensitive financial information before they can gain access to the use of this software.

For those who are new to online trading, it is very easy to get drawn in by all the claims that the Hoffman Stein Nexus App is able to accomplish. But if you were to really put some thoughts into some of these claims, you will realize that most of these claims have no basis at all. It doesn’t take a genius to smell a rat when the promotional video claims that the trading app is able to generate more than a hundred thousand dollars in profits per week and is free to use. If that is the case, why would they still need your financial information?

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Binary Minery review: Hoffman Stein Nexus App: 1 stars.

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