Is SigmaOption a Scam

SigmaOption LogoOn reviewing the site we found SigmaOption is a good and fair trading software which provides all the valuable guides for binary options trading. It is best for improving the trading skills for the intermediate level traders. SigmaOption offers four different type of trading account basing on the ranges of the initial deposit. The process of trading here is easy with simple user interface. Once after depositing the initial deposit amount you will be assigned your account level and can start trading immediately.

SigmaOption has a support team who are very good in handling customer’s issue. The smart professional team is always ready to provide you all the technical trading assistance and leave you with no question unanswered.

Deposit & Bonus at SigmaOption

The brightest part of the platform is the deposit and bonus plan which differed from account to account. The minimum trade he re starts with the lowest amount of $250 which is not very high for the ordinary person to try binary options trading and become a part of it. It has a 91% high rate of a return on investment, while you can make up to 100% bonus of successful trades using the software.

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A Detailed Study of SigmaOption

The platform is Online since the year of 2015 but accessible for UK people only. It runs on SpotOptions. The minimum investment is $20 and the Maximum Investment level is $3000. You can perform your trading task through mobile as well using the application.

SigmaOption Screenshot

Apart from that, you will get a very good customer support with live chat and Email. SigmaOption website supports many languages like German, English, Swedish, Italian, Arabic. It allows you to open an Arabic account for your trading. The Trading Options it offers includes One Touch, High / Low, 60seconds, Pair Options, Long Term, Ladder Options. You can quit the game at any time going through an early close and leave the game with your earned money.


Though the website does not offer a demo account but I am quite impressed with the service provided by the company. It usually takes 1 to 3 day withdrawal time to get back your earned money. I am very much satisfied with their smart trading services and I would like to highly recommend it to anybody. So the platform is not at all a scam one. It has all the features of a fair and legitimate trading site.

You do not necessarily need any required trading skill or technical know-how to use the software. SigmaOption is not fake software. The platform is safe and takes all the care of the investor’s money. Many people have made lots of money using this platform. SigmaOption has a proficient team to take care of your trade and investment. Their technical team is always keen to help you with your queries.

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