Is BinaryBrokerZ a Scam?

UPDATE (12.01.2017):

We have found out that BinaryBrokerZ is closed.

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Old Review:

binarybrokerz Scam?Since the binary broker had been in the business, none of their registered binary traders had ever had any cause to complain about their services. There had never been any reported case of BinaryBrokerZ Scam to us They are committed to top quality service provision. Trust is one thing that a binary options broker must build if the broker is to succeed in binary options industry. This is exactly what BinaryBrokerZ had been able to build and they are now among the best binary brokers around.

Binary Brokerz requires customers to have terms and conditions explained to the customer via the phone. They do not hide anything from their registered binary trader from the moment such a trader indicate interest in partnering with them for binary trading. They never make things difficult for their registered traders in the least. They always make a clean breast of things and ensure the trader is carried along.

So long as the trader follows the rules and regulations guiding binary trading on their platform, the trader will never have any problem with the broker. None of their registered traders can ever state specifically that they had ever experienced any BinaryBrokerZ Scam. They are more concerned about providing top class services to their teeming registered traders and they will never get involved in any form of scam activities for any reason. They also have their reputations to protect.

BinaryBrokerz Free Account

Is BinaryBrokerZ Regulated?

BinaryBrokerZ is the leader in the binary trading industry. Since they opened shop till today, they have never deviated from their sworn vow to provide top quality services.

The answer is no. The broker is not regulated. Now binary options traders registered with them should not see this as a limitation. In actual fact, it is a demonstration of strength; strength to their registered binary traders. Any binary trader thinking their funds are not safe with the binary options broker will have to think again. This is because the lack of regulation does not in anyway hamper their ability to provide dependable binary trading services. Since inception till date, they have been providing nothing short of reliable services and they look good to continue in that trend for eons to come.

Why isn’t BinaryBrokerZ regulated?

There is very good reason for that and it is all in the best interest of their registered binary options traders. The broker holds their registered binary traders in high esteem and they are committed to doing only those things that will enable the binary trader make more profit. One of such has to do with this lack of regulation. If the broker had become regulated, the binary trader would have been negatively affected. They would not have been able to make meaningful profit from binary trading. This is because such regulation will reduce the profitability of binary trading a great deal.

The freedom of binary trading is greatly improved, thanks to this lack of regulation. Why isn’t BinaryBrokerZ regulated? The broker tries to make trading a lot more interesting for binary traders. If they get regulated, they may need to stop servicing certain areas. To prevent this outcome, the BinaryBrokerZ decides to stay unregulatedIs BinaryBrokerZ regulated? No. Will that negatively affect the prospect of the binary trader? Not at all. The binary traders all have their accounts intact despite lack of regulation by the broker. The broker is well known to provide top quality service since inception and such service is never reduced due to lack of regulation.

BinaryBrokerz Screenshot

DSMG UK Company Info BinaryBrokerZ

BinaryBrokerZ is one of the newest additions to the Binary Minery best broker list. In a very short time they have managed to make quite an impact. This broker offers many trading possibilities trough a range of binary options types they support in their platform. DSMG UK made a contract with TradeSmarter binary options that made it possible for them to offer 60 seconds options, range options, touch options, no touch options, classic options and ladder trading system. It is really rare that one sees so many different binary options types in one trading platform. DSMG UK also included a Facebook signup so users can instantly start trading after they deposit with BinaryBrokerZ.

BinaryBrokerZ also has another innovation. It is called “Tunnel”. With this traders can trade options featuring several strike prices. It means that traders use their skills to asses the range of the price as well as the direction for the price. BinaryBrokerZ, powered by DSMG UK, also offers social trading opportunities. Traders can follow each other and find best traders with most successful trades in order to copy their trades and profit from their insights. The deposit and withdrawal system works very well. We think it is because of DSMG UK payment provider that works well with TradeSmarter back office.

