Is Magnum Options a Scam?

Magnum Options LogoThere are many questions which linger in the minds of binary options traders when they are about to open a new account. Some of this questions are whether Magnum Options is a Scam and whether it is a fair binary broker.

However, trader registering with MagnumOptions should not be worried since this broker is a fair broker. It is a time tested binary options broker that has gained a lot of praise from binary options traders across the world for its trading services.

Their trading platform is user friendly and all its terms and conditions are very well laid out for the traders to read and understand. Even the terms and conditions for its bonuses are clearly outlined contrary to most of other binary options brokers who try to hide them.

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Magnum Options Scam Alert

To be honest, there is no Magnum Options Scam yet that have been reported to date. There are no traders who have complained about any aspect of the MagnumOptions broker. Most of the issues raised are well catered for and would not qualify to be called scams.

Actually, binary options traders who have registered with this broker have appreciated the fact that the broker offers higher pay-outs, larger bonuses bonuses, commodities to trade, as well as the fact that they accepts traders from all the countries around the world including those from the United States contrary to most other binary options brokers. Sometimes back, Magnum Options was includes in the Fair Binary Options’ list of trusted binary options brokers and to date, Fair Binary Options have not come across any complaints against broker. This truly indicates that this broker is a genuine and beneficial to the binary options traders.

If you go through the website looking for negative reviews about MagnumOptions binary options broker, you will hardly come across any. The few negative reviews are understandable given the fact that every client has the freedom to freely express how they feel about the broker’s services. However, the positive reviews far more outdo the negative reviews. In every review, it usually important that the clients writes about what they don’t like about the site because this helps the management to reconfigure and offere better services.

But all said, there is no information on the website as per now indicating that the broker is a scam. Traders should feel very secure when trading with the broker.

Actually, not many brokers succeed in meeting all the requirements so as to conduct their business in the USA; but MagnumOptions broker is among those broker who have met all the requirements to be allowed to trade in USA. This shows that is a broker that can be trusted.

Magnum Options Scam News

Traders who are looking forward or who are already registered with the broker needs not worry about the broker being a scam. There are no scam news so far related to MagnumOptions broker.

In actual fact, this broker offers great bonuses to its eligible binary options traders. The amount of bonus actually acts as a motivating factor to traders with small amount of money to invest in binary options trading. With the bonus, the small amount of deposit is increased to become enough for trading and making more profits. So the initial investment capital is not much of an issue.

The other thing that is of paramount importance is the withdrawal of funds from the trading account to the bank account. In most cases, this is where a lot of scams happen. But for MagnumOptions, it offers a number of withdrawing methods to its customers. These methods include: credit cards and bank wire transfer. With this options traders securely withdraw their funds without any difficulty and they are assured that the money will reach their bank accounts.

If you are after a great binary options trading platform, Magnum Options is the best platform.

Are There Any Magnum Options Complaints?

The Magnum Options complaints that have been reported are usually as a result of misunderstanding which happens between some of the traders and the trading platform. For example, some traders complain about the duration of time it takes to withdraw funds from the trading account to the bank account. However, these traders fail to recognise that the withdrawal time depends on a number of factors and all these factors are not under the control of Magnum Options. Some of the factors that determine the withdrawal duration are the currency of the withdrawal, method of withdrawal as well as the day of requesting the withdrawal – if a withdrawal request is made during the weekends or during holidays, the withdrawal process will take longer. Therefore, if traders are careful about the above named factors, they will not complain much about the duration of the withdrawal process since they will now when to withdraw and how long to wait for their money in their bank accounts.

Also, other traders have misconceptions about the bonus offered by the MagnumOptions broker; they think that they are entitled to the bonus even when they have not met all the requirements for a bonus.

The amount of bonus is not offered to the traders automatically. The bonus is however only offered when the traders request for it from the MagnumOptions’ support team. And this also is not a guarantee since after the request is submitted, the support team have to verify if the trader is eligible for getting the bonus. If the trader is eligible, he or she receives a bonus amount depending on the amount of money in their trading account with Magnum Options. The amount of bonus offered is not the same for all the traders. But depending on the amount of deposit, the bonus can go to as high as $10,000.

Magnum Options complaints are usually not very common, although the broker has been in operation since early 2013. There are traders who complain about the security measures that Magnum Options has put in place since they think that these measures are not necessary. Among the many things that traders seem to dislike is the fact that they have to submit a lot of documents so as to verify their identity before they allowed to start trading on the broker’s website. But all these security measures are very important for the security of the trader’s funds. That is why every trader with a registered account has to go through the verification process.

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Is Magnum Options Regulated?

The Magnum Options broker is not a regulated binary options broker. But this should not worry the binary options traders who use the broker to trade. With the years that the broker has been offering trading services, it has proven to be a genuine broker. Its trading services are top quality making it a popular choice among binary options traders in the world.

