Is OptionWeb a Scam?

OptionWeb LogoOptionWeb is a binary options broker founded in 2012 by Lionsman Capital Markets and we have been watching out for their offer and services for a long time already. The broker seems very reliable and safe, offering clear systems and regularly avoiding any misconduct.

Legitimately set up, OptionWeb trading platform is regulated and licensed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. With such strict regulation, broker and its platform are regularly checked for any issues and as such it doesn’t show any signs of insecurity. Trader funds are held in a separate account, which can be checked at a time and this further proves the transparency and reliability of the broker.

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Trading experience with OptionWeb

OptionWeb is generally well-known for the services and the trading experience they provide. The customer support, which is also being regulated, is well-trained and offering genuine service. With different account types, there are different and specific features in offer including educational tools, monthly interest, and trading assets. All OptionWeb traders are granted 100% safety and trading security, as well as a daily market review by the broker allowing access to trends.

Binary options trading is a high-risk business and there are, of course, scams that you should be aware and careful of. You will want to look into any issues a broker might have, traders’ comments and the platform itself. OptionWeb offers tradition and safety and well as a variety of options, and a Demo with the Standard account.

There are no serious and objective complaints against trading routines, bonuses or deposit and withdrawal transactions with OptionWeb. They do offer an advanced education system, market views, and signals to further improve the trader experience.

While it’s understandable to be careful, it’s important to understand that many brokers are still legit. Scam brokers will usually make promises they cannot keep. They often offer maximum returns, promotions, and win rates.

OptionWeb does not make such offers, but it provides you with viable opportunities through assistance and tools, as well as different account types with specific features. OptionWeb platform is a variant of SpotOption Gen 2, with a quick, user-friendly and rather instinctive interface. There are different features available to traders, including an economic calendar where all relevant info and reports can be found. The trading platform further proves that OptionWeb is not one of the Scam binary options brokers.

Are There any complaints about OptionWeb?

OptionWeb offers a good trading environment and a reliable platform, where you can trade effortlessly and carelessly. While OptionWeb offers top trading experience, it, unfortunately, does not offer services to US traders. This CySEC-regulated broker is a fair, reliable and secure binary options broker.

There are no recorded OptionWeb complaints as OptionWeb is one of the most reliable brokers available. The company indeed sets benchmarks with the high-quality service they provide. For beginners, there are 80 assets to choose from and advanced users get more assets going up to 120, for the Platinum accounts.

OptionWeb Trading Software

The professional traders are also provided with customized trading software where they choose assets to favorite. The platform holds different modes and expiry times for all kinds of traders, providing a well-rounded service on PC as well as mobile devices.

OptionWeb Screenshot

What’s important is that OptionWeb is fighting scammers too, as you will only be allowed to trade after your documents are verified. Thus, they escape any and all complaints of unfair business too, with no extra fees and delays.

Customer Support

Besides a great interactive FAQ, 24Option customer service also offers genuine support showing competence and good knowledge. All customers get an almost instant response in different support channels including e-mail, live chat, and telephone.

It’s obvious that there are many trading platforms where the online chat feature is given but not offering good service. You can thus get frustrated with slow or no response, whereas OptionWeb customer care is genuine and offers actual services 24 hours a day. The staff is well-trained and offers expert opinions and help with any issues you might have. This further proves the reliability of OptionWeb binary options broker.

When you mention delays, the worst nightmare of any binary options trader is experiencing a delay with withdrawals and receiving funds. OptionWeb have a clear layout on how the withdrawals work, what’s the cashout time for every of the account types. It’s an easy process too, taking anywhere between one and five days, largely depending on the account type you hold. Of course, the account must be validated before OptionWeb check and approve any withdrawals of money from it.

A great OptionWeb feature is that the traders can actually check on their funds and withdrawals at any time via both PC and mobile devices. As we already mentioned, the funds are kept in separate accounts and this provides stability and confidence.

To further improve its offer and the overall service, OptionWeb is providing educational materials as well as training program for all user levels, where you have access to certain tools with different account types. Webinars, videos, economic calendars, online trading signals, and analyst’s suggestions are just some of the many tools in the offer.

Is OptionWeb Regulated?

OptionWeb is a highly reputable broker, regulated and authorized by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) as well as all EU binary options authorities. This proves OptionWeb as one of the top rated brokers, trusted and regulated throughout Europe. Since it was established this broker has been a market leader and constantly improving its offer it has always come to satisfy the needs and expectations of the clients no matter how proficient they are.

OptionWeb takes a great deal in working absolutely legally, and the broker takes pride in following all regulations and rules of the European Union regulatory bodies. While providing top security to traders, OptionWeb does justice to clients’ needs with a useful and profitable trading experience. When it comes to banking, there are friendly deposit and withdrawal methods as well as trading techniques with features attracting customers worldwide. Thus, many customers decide to use the broker as the only binary options market provider.

The broker has both online browser-run platforms and mobile trading apps, allowing instant access to the binary options market wherever you are. The platform offers stocks, currencies, indices and commodities with more than 120 assets. Such a wide selection of assets for professional and advanced traders, along with an option to customize and make selections, is a unique feature to OptionWeb.

Furthermore, OptionWeb offers a lightweight trading platform which best works with Chrome, but is available through other browsers too such as Firefox and Safari. The mobile app is also light in weight and Internet connection requirements, allowing you to trade on the go with minimum effort and maximum profit. This licensed platform is SSL encrypted and gives further safety to your payment and other private information.

To deposit and withdraw, you will be able to use various credit cards, e-wallets as well as wire transfers. No additional fees will be charged and the process is almost instant when it comes to depositing while withdrawing has been cut to only a day with higher, VIP accounts. The withdrawal process can take up to five days, with the regulatory requirements to check and approve any withdrawals requested by the traders. With certain regulators, there is a need for confirmation of all withdrawal payment methods before issuing such payments so the process speed is very much understandable.