DSMG UK also has a UK office even with the company being registered in Anguilla. This makes it easier to service big markets while enjoying low taxes and local support by a business friendly community. BinaryBrokerZ is not regulated, nonetheless they offer a fine set of trading services. We found their FAQ to be a bit disappointing, but we are sure that as the broker grows and becomes more popular, FAQs will be more developed in order to handle customer questions faster.

Are There Any BinaryBrokerZ Complaints?

Many complaints have been lodged against many of the binary options brokers available out there today. This has to do with the unreliable nature of many of them. However, no complain of any kind had ever been lodged against BinaryBrokerZ since they have started offering their binary trading services till now. Any search for BinaryBrokerZ Complaints will surely yield zero result simply because the binary broker had been very good to their registered binary options traders. They never give the traders any cause to complain whatsoever. This is actually one of the many factors that make them the best for binary traders out there. Instead of complaints, their registered binary traders only accord them with praises. They are far ahead of several others out there.

In terms of customer service, BinaryBrokerZ is one of the best. In terms of quality service delivery, they have proved to be top of the line. As a result, there is nothing to bring about any BinaryBrokerZ Complaints. The sky is not the limit for any of their registered binary traders, but the stepping stone to higher grounds. The watchword of BinayrBrokerZ is “customer is king”. They have gotten addicted to this since inception till now and none of their registered traders had ever seen them deviated from such top class service provider. Because of this, their registered traders have no reason whatsoever to complain about the services provided by the broker.

Every aspect of their business is very easy and straightforward. For one, the binary trader can easily fund their accounts with the broker. The account funding does not take forever. In fact, the funding reflects in the trading account instantly on many occasions; this is determined by the mode via which the deposit was made. Aside this, withdrawal process also sails smoothly. So long as the binary options trader is able to provide the required documents and the right login information, the withdrawal will never hit the rock.  These are great reasons why there had never been any BinaryBrokerZ Complaints since inception of the broker till now.

To make life very easy for their registered binary traders and to ensure the trader is able to make more money off trading, BinaryBrokerZ provides trading education to their registered binary traders. The trading education is highly simplified and the binary trader can follow them and profit from them. BinaryBrokerZ also provides signal services to enable their registered traders make more money off trading.  For the reasons mentioned above and many more, there can never be any BinaryBrokerZ Complaints. The traders are contented and everyone goes home happy.

BinaryBrokerZ Trading Tools

Traders often wonder what trading tools are available with the binary options platform that a broker offers. Here at Binary Minery we try to make the most of relevant information public trough our reviews, but even there we have limited space. When trading binary options traders like to know about these little tips that can improve their trading results. This is why we want to show some of these trough this short article just to be sure traders that use BinaryBrokerZ platform are aware these exist.

BinaryBrokerZ Financial View

Technical analysis is a foundation of any good short and long term position in binary options trading. With the Financial View, BinaryBrokerZ enables traders to access one of the best tools for performing technical analysis in binary options industry. Not only that this tools has many financial indicators that can be used to make decisions on where and how to invest, and at which point in time, traders can use these insights to combine them with other first class trading tools that are exercised directly on the chart. So BinaryBrokerZ Financial view can be used to do analysis via candle sticks or via trend tools. Traders can also use Fibonacci numbers and other tools.

BinaryBrokerZ Social Trading

BinaryBrokerZ doesn’t stop with technical analysis. They have also implemented the newest binary options trend – social trading. Social network s are becoming ever more important in our lives so binary options platforms are integrating similar features into their platforms. Wit Social trading, traders can follow each other and track each others’ trading success. With this info they can choose traders to follow and copy their trades if they believe this person has some better insights then they do. This is definitely the future of trading.

BinaryBrokerZ Education Center

Education center is meanwhile one of the primary ways brokers are trying to influence traders knowledge in order to help them understand the market and individual securities with the goal of improving their trading results. BinaryBrokerZ education tab provides more than 150 videos in 28 languages making it a truly international resource for trading education. Their E-books are more than 100 pages thick and are available in 8 languages.