With its bonuses and promotions, trading becomes more interesting. All the bonuses are genuine and real and they are not a scam.

Actually, the fact that this broker is non-regulated allows it to accept traders from around the world including the binary options traders from United States. The Regulated brokers cannot allow binary options traders from the United States as well as from a group of many other countries where rules and regulations are very strict. That is why the fact that Magnum Options is not regulated acts as a great benefit to the binary options traders from such countries since they get an opportunity to trade a number of securities online and make some money and it would not be possible if the broker was regulated.

In spite of the fact that Magnum Options is not regulated, the broker is not a scam. In addition, there are hardly any negative reviews or complaints about this broker. It does not have any fake terms or conditions that could fool the traders. Actually, the rules of the broker are very elaborate and they give a clear idea of how the traders should trade and use all the features and services offered by the broker’s binary options platform. Among the advantages of trading with this broker are: Higher pay-outs than its competitors, a variety of options for deposits and withdrawals, bonuses for eligible traders, minimum deposit amount of $200, and a minimum investment amount of $5. All these features are genuine.

Magnum Options Withdrawal

For every trader, the withdrawal process is of much importance. This is the means by which the trader is able to get his or her hard earned money so that he or she can use it for his or her upkeep. The Magnum Options withdrawal process is secure and fast. This makes it very convenient for the binary options traders to withdraw their profits from their trading accounts whenever they feel like doing so.

Magnum Options withdrawal is a very easy process due to the fact that the broker offers a number of options for the traders to withdraw their profits. The minimum withdrawal limit for this binary options broker is $100 or £100, depending on the base currency of the trading account. That is to say that if a trader deposits and operate their account in with US Dollars, they can only be able to withdraw their profits from the trading account in the same currency which is the US Dollar. They can not be able to make a withdrawal request in Euros. This rule about currencies are found in almost all the binary options brokers and it helps in trying to avoid exchange rate fluctuations.

The most common methods of withdrawing that are used are the wire transfer and credit card. For credit cards withdrawals, the amount of money withdrawn cannot exceed the amount of money initially deposited into the trading account.

So as to withdraw more than deposited, the trader can only use the bank wire transfers. More so, if a trader uses a given credit card to deposit funds, the trader can only withdraw fund using that same credit card. The money cannot be withdrawn to any other credit card.

Withdrawing money from the Magnum Options trading account is quite easy and the traders can choose to make a withdrawal request through the “My Account’ tab on the brokers website, or they can choose to send a withdrawal request by sending an email to the broker’s customer support team.

Another thing that is great with this broker is that the withdrawal can be cancelled by the trader within the processing of the request. This is a very great feature and it is not common among binary options brokers. It offers some degree of flexibility to traders using this platform to trade binary options since if a trader makes a withdrawal and realizes that he or she needs the money to support his trades, they can cancel the withdrawal.

After a request for a cancellation has been made the funds are returned to the account of the trader. But it is worth noting that the withdrawal request cannot be cancelled if it has already been processed. If a trader needs to cancel a withdrawal request, the traders will have to contact the customer support team of Magnum Options through phone or through email.

Magnum Options Customer Support

Magnum Options is surely one of the binary options brokers who have been able to get a lot of popularity within a short duration of time seeing that it was founded in 2013. Within a span of 2 years, this broker has been able get quite some attention from binary options traders around the world.

In addition to the lucrative bonuses and a number of other features, Magnum Options also offers excellent customer service making it the ideal choice for a number of binary options traders. The broker has a very nice team of support staff who offer superb customer services. The customer support team can easily be reached through phone, through email as well as through live chat. With the customer Support team, traders can have all their grievances attended to.

The Magnum Options’ customer support team has been active since the time the company was founded back in 2013. For the last 2 years, the customer support team have interacted with a number of different customers and have helped in getting their queries resolved. In doing so, the team of customer service have not only helped their customers but they have also obtained a lot of knowledge and experience.

The email address that the customer support team of Magnum Options can be contacted by is However, traders can also request for answers to their questions and queries using the live chat support. The live chat support is a great feature and it enables the traders to get instant help and on a real time basis. For instance, if a trader is trying to withdraw his or her profits from his or her trading account and is not sure of the procedure, they are advised to take advantage of the live chat support and get in touch with a customer support team at Magnum Options for them to explain clearly how the process of withdrawal is. With the live chat feature, there is no need to waste your time trying to wait on the phone so as to talk to a customer support member or even wait for the staff to reply to your email; live chat is instant.

Another additional service of the customer services which is provided by Magnum Options is that the broker provides dedicated account managers to all of its registered traders. Once a trader opens and verifies an account with the broker, an account manager is assigned to the trader so as to offer assistance and give advice where necessary so as to enable the trader to make even more profits. The account manager will also provide great tips about how the trader can maximize profits while minimizing risks.

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