Is YesOption Regulated?

YesOption - logoIs the YesOption regulated binary options broker in the binary options industry? The answer: No. Not until now. YesOption is presently not regulated. On the other hand, the broker has been accepted to be a decent one with excellent binary options trading offers. Specialist binary options traders have put in their time and efforts and proved YesOption to be one of the strongest and most effective binary trading brokers in the market.

It offers promotions that are ongoing and well-planned for the convenience of the traders. The US traders are prohibited here and if traders are situated in the United States of America, they will not be capable of registering in YesOption, as it is not regulated yet with CFTC. However, traders elsewhere in the world can rest assured that it has a stable status that has set it aside from the other mediocre brokers for the last three years since it started operations in the year of 2013.

Binary options traders have not filed any complaints and even a Google search will not find negative results concerning YesOption broker. It is extremely secure regarding the trade also. The minimum trade amount is $25 and the minimum deposit is $250. Actually, if traders are not contented about placing twenty-five dollars, they can forever avail of the chance of trading on a demo account which is free to utilize here. YesOption was activated on the binary option stage for trading by Tech Financials. It is managed and owned by Alpha Systems Developments. This is a Seychelles company, with its operation based in the United Kingdom. It recognizes traders from all over the world, apart from the United States of America.

Despite the answer to the question is YesOption regulated being a negative at the moment, it is in the procedure of being regulated by CySEC. It has been a subject of increased fame among the traders since coming to the market. It offers both Forex and binary options into one particular platform. It gives a benefit for the traders to make use of features like stop-loss and 100:1 type of influence.

The binary options traders can also have the right of entry to facilities like Take Profit Roll-Over among its platform’s characteristics. The YesOption offers elevated payouts of up to 89 percent on the captivating trades and 15 percent on the losing trades with the standard characteristics of binary options like Short-Term, Boundary and High/Low.

In this brokerage platform, short term characteristics consist of the 30-second, the 60-seconds and the 05-minute transactions. It is not a lot of brokers the offer such possibilities to all the binary options trades. YesOption has a great benefit which is its variety of expiry times that assists the traders when they are using various effective signals. They will be capable of discovering the right expiry time on its trading platform as the suppleness obtainable in the expiry background. This is possible as the addition that is likely with the software providers and the signal services in binary options trading.

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Are There Any YesOption Complaints?

It is mentioned that the YesOption complaints are definitely not extremely simple to discover. There is no hesitation that the broker is not just right and it does have some disadvantages, however, even then there are no important complaints about the  current broker. YesOption has recognized itself as a just and secure binary options broker within a short period of time. In fact, many traders from all around the world prefer trading with this broker. Basically, it is a trustworthy binary options broker that takes into account the wishes of its new traders and assists them in realizing their goals through binary options trading.

Moreover, the broker presents them with a user-friendly brokerage platform that is decorated with a variety of necessary characteristics that make trading additionally fun and yet not too demanding at the same time.

YesOption Complaints

The reality is that we have not come across any negative review on the platform or anything related to this broker so far, and we are content to state that the traders have been satisfied with the services offered by YesOption binary options brokerage house. We have had no negative knowledge about this broker whatsoever. It offers a protected, secure and reliable platform for trading with a wide selection of commodities. The traders can effortlessly take out their earnings from the site. On the website they face no complexity in doing so; they can also easily get in touch with the support team of YesOption if needed. The support is obtainable 24/7 for the betterment of the traders and the traders can get any assistance they wish through email or the live chat option which are available on the site.

At present, the YesOption is offering a bonus of up to $2,500 for opening a free account on the site for traders. Therefore, the traders obtain an added benefit for opening an account with the site. YesOption presents a lot of payment methods that include Western Union funds transfer, Neteller, Credit Card payments, wire bank transfers and so on. Consequently, the site presents all the services so that traders can perform deposits or withdraw earnings free of any difficulties. Furthermore, the traders can trade as many options as they desire from the site. Even, the maximum investment set by the broker is elevated as it is 5000 EUR, GBP or USD.

Facts about YesOption Complaints

YesOption Complaints are not too ordinary to all, which we have already mentioned before. Few of the traders have been concerned the safety measures installed by the site. They did not like the information that they must present a lot of documents to confirm their individuality or authenticate their deposits and withdrawals. On the other hand, such safety measures are wanted to make sure that the trading platform is not used for any unlawful actions, so we think they are completely justified.

Is YesOption a Scam?

Among several reviews of YesOption, there have been no proceedings of any negative knowledge by the binary options traders. There are no details of any sort of misconduct. So, on the basis of this valuable discussion, is YesOption a scam? We have all the reasons to believe that it is not at all.

In fact, the YesOption offers a safe platform and its services have been renowned as trustworthy and valuable for the traders. It shows its commitment to its traders through its customer support staff ,which is extremely specialized and acts as a fine example of its customer policies.