BinaryBrokerZ USA

BinaryBrokerZ has proved itself over the years to be one of the best binary options brokers around. In terms of customer service, they are reliable. Since they have started providing binary broker services, they have never been known for any untoward act. None of the binary options traders registered with them had ever lodged any complaint against them till date. They have shown themselves to be the perfect example of the trustworthy binary options broker.   They have registered traders from across the globe. There are many binary traders registered with them from Europe, Africa, Asia and the likes. However, they do not accept binary traders from the United States to register with them.  BinaryBrokerZ USA is yet to see the light of day and any aspiring trader willing to register with BinaryBrokerZ will have to be patient for now.

BinaryBrokerZ has its good reasons for not allowing binary options traders from the United States to register. There are some demands made by the United States government before any binary options broker can be allowed to operate in the United States and for Americans. If these demands are accepted by BinaryBrokerZ, then the fun will be taken away from binary options trading. Binary trading will just be a means of making money and some of the things that make it very interesting will be removed. This limitation will make things really bad for the binary trader and it may act as a put off. With the removal of such things as mentioned earlier, the chances of making money will be greatly reduced and the binary trader will not be able to make as much profit as initial. This is why the idea of BinaryBrokerZ USA is yet to see the light of day.

However, it is hoped that things will get better between the binary options broker and the United States government. If things get better and the two parties are able to strike a workable deal, willing binary options traders from the United States will be allowed to register on BinaryBrokerZ platform to make money from binary trading.  Pending the time BinaryBrokerZ USA will become a reality, the registered binary traders with the broker can continue to enjoy the various great services provided by the binary broker.

Before BinaryBrokerZ USA sees the light of day, the registered binary options traders on BinaryBrokerZ website can continue to enjoy the top class customer service provided by the binary options broker. They make bonus available on deposits made into trading accounts. They equally provide trading education to enable the trader make more profit.

BinaryBrokerZ Withdrawal

BinaryBrokerZ is undoubtedly one of the best binary brokers . In terms of customer service and professionalism, they are top of the industry. Their binary trading platform had been labeled as one of the best in the market and their attendance to their registered binary options traders is one of the best. Every process involved in their service provision is very straightforward and the trader will never have to go through much stress. For example, it is very easy to make deposits into binary options trading account registered with them. Additionally, it is very easy to make withdrawals. In actual fact BinaryBrokerZ Withdrawal is as simple as ABC.

The binary options trader registered with BinaryBrokerZ will never have to go through any stress to withdraw their funds. Once the money in the trading account is up to the minimum amount that can be withdrawn, the rest is history and it can be done without any stress whatsoever. The trader only has to visit their website and login. The login process is very simple and it can be done within very few seconds. The trader is required to provide the login details that were initially provided at the point of opening the said account. Once this had been provided, the trader can have full access to make the required BinaryBrokerZ Withdrawal.

The binary options trader will have to visit the “My Account” section on home page and begin with the withdrawal process. The trader needs to indicate the amount to be withdrawn and click on “Submit”. After this, the account withdrawal process will begin. The trader will have to allow BinaryBrokerZ to peruse the BinaryBrokerZ Withdrawal to be sure it is coming from the original owner of the account. This is for the safety of the binary trader. A confirmation email will be sent to the trader to confirm the true ownership of account. Afterwards, the withdrawal will be processed and deposited as the binary trader had indicated.

The minimum amount of money that can be deposited into the binary trading account with BinaryBrokerZ is just $250. To make things very easy for the binary options trades registered with the binary broker, they have lowered the bar as regards the minimum BinaryBrokerZ Withdrawal amount acceptable; the binary trader can withdraw as low as $25!  Within just 5 days of making the withdrawal request, the account will be credited. The withdrawal method to be used is largely determined by the method used in making initial deposit into that account. Binary options traders registered with them will have access to loads of benefits like never before.

BinaryBrokerz Free Account

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