Magnum Options Mobile Trading

Magnum Options LogoMagnum Options binary options broker allows mobile trading. The broker has a mobile trading application which is usually available in the AppStore. This mobile trading spp  is good enough for any type of binary options trading. With the mobile trading app, the Magnum Options trading platform can be directly accessed from all popular web browsers like the chrome on Android and Safari on iOS powered devices.

When using the mobile trading application, traders do not need to install any other special software to gain access to the Magnum Options trading platform. This is one of the reasons as to why traders usually prefer this broker over other binary options brokers available who are available in the market.Start trading

Info About Magnum Options Mobile Trading

The mobile trading application offered by Magnum Options broker is very important for trading on the go. But if you want to access the broker trading website without the use of the app, the website is still accessible from mobile devices. Traders can easily access the website on their smartphones. They just need to have access to an Internet connection in the form of 2G, 3G, 4G or even Wi-Fi.

Once a trader accesses the website through their smartphones, they are also able to log in to the site with their credentials and access their trading account. This way the traders can easily follow their trades in their accounts, view the available commodities to trade and the assets that they’ve previously traded. Although on the phone the traders may not be able to access some of the features of the trading platform, they will still have access to the vital information about their respective trading account.

All the above is made possible by the fact that Magnum Options’ platform uses the SpotOption binary options software, which is a very trusted brand in the world of binary options trading. That is the reason why the broker’s platform is very reliable and easy to use, and definitely very attractive to the binary options traders. In addition to that, Magnum Options offers a variety of assets to trade.

This broker offers the a variety of types of binary options, which are: binary or Classic option, One Touch option, Option Builder and 60 Seconds option. Therefore, traders have a number of options, when it comes to choosing a how to trade and make money.

Magnum Options Mobile Trading Facts

Once a trader has registered for a trading account with the broker and his or her account credentials are verified, the trader is eligible to get a bonus. This bonus increases the chances of making more profits.

For the newcomers, the broker provides a tutorial videos which is in the training section. The tutorial videos help newbies in understanding how to trade binary options especially with Magnum Options. All this are available through the Magnum Option mobile trading.

Magnum Options Demo Account

Magnum Options binary options broker does not offer a demo account for its traders at the moment; this is a bit unfortunate given the importance of demo account especially in binary options trading. But despite its lack of the demo account services, this broker is still very popular among binary options traders.

The broker has very fair and well laid out policies so that even if there is no demo account, the traders understand how to go about their businesses in the Magnum Options trading platform without hitches. With such a well laid out policies traders might not be worried about a demo account at the moment.

Magnum Options Screenshot 2

The trading platform is easy to use and even beginners will not find it hard to use; especially with the availability of the tutorial videos.

Despite Magnum Options lacking the demo account, it is a reputed binary options broker that offers a variety of trading services to its traders. Therefore, even if the broker does not offer any demo accounts, the features offered are good enough to draw the attention of binary options traders. Moreover, Magnum Options broker makes it very easy for the traders to withdraw their profits.

Magnum Options broker also gives bonuses to eligible traders and the amount of the bonuses can be as high as $10,000. With such a bonus, even the need of a demo account is not that much.

Magnum Options App

The online trading platform of Magnum Options is good enough for any kinds of binary options trade. The trading platform is accessible directly by all common web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. However, this broker still offers a smartphone app as well as a mobile platform which enables the binary options traders to trade on the go. The binary options traders nee not install any special software so as to gain access to the Magnum Options trading platform. With such features, Magnum Options is among the best preferred binary options brokers in the world. It is recommended for all binary options traders; newbies as well as professionals.

The Magnum Options mobile trading App is extremely fast and it comes with a user friendly interface which makes it very convenient to use. Binary options do not need to have any extra technical knowledge on how to use the app. Instead, the app is good enough to offer the traders a very simple and user-friendly online trading platform.

With the Magnum Options app, traders do not always have access to a computer for them to trade binary options with Magnum Options broker. The mobile trading platform offered by Magnum Options very useful when it comes to trading while on the go. Traders can comfortably use the Magnum Options app to trade from wherever they are and at any time.

The app has a variety of options and features. It will provide a great experience it can be easily accessed from both an Android and iOS smartphones. The Magnum Options app provides access to almost all the features that a trader can find in the normal website of Magnum Options.