The YesOption is really a comparatively innovative broker for trading binary options. It was established about a couple of years ago and in progress of development since February 2014. Alpha System Developments is its owner and it is situated in Seychelles. Its administration takes pride in keeping up clearness and truthfulness in all the transactions it offers through the protected and safe platform. Traders from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden are all satisfied trading with this broker. Additionally, the trading platform is also accessible in the Arabic language, giving traders from the Middle East easy access to its services.

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Is YesOption a scam or a legit broker for binary options?

It is usually difficult to decide whether the traders have any serious issues with the broker and whether it is justified when a binary options broker is evaluated on whether it is a scam or not. Consequently, so far, YesOption has not been licensed by the CySEC in Cyprus and has not have been approved the MIFI rules in Europe also. Trading in binary options can be challenging, so it is important that all forex and binary options brokers follow the instructions of regulatory bodies all over the world and majority binary options traders are being regulated by the CySEC, as it is one of the most important institutions that can assist these brokers in obtaining a license.

In fact, the cause why traders are anxious about trading with broker firms who have not been licensed is that they are frightened to be lied to. The answer to this difficulty is to test out a broker who has not been licensed before placing a huge amount on deposit. For instance, traders can create a demo account or invest the smallest deposit amount that is needed and make sure to test out the facilities provided by the broker. Another significant test is to make a withdrawal to decide how efficiently and rapidly it can be processed.

The YesOption may not be licensed yet, however, it is going throughout the process of receiving its license from the CySEC. It has obtained the approval of most authorities that have been analysis its platform and the services it offers. It has rapidly caught on as a reliable broker that is favored by forex and binary options traders that have signed up to this platform.

YesOption Login

YesOption broker has been recognized and founded by a specialist team of professionals in the business world who were winning traders themselves. So, it is a platform by experienced traders. Their major objective behind creating this brokerage was to eliminate the gap that existed in the trading marketplace for a trading platform that might assemble the exclusive needs of both the binary options and the forex traders at all trading levels.

So, there are a variety of trading levels available to you throughout YesOption login. The smallest amount set aside for trading is only 25 USD/Euro/GBP for the traders. The utmost amount has been placed in only 5,000 USD/Euro/GBP. In this brokerage house, there are short-term trading options are also obtainable to traders at 60 seconds,  02 minute and 05 minute transactions that need the smallest amount of 1,000 USD/Euro/GBP.

Basically, the genuine benefits of a YesOption login are realized by the traders through their knowledge and the highly developed  algorithms that permit these traders to achieve the uppermost returns in the binary trading options marketplace. It is certain that the traders make the most of the profits possible at all times in both the binary options and Forex markets. Additionally, the trading platform of YesOption offers straightforward methods to trade in the monetary markets and these processes are often profitable for the traders.

This platform has been intended wholly keeping beginner traders in mind and has all the essential trading elements for bringing achievement while trading. YesOption realizes that each trader is exclusive and has the diverse set of information base and skills. This is the reason why each trader is allowed a chance to use tools for example, Economic Calendar, Heat Maps and High Quality Signals and a Fibonacci Calculator.

The YesOption also presents a variety of promotions for the traders. Moreover, it offers first-time depositors bonus throughout a program ranging from 20 percent to 100 percent, on the basis of their deposit levels. Free high excellence binary option trading signals are also offered for a fortnight to the fresh depositors in this field. These indications are made obtainable by prestigious providers. The YesOption is one of the newest contenders as a broker in the binary options trading market.

YesOption Withdrawal

YesOption Withdrawal is positively a straightforward and suitable procedure for the traders. All requests and requirements for withdrawals will be processed to the same account that was used for making the original deposit. If there are problems in doing so, the binary options traders can then ask for an exchange withdrawal technique and they will proceed the withdrawal through wire transfer to a bank account which is convenient for the trader. Important to know that if you have an account with YesOption brokerage house, you will only be capable of withdrawing your profit or earnings to a bank account that is in your given name and to anyone else’s bank account. This assists in making sure that only the people who own and activated the account acquire to withdraw the earnings or profits.

Prior to requesting the withdrawal procedure, the traders need to send full documentation to After the email has been sent, the support team of the YesOption verifies all the documents provided and then they proceed with the withdrawal demand consequently. The time for proceeding the withdrawal depends on a variety of issues. Contact the customer supporting team of YesOption with a quote to be informing about the terms also.

Withdrawal fees for the account holders are mentioned below:

  • Standard Accounts: on the basis of this account, the first withdrawal is free.
  • Gold Accounts: One withdrawal per month is free for this account holder.
  • Platinum Accounts: All withdrawals are free for the traders.

Withdrawal fees for the diverse withdrawal methods:

  • Wire Transfer: USD 50 only.
  • Skrill (Moneybookers): 2 (two) percent only.
  • PayPal: 3.5 percent for the trading
  • CashU: 7 percent only

So in conclusion, the YesOption Withdrawal system is not complex at all, and those who are using the instruments and systems of the site will not face any problem in withdrawing money from the account whatsoever. Basically, the site is certainly reliable and does not generate any problems for the traders of binary options. The supporting team is also accessible to help the traders with all problems related to the process for trading.

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