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ImperialOptions_logoIn order to bring only the best to our customers, we dedicated a lot of time and effort to finding the best broker for them. ImperialOptions is exactly that. With the biggest amount of features, ImperialOptions is one of the best binary options out there. In this review that will be dealing with ImperialOptions you will be able to read about some of the most important features that come together with the ImperialOptions broker. Besides the huge number of features it offers, Imperial Options also provides great support and the trading experience that can be only described as rich.

Basic information:

Online since: 2012
Jurisdiction: UK
Maximum amount of investment: $5000
Maximum amount of returns: 85%
Minimal amount of deposit: $250
Minimal amount of investment: $5
Maximum amount of Bonus: Unlimited
Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP
Mobile: Yes
Countries: All but US, Syria, Sudan, Iran


– Accepts a wide variety of payments
– Low initial investments for trading
– Many trading options
– Strong policies to protect users


-Traders from the US, Syria, Sudan and Iran cannot use this web broker

Binary Minery Rating:


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Special Features of the ImperialOptions

ImperialOptions provide a set that contains four different account types from which customers can chose one that suits them the best and the selection of the account type will depend on the trading style. This review will bring you only the features that are the most important characteristics of that account type. If you want more information about these topics, please visit the web page and click on the “Open Free Account” button and you will be able to gather more information about the given issue. The four account types will be described shortly in the following part of this review:

IMPERIALOPTIONS MICRO (deposit of min $250): It offers the following:

  • Tools for managing the risks,
  • Library (e-video)
  • Welcome bonus in the amount of 25 percent

IMPERIALOPTIONS SILVER (deposit of min $2500): It offers the following:

  • Training one – on – one that occurs once a week
  • Meeting personally with a broker once a week
  • Tools for managing the risks
  • Weekly trading alerts
  • Library (e-video) access
  • Bonus in the amount of 50 percent

IMPERIALOPTIONS PERSONAL BROKER (the minimum of $10000): It offers the following:

  • Weekly trading alerts
  • Tools for managing the risks
  • Daily contact with your personal broker
  • Training twice a week one – on – one
  • Welcome bonus in the amount of up to 100 percent

IMPERIALOPTIONS VIP: It offers the following:

  • Training every day one – on – one
  • Having personal broker available at any time 24/6
  • Having personal account manager available at any time 24/7
  • Signals and analysts provided on the daily basis
  • Welcome bonus in the amount up to 200 percent

In order to understand ImperialOptions and eventually become an expert in this matter, ImperialOptions has organized two centers for education with two levels of educations: basic and advanced. Besides the items that were mentioned before, some these types of accounts include also sessions that deal with the expert trading. Because of that, a person should consider depositing more financial funds if he or she wants to gain more. The review of the ImperialOptions that we have done showed us that the e-books that were provided in the beginning are a sufficient resource in order to have a good start. However, a person should consider expert 1 – on – 1 sessions. In order to review this issue PersonalBroker account was used.

Imperial Options Screenshot

Software for Trading ImperialOptions

The platform used for trading ImperialOptions is one of the best platforms and one of the easiest to use in combination with many other binary options that can be used for different purposes. It might be hard to decide where you should start with trading for ImperialOptions because it provides so many different options. ImperialOptions offers to their user so many different options even on their home web page. The following parts of this review will deal with types of binary options.

One of the items that ImperialOptions include are the OneTouch high yield options. These types of binary options are becoming more popular due to their risky nature and the fact that they are high yielding options. In an attempt to review the ImperialOptions we used these options and they seemed to work in perfect order.

The second option is Turbo option or 60 section option. This option enables trades to perform their trade in a very short period of time unlike some other options. Trades who prefer more dynamic environment may prefer more this type of options. We did not use a lot of this type of options in order to make this review because they can be found in any part of the binary options already established for the brokers’ portfolio.

One of our most favorite options out there is the pair trading and it was really a pleasure to see that ImperialOptions decided to include these options into their range. This type of binary options makes possible for trader to trade between two assets with relative strength.

Another option provided by ImperialOptions is called Ladder. This option may prove to be complicated for some traders but when using this option and if the chain of the multiple binary options that were previously selected, this option can bring an income for trader up to $1500.

Besides the regular high-low option that has become the part of the standardized packs, ImperialOptions offers to traders also the Long Term trading and this proved to be the favorite of trades who prefer to do the fundamental trading.

As it can be concluded from the previous part, the ImperialOptions platform that is based on the SpotOption performed very well when we attempted to review it. One of the advantages of ImperialOptions is definitely the high speed of task execution and big selection of different types of binary options.

The list of assets contains more than 130 assets that own 71 stock, 24 currencies, 30 indices and 11 commodities. ImperialOptions also include mobile trading and as it was indicated in the previous parts of this review it also offers certain signals. Besides this, ImperialOptions allow the access to CFDs and Spot functions.

Information about the ImperialOptions Support

ImperialOptions customer service made the review of the ImperialOptions very pleasant because they provided the required assistance and support that we needed. The customer service of the ImperialOptions is available even during the off hours if that is necessary. They also provide their clients with the required help in regards to the selection of account as well as to solve the technical difficulties or issues that might occur in regards to the platform.

Their phone lines in London are open from 9pm GMT. They also respond to other means of communication such as live chat, Skype or e-mail. The site is available in three different languages: English, French and Arabic.

The FAQ section of the ImperialOptions is a very well designed and written piece and it can be very helpful for the traders who decide to use ImperialOptions. During the research for this review we were able to find a corporate social site also that include the lists of all social engagement in which this broker participated over the years. It can be seen that throughout the years they have supported the Cancer Research Centre, China Charity Foundation, Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, Canadian Red Cross and many others.

The Information about the Company and the ImperialOptions Banking

The most advanced encryption protocols that can be obtained were used by ImperialOptions in order to implement the security of the traders’ financial funds. All transactions on the ImperialOptions are processed through some of the most reputable provider of the payment service. The currencies that are allowed and that can be used for transactions are EUR, GBP, USD, CAD and AUD. This is because ImperialOptions wanted to make sure that traders from all over the world have possibility to find their preferred currency.

There are several methods for payment that are accepted and they include Visa, Carte Bleue, MasterCard, WebMoney, Diners Cards, Wire transfers, Delta, Solo, Maestro and many others. The minimum amount of deposits is $250 in foreign currencies. However, we discovered that not all credits cards are eligible for money withdrawal.

In order to do this, some other methods can be used such as wire transfer. Although it is seems like a slow process it is still the traditionally the most reliable options. The fees for withdrawal are charged at the rate of 25 GBP or the 1% of the total amount. This amount is higher than with the competition and it usually takes up to 3 to 5 five for the request to be processed.

Additional information

Customer Service: Live Chat / Email:
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Trading Options: High/Low, One Touch, 60 seconds, Long Term, Touch Options, Ladder Option
Assets: Currencies, Commodities, Indices
Expiry Times: 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours, More than 24 hours
Deposits and Withdrawals: Visa, Bank Wire, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Diners Club, Maestro, Neteller, WebMoney, Carte Bleue
Withdrawal Time: 3-5 bank days
Demo account: Yes

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Binary Minery Review: Imperial Options: 4.5 stars.

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