Is HighLow a Scam?

HighLow Review Logo Scam?The HighLow binary options broker hasn’t seen any complaint accusations since it was founded. HighLow has turned out to be a decent binay options broker supplier at basically zero expense. The HighLow offers some of the most exceptionally intriguing investment opportunities for all its traders. Therefore, before listening to rumours, one ought to consider looking at their exceptional offers before taking heed to bits of gossip about a HighLow scam. HighLow additionally offers a free demo account that requires no amount of deposit at all and this is another motivation to see why one can’t consider this binary options as a scam. There are very different features of the HighLow binary options broker and we shall look into them more closely in this review so as to cast away any fears of the HighLow being a scam in whatever way.

The other reason as to why with HighLow broker one shouldn’t be nervous is because the HighLow broker is a regulated broker for trading binary options, the trader can be confident that all the processes and all the responsibility wasn’t just hurriedly made. Rather, it was tested by a financial markets regulatory body of a developed countries. The HighLow options broker is regulated by the Australian Securities Commission (ASIC). The ASIC is among the most successful financial markets regulators in the world because of the fact that there was no negative growth experienced as Australia wet through the Great Recession of 2009 and the Australian banking system was not affected at all by the financial turmoil at that time due to the way ASIC did a great job. This goes a long way in showing that ASIC is a professional in regulating financial brokers in Australia. Since this is the same body that regulates the HighLow broker, one should be very careful to scrutinize every HighLow scam report. Also, the HighLow broker is very well institutionally organized that it is not likely for traders to experience any mischievous activity or any unethical behaviour from this broker.

Although the HighLow broker is somehow new to the market, this binary options broker has made every effort in order to assure its traders that it is not a scam. Any report of a HighLow scam for now cannot add any stains on their perfect record.

The HighLow binary options broker is among the few that have managed to offer exemplary services to its customers with an aim of quality.

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Is HighLow Regulated?

All along, there has been a very big topic regarding the regulation of financial brokers since the year 2014. Binary options brokers struggle very much to get licenced and be allowed to practice their businesses in various counties. Any binary options broker who is not regulated is not authorized to practice the business.

Apart from the brokers themselves, their customers also seem to have a lot to do with this trend as they would not want to spend their precious time and resources investing with a fraudulent broker. They would rather use the time researching the broker and its reputation in the Internet.

Even if regulation isn’t always a guarantee of quality, it is however a show of the willingness of the broker to provide quality services. That is the reason as to why traders should aim to get the most out of the available information. The traders should also put much weight on the complaint procedures that are set forth by the government authorities which regulates binary options brokers in their respective countries. For the traders, the security of their money is of importance and what regulated brokers offer can not be matched by others.

The HighLow binary options regulatory status is one of the things that traders are always interested with on the internet. The HighLow regulatory permit is however found on the the Australian Securities & Investment Commission website. HighLow binary options broker is therefore regulated by one of the most respected authorities in the world.

The HighLow customers are free to use ASIC’s MoneySmart portal to easily access all the necessary information and procedures in case of a fraud case with HighLow regulated platform, as well as with other financial services providers in Australia.

The HighLow regulatory authorization shows that this brokers has extra measures that ensure the security of the money for traders. Due to the regulation rules HighLow has segregated accounts which ensures that HighLow company doesn’t use the trader’s funds. This goes to show that there are no joint leverage or accounts. This way the HighLow traders can be sure that their funds are always safe. And in case something happens, the HighLow broker takes part of their own money and gives it back to a certain amount so that individual retail traders are covered; however this doesn’t include institutional investors. Also, the ASIC regulation outlines an easy way for traders to get their unclaimed money at any time.

With this sort of regulation in place, HighLow can now care less about the branding in the short run and rather focus more on the long term success which encompasses around providing the best binary options trading services they can to their trading customers.

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Are There Any HighLow Complaints?

There are no complaints that have been launched against HighLow broker yet. They are prompt to deal with the small issues that arise.

The Long term trust that the HighLow broker enjoys from its clients that complaints will not be happening that often is due to the fact that this broker is ASIC regulated in Australia, meaning that the trading services as well as other conduct of HighLow broker is monitored by a reputable government authority.

However, if there are traders who have HighLow complaints they ca be confident that they will get a quick and conclusive response from HighLow, and if not, they should always feel free to take their grievances in the complaints section of Australian Securities & Investments Commission, which is Australia’s markets and financial businesses regulator and they will look into any concern that a customer expresses in this regulated complaints process. But the mare stutus of being regulated ensures that the traders’ funds are protected and that all trading accounts are differentiated from the corporate account.

As a matter of fact, the HighLow broker is always ready to help every trader to get the best out of their trading platform. Ssince the HighLow interface is easy and friendly to use, there are very little complaints.

This is as compared to most of the options brokers who prefer choppy platforms so that they can scam traders by using the technical glitch in closing trades whenever they seem to be bad for the trader. Such kind of complaints will never happen in the HighLow platform since its an ASIC regulated broker and it uses a trading platform that is tested by a third party to ensure that there is no fixing of the system. That is the reason as to why the HighLow platform offers a highly dynamics data feed with excellent quality of price quotes.

With the kind of service and regulatory oversight in HighLow, it is certain that the HighLow complaints wil not be many.

HighLow Demo Account

HighLow demo account is one of the services that are absent with some binary options brokers out there. But with time many binary options brokers are putting forth a demo account for clients to utilize and hone their trading skillss. But surprisingly, there are some binary options brokers who are choosing to drop this component since it might put strain on their binary options trading platform.

Likewise, on the grounds that numerous traders in the past have abused the binary options demo account offers, brokers are putting down necessities of deposits for the utilization in demo accounts. While clients don’t have to utilize their saved assets when utilizing the demo account, specialists require it as a proof that the individual is genuinely considering trading binary options with them, before they permit them to utilize the demo trading platform and assets.

But with the HighLow demo account, things are a great deal more straightforward. Numerous traders need a demo account to familiarize with the trading platform, to experiment a few trading strategies, to perceive how prices act in this present reality and to test how their own mental trading theories work while they are under pressure to hit the right choice if the market prices of an asset hit the target or when the time lapses.

HighLow demo account isn’t really an account that one needs to join and sign in. Everybody who visits their site can tap on the button to the demo account and instantly access the trading interface with 1,000,000 JPY virtual cash to trade with. That is roughly $10,000 USD that brokers can use to place trades, attempt the on demand options and in addition the spread on demand trading request to get a full ordeal of the entire HighLow binary options trading platform.

As specified, HighLow is controlled and they have no solicitations on traders to deposit any assets before the trading with the demo account. Traders who enter the trading platform of HighLow will just marvel at how this platform offers unrivaled trading options and sign up for a free demo trading account.

What’s more, the best thing, they don’t have to spend any cash they claim with a specific end goal to reach this conclusion. The HighLow demo account is uncommon and all traders ought to exploit this while keeping in mind the end goal is to guarantee they have the best and most legit as well as straightforward excursion in binary option trading.

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