How To Profit With MagnumOptions

Magnum Options LogoAs one of the most popular financial broker in the world, MagnumOptions offers excellent binary options trading services. It offers a very user friendly trading platform for trading binary options. The features of the platform make the platform among the best binary options brokers for the binary options traders.

When a new member gets a trading account, he or she becomes eligible for a welcoming bonus, immediately they make the first deposit to their trading accounts. The broker has multiple account types giving their clients the flexibility to choose the account types that best suits their binary options trading needs. Each account has different features and it is left to the client/trader to choose what they want

MagnumOptions Binary Options Trading

With MagnumOptions, binary options trading is be a lot of fun. MagnumOptions gives traders the opportunity to trade nineteen stocks, twelve currency pairs as well as nineteen indices. This makes this broker to be among the binary options brokers offering the widest range securities. Traders who register with this broker should take advantage of this assets by trading them wisely to make profits.Start trading

Binary trading on the MagnumOptions website makes binary trading a very simple process. It all starts by creating a trading account on the broker’s website which is done by submitting personal details. After creating the account, the trader will have verify his or her email address. Then the trader should make the first deposit to his or her trading account on the broker’s site. The minimum amount of deposit with the MagnumOptions is just $200. The minimum investment amount of $5.

The most outstanding feature of this broker is that, unlike most other binary options brokers, MagnumOptions allows traders from the United States to trade with them. This makes the broker to become the ideal binary options trading platform for US traders to make money through the binary options trading business.

MagnumOptions broker gives its binary options traders the opportunity to trade stocks of some of the most popular companies like Google, IBM and Coca Cola. With such stocks, traders can be assured that the stocks are high yield assets which the traders can use to invest a small amount of funds and in return get a lot more.

In average, this broker offers about 150 assets are for trading including indices, stocks, currencies, commodities and currency pairs.

For the beginners who fear investing much as well as the binary options traders who have a small amount of funds to invest but still wants to make a lot of money, MagnumOptions provides bonus of up to $10,000. This is one of the largest bonus amounts that is given in the world of binary options trading. For a trader to access the bonus, they just need to create an account on the site as well as all the guidelines fulfilled.

The large MagnumOptions’ bonus amount provides traders with more chances of increasing their returns. Also, in some other way, this bonus gives motivation for the newbie traders who are not familiar with the world of binary options trading.

With MagnumOptions, the maximum payout/returns is 81%. This is truly a high payout and it gives a guarantee that traders are more likely to make profits.

How To trade EURUSD with MagnumOptions?

MagnumOptions binary options broker offers their traders the opportunity to trade EURUSD currency pair which offers them a great deal of flexibility.

EURUSD is one of the most traded currency pairs and it is relatively more volatile compared to other currency pairs. This gives the traders who trade it a better chance of winning almost every option.

Magnum Options Screenshot

MagnumOptions Trading Platform

Trading on the MagnumOptions is surely a very easy process. The trading platform can easily be accessed through all the popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. There are no additional software that a trader needs to install so as to gain access to the MagnumOptions trading platform.

Also, the features and benefits provided by this broker makes the platform an ideal choice for many binary options traders. The broker also provides a a wide range of commodities to its traders. Then the best feature about this binary options broker is that it gives bonuses to its traders.

To begin trading with MagnumOptions binary options broker, the trader has to create a trading account which is free on the broker’s website.

MagnumOptions Withdrawal

The withdrawing of funds from the MagnumOptions’ website is quite simple, since the site provides numerous options to their clients for withdrawing their money. The limit of the amount of money to withdraw from an account with this binary options broker is $100 or £100, depending on the currency that the traders chose as the base currency of his or her trading account.
The most common withdrawal methods used by clients of this broker are wire transfer and credit card methods. For credit cards, the amount of money withdrawn cannot exceed the initial deposit amount.

MagnumOptions Bonus

The bonus offered by MagnumOptions broker is one of the factors which make this binary options broker to be very popular among the binary options traders. The amount of bonus offered acts as an added attraction for aspiring traders to register with this broker so as to start making money by trading binary options.

The terms and conditions that govern the bonus amount are very transparent. Actually, all the traders of MagnumOptions broker get an equal chances of receiving a bonus. All the clients/traders are equally considered for the bonus and they can request for it by simply contacting the customer support team of the broker. With their bonus, which is among the highest in the industry, MagnumOptions is truly an exceptional binary options broker and has been able to get the attention of traders from all around the world.

The MagnumOptions bonus is an ideal tool for those who are not decided about starting binary options trading yet due to their small amounts of savings. The bonus motivate them and make them to have an equal chance of making a lot of money through trading binary options in a number of commodities. Such traders benefit from the fact that they have the opportunity to make a good sum of money by investing just a nominal amount. The bonus is what increases their chances of making the profits while trading. But for anyone to get a bonus offer, they have to first register for a trading account and verify their identity.

The amount of the bonus offered by MagnumOptions can go to as high as $10,000, making it one of the highest bonuses given by any of the binary options brokers in the world.

Magnum Options Screen 3

Since MagnumOptions accepts traders from the United States, American traders are also eligible to receive the bonus.

Before a trader accepts the bonus, he or she has to understand that the bonus amount cannot be withdrawn immediately after it is credited to the client’s account. The trader will need to utilize the money by trading the different commodities offered. Then if the terms and conditions are met, the trader will be able to withdraw the bonus along with their profits by sending a withdrawal request.

MagnumOptions Stocks Trading

The MagnumOptions Stocks Trading provides binary options traders with the opportunity to trade stocks of popular companies such as Coca-Cola, IBM and Google. Stocks are high yield assets that enables traders to invest a small amount of money and get a large amount of profits.

Given the fact that the minimum deposit with this binary options broker is just $200, binary options traders have the opportunity to start trading stocks even with a small amount if savings. Also, after making the deposit, the traders just need to make a minimum investment of only $5, which is among the lowest minimum investments that are allowed by binary options brokers throughout the world. Immediately trader makes the minimum deposit and verifies his or her identity, he or she can start trading stocks from the company of choice.

MagnumOptions is has been operational since early 2013 and has since gained a lot of reputation among the binary options traders. For over the past 2 years now, the broker has been able to get millions of traders because of the fact that the broker offers a variety of exceptional features. One of their outstanding features is that their registered traders can use the deposit amount of $200 and place 40 trades each of $5 and substantially increase their chances of making profit. Contrary to this broker, most other brokers have higher minimum deposit amount requirement before starting trading. This is the reason as to why MagnumOptions is the ultimate binary options trading platform for people who are looking to make money online by trading binary options. Apart from great bonuses and a numbers of other great features, this broker is secure.

The variety of trade options which MagnumOptions offers is equal to what is offered by most of the other brokers in the industry.

MagnumOptions binary options broker gives their traders the chance to trade with a wide range of stocks of international companies on their binary options trading platform. The total number of stocks are nineteen and although it is small compared to that offered by other binary options brokerage firms, the stocks offered by this broker are much more profitable since they are from reputable companies.

Binary Options traders who have signed up with this broker will agree with the fact that the low risk and high gain model of trading offered by this broker provides an attraction to new clients that is enough to make them open binary options trading accounts with this broker.

After registering an account with this broker and signing into your newly created account, you will notice that the broker has a very simple and well organised binary options trading platform.

Breakdown of the special features of the MagnumOptions broker binary options trading platform:

  • The trader can easily create a trading account.
  • The minimum amount of initial deposit is only $200.
  • Traders are offered with bonuses of up to $10,000, after making the initial deposit.
  • There are a variety of trading stocks of international companies offered by the broker.Start trading

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