Magnum Options App Facts

The Magnum Options app is very appealing to the eye and it is adorned with a very nice color theme. The Magnum Options app is normally downloaded for free and it is compatible with any Android or iOS supported smart phone, and from whichever location in the world.

Magnum Options Screenshot

The app provides a rather simple platform with every feature that enable easy trading while on the go. For the trading beginners, this is a platform that meets all the needs of the inexperienced traders.

Also, the Magnum Options app can be used for withdrawing money from the trading account as well. The withdrawal limit for this binary options broker is $100 or £100 depending on the base currency that the trader operate his or her trading account.

In real sense, traders can use the Magnum Options app to trade binary options without needing to sitting in front of a computer all the day long. If you are a trader and you have some other businesses to attend to, you can simply monitor your trades or even place new trades while on the move. This app provides a place for busy traders.

Magnum Options Binary Options Broker

Magnum Options Binary Options Broker is a special kind of a broker. It is among the very few brokers in the world who are allowed to operate in the USA. This means that it has tapped into the US market wooing the binary options brokers from USA.

US clients can comfortably deposit and withdraw funds without fear as compared to most of the other broker who restrict US clients.

The Magnum Options broker offers a number of lucrative features among them being a bonus of up to $10,000 and a variety of assets to trade. The bonus amount offered by this broker is among the highest bonuses offered by any of the brokers in the world and it is a great boost for traders especially those with small investment amounts.

The great thing about this broker is their well laid out terms and conditions and user-friendly trading platform.

Payment Options

Other than the extensive trading platform and the variety of trading options, the broker also offers a variety of banking options for making deposits to the trading accounts as well as withdrawing of the profits. These payment options include credit card methods and wire transfer method. If a trader would like to begin binary options trading by investing the least amount of money possible, it is recommended to that he or she tries out the services of Magnum Options Binary Options Broker. This broker only requires traders to make an initial deposit of $200; after which the traders can start trading with as low as $5 per trade.

Magnum Options facts

Magnum Options broker accepts members from nearly all countries other than those living in Israel. Therefore, it provides its trading platform to almost every trader who is interested in binary options trading.

Withdrawing money from the trading account to the respective bank account is simple. The official website gives the traders a variety of money transfer methods which they can choose to use I depositing and withdrawing their cash. Mainly, the broker allows use of the various credit cards as well as bank wire transfer method.

Magnum Options broker uses advanced SSL security. This makes the broker’s trading platform very safe for binary options trading. Any information that the traders shares with the website is encrypted in a way that it cannot be accessed by anyone without the authorization to do so. In a way, even if the broker isn’t registered, it has one of the best security in the industry.

What is the Magnum Options Minimum Deposit?

This is a crucial question for traders looking to open new accounts with new binary options brokers. Before opening an account with a broker, the trader should be certain of the minimum amount of deposit that is required by the broker.

Without meeting the minimum deposit requirement, a trader can not be allowed to trade using any broker no matter what. That is why the minimum deposit amount requirement is very crucial information to know.

Magnum Options has one of the lowest minimum deposit requirement in the industry of binary options trading. This is a major factor as to why it is attracting very many binary options traders.

The Magnum Options minimum deposit amount is $200. Thus is to say that for a trader to be allowed to start trading in different commodities and assets that are offered by the broker, he or she must first make a deposit of $200 or above. After the trader makes the deposit and verify his or her identity, he or she can then start trading binary options. But the traders need not to worry since making the deposit to their trading account is extremely easy and convenient since Magnum Options offers a variety of payment methods to the traders. These methods include wire transfers as well as credit card methods. The time taken to process the deposit depends on the method of money transfer used by the trader. Credit cards have the lowest processing time as compared to the bank wire transfer which takes a bit longer.

In addition to the fact that the minimum deposit amount required to start trading with Magnum Options is low, the binary options traders also start trading with as low as $5 per trade. This means that the minimum deposit amount of $200 can be used to place 40 trades. Ad better still this broker offers bonuses upon the request of the broker. And if you add the bonus and the minimum deposit, the trader will have enough money to trade binary options freely

More info about Magnum Options minimum deposit

The Magnum Options minimum deposit also has some rules and regulations that go along with it. For instance, a binary options trader can only withdraw the deposit after he or she has traded for a given number of times. This means that the trader has to place and close several trades before being allowed to withdraw any amount from his or her account. It is not possible to deposit money and immediately withdraw it.

Also, the trader can only withdraw money in the base currency of his or her trading accounts.Start trading

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