The OptionWeb binary options trading platform is specific to need and customized for different levels. For example, Gold and Platinum account holders will get access to expert tools, higher returns in a customizable interface, while Standard and Silver accounts are sufficient for intermediate traders with Demo accounts and the starter account, is pre-designed with minimum extra treats for the traders, providing live signals and graphs. No accounts types hold hidden fees, charges or scam services, with predefined delays for withdrawal and general preferences.

Account types

The broker offers six different account types with different and attractive features specific for a trader proficiency level and needs. The account types and the features they bring are divided by the deposit amounts and while they are unique, of course, the higher accounts will bring better traits. Starting with the basic account, we can classify the accounts as:

Starter Account:

  • For a Starter account, you need to deposit anywhere between $200 and $1000
  • You have around 80 different assets to trade
  • The potential returns are between 73% and 83%
  • Trade offers are above $50.

Standard Account

  • For a Standard account, you need to deposit at least $1000
  • You get access to more than 120 trade assets
  • The returns are from 70% to 83%
  • You get a demo account
  • Binary signals
  • You also get basic training and coaching.

Silver Account:

  • With a Silver account, you need to deposit at least $3000
  • Access to more than 18 trade assets
  • The returns will still range from 70% to 83%
  • Withdrawals within 2 days
  • No withdrawal fees charges and there is monthly interest rate of 3.5%
  • Demo account
  • Reviews of the trading market
  • You also get Level 2 coaching and training.

Gold Account:

  • To become a Gold account holder you need to deposit $10,000
  • You get access to assets on demand
  • The available returns are 75% to 88%
  • Interest rate is 5.2 percent
  • Demo account facility
  • You get access to VIP area
  • The offered trade is now $500
  • You still get trading market review
  • Economic indicator and online free signals
  • And extra training and coaching sessions.

Platinum Account:

  • With a deposit of at least $50,000 you become a Platinum account holder
  • Assets are customized and on-demand
  • Demo account
  • Withdrawal time is within a day
  • There are no deduction charges on withdrawals
  • Interest rate is 5.5 percent
  • You can get reviews on trades and access to a senior analyst.

To help customers improve skills, OptionWeb team provides educational tools for all levels of proficiency. There are webinars, e-books, as well as signals, market reviews, and analysis assistance.

The high returns offered certainly attract many traders and there is a welcome bonus of up to $4000. You can make deposits with both EURO and USD, and you can use different languages including English, Italian, and French. Online support is also available at all times to help solve all ambiguities.

OptionWeb Banking – Withdrawals

While we tried many different platforms with different brokers, we actually found OptionWeb very simple and straightforward with just a couple clicks to it. For Starter and Standard accounts, the standard time it takes is five days. Silver, Platinum and Gold accounts will take one day to process your withdrawal requests.

If there are actual delays, those are usually third party issues, where these are most often related to bank wire transfers. OptionWeb has indeed a systematic approach and thus minimizes the possible delays. You can withdraw to your deposit method as much money as you have deposited and any bonuses and returns have to be withdrawn through a bank wire transfer.

Interestingly, there are $25 fees to all withdrawals $100, where you can choose between US Dolar and EURO as your currency when registering. Most of the new traders, of course, rely on the ratings and the actual clients’ comments and you will be happy to know that depositing and overall banking is regulated and controlled by CySEC.

The platform is well-formulated and user-friendly so you can easily navigate with a click wherever you need to get. The broker well-described the fees and the cash out time with any account types so that the users can know what’s happening with their funds at any time.

Withdrawal will take up to 5 business days with small account types, but the process is very simple with the waiting period already set for both the Starter and the Standard accounts. You will have to validate your data to withdraw the money. Safety of the deposits is focal and of obvious importance to all traders, and OptionWeb has addressed this properly. Traders are granted timely and effortless withdrawals to their funds and in order to initiate trades with OptionWeb, traders are obligated to fill out an online form.

The approved accounts can be used to withdraw money in the same amount to your deposit and all payments over that amount will need to be processed through another option – usually a bank wire transfer.
OptionWeb will provide everything for an enjoyable and professional trading, where you will have timely withdrawals, especially with Silver, Gold, and Platinum accounts.

Traders can, of course, verify their accounts at any time after the registration process has been finished. This is best to do because you do not want to wait for the time you need to withdraw the money and wait for the verification process to do it. The process of verification ensures that the money is fairly earned and transferred. It’s included in the policies and regulated by the regulatory bodies in the EU.

The maximum deposit bonus is $4000 and the maximum returns offered by OptionWeb is 90%. The bonus, of course, cannot be withdrawn immediately and you will have to make a certain turnover before you can do so. After following through with the turnover, you can withdraw the funds through a bank wire transfer.

OptionWeb Banking – Payments

The depositing and withdrawing with OptionWeb is very simple and effortless. As you can see in the review, the broker indeed offers a wide range of available methods including:

  • Bank wire transfer
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Different e-wallets

The available credit and debit cards include Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa Electron, as well as American Express and Diners Club cards. The timeframe for card deposits is immediate and with no fees. To withdraw funds with OptionWeb, you will have to request it and wait for the processing which depends on the account type. It can take anywhere between one and five business days.

For bank wire transfers which clients usually make when withdrawing their profits and bonus money, OptionWeb will not charge the fees. The trading platform ensures data and fund safety through SSL technology protection. It’s also possible to make deposits and withdrawals though e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill, while you can use deposit-only alternatives such as Neosurf and PaySafe.

E-wallets do not shorten the withdrawal waiting periods as processing those is only dependent on your account type and the bank, taking between one day for Gold and Platinum account holders and five days for Starter account holders.

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