Money Makers Code Review

Money Makers Code is supposedly created by Anthony Gillen, who is looking for 85 beta testers to try out his software and report back to him. According to the promotional video, which you can view here, he already has 415 beta testers (all of whom have made an average of $1,250 a day using this software) so he just needs 85 more to bring it to 500. Anthony does not really explain how his proprietary software works, only that he plans to release it to the public soon and that powerful interest have used both legal and illegal methods to try to prevent him from doing so.

So, will the Money Makers Code really generate you that amount of profit? Or is it just another scam? See our answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Paid
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • None


  • No explanation for how the robot works
  • Faked trading accounts and bank balances
  • No longer operational

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is Money Makers Code?

If you couldn’t already tell, Money Makers Code is nothing but a lame scam. Anthony Gillen exists only as a cheap voiceover actor; the scammers couldn’t even be bothered to hire someone on Fiverr!

Even though the name of the scam is Money Makers Code, it looks like this scam falls in the lowest budget category of scam videos; just a voice over with no real faces anywhere to be found. The next level is of course scam videos shot with cheap Fiverr actors and finally the highest tier of scam videos are those shot with real professional actors, usually with hired mansions and cars, most of which are shot in Portland, Oregon.

Overall Money Makers Code is just a cheap scam and as you can tell from the description, they also didn’t even bother to put any effort in the plot. It is usually quite funny to see how the scammers try to justify the working of their latest ‘proprietary algorithm’; so far we have seen explanations ranging from GPS satellites, stealing technology from Wall Street firms, and even Brexit!

Money Makers Code

The website also features a scrolling feed of ‘live testimonials’ from supposedly satisfied users, but they are so poorly written it’s laughable.

Have these people even done binary options trading before? Everyone knows that a winning option pays out 70 – 85% while a losing option costs you 90%. That means that just in order to break even, you would have to have a win rate between 51.5% to 56.3%; at a 55% win rate you would barely break even or even lose money! And of course they expect you to believe you can earn these amounts on your $250 minimum deposit? What a joke!

How Does it Work?

Money Makers Code works like all these other scam robots do; by earning hefty affiliate commission checks from their partner brokers. As we have mentioned many times, these scam robots are nothing but shady promotional tactics that affiliates of these binary options brokers use. Why do you think they’re always offered for free? Sure, they give out some lame justification such as goodwill or beta-testing, as is the case for Money Makers Code, but do you really believe after all this time they still have the same number of spots open for beta-testing?

The robot itself is just some generic auto-trading software and some investigation has revealed that it is likely the same software being used for other scam robots such as Millionaire’s Club. Not that it’s relevant; the scammers get their affiliate commissions when you fund your account – before you even get a chance to use the robot!

The partner brokers that these scammers affiliate with are almost always unregulated and in many cases have a huge number of complaints registered against them online. In the case of Money Makers Code, we were unable to be redirected to any broker using their site, which means that the scammers have already ditched this scam and moved on to the next one.


Not Reliable

The only code in the Money Makers Code is the same code these scammers keep replicating over and over again. In this case, they didn’t even bother with any real actors; truly a low-budget scam. You can only lose money with this one, so stay away.


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Binary Minery review: Money Makers Code: 1 stars.

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