Ninja Profits System Review

Ninja Profits is a system presented by Michael M. Oconnell who says that he is a former NASDAQ analyst who together with a group of friends developed an auto-trading system. This auto-trading system was so successful that Michael personally profited $1.1m from the system. He then goes on to claim that many banks are after his software and he intends to sell it to them for a hefty price but first, he needs 50 beta testers. And of course, that’s where you come in; this is your chance to get the system completely free.

So will Ninja Profits really help you ninja your way to financial freedom? Or is it just more false advertising? See our answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Use of the word ‘ninja’


  • Fake profitability claims
  • Hired actors
  • Non-functioning website

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is Ninja Profits System?

We are not really sure what the creators of the Ninja Profits System were thinking. Upon first glance, we thought their website was for one of those Flash games featuring ninjas.

Alas, disappointment set in when we realized that instead of being able to waste a few minutes playing a ninja game, we instead had to review a laughable binary options robot. Let’s start from the beginning. Firstly, Michael M. Oconnell exists as nothing more than a voiceover narrator, no stock photo or hired actor, nothing. How low budget.

Ninja Profit Screenshot 1

Secondly, there is absolutely no indication given as to how the Ninja Profits System supposedly works and that’s easy to figure out why; there is no trading system on this planet that has a 98% win rate. The creators of this robot just pulled the number out of their rear ends. 237 daily trades? They are telling you that this robot is so good it gives your over 200 winning signals daily? Extremely ridiculous.

Here’s some math to show that the 700% daily profit, 98% win rate with 237 daily trades don’t add up. Michael says the minimum trade amount is $25 so let’s use that. Let’s also assume a low 70% payoff for a winning trade and a 100% loss on a losing one, just to be conservative. This means that a winning trade nets you $17.50 while a losing trade loses you $25. 98% of winning trades means that out of 237 trades, 232 will be profitable.

So on a daily basis you will win $4,060 (232 x 17.50) and lose $125 (5 x $25) which equals $3,935. If each investment is $25, then your $3,935 daily profit represents a whopping 15,740% return! So this proves that the 700% number was again, pulled out of their bottoms. Even if we assume they are calculating the return based on the minimum deposit of $250 (which doesn’t make any mathematical sense, but whatever), the return would still be 1,574%; more than double the 700% claimed return.

How Does It Work?

It’s the 21st century and even ninjas need to make money; being a ninja just doesn’t pay like the days of feudal Japan anymore. So the ninjas behind Ninja Profits have moved into affiliate marketing, which is how all these falsely advertised binary options robots make their money. That’s why they’re always offered for free despite their alleged awesomeness; the money comes when you fund your trading account with their affiliate broker.

We were not able to determine which broker that Ninja Profits has partnered with as although their website is still functioning, most of the functionality is gone as the ninjas behind Ninja Profits have already crept away stealthily into the night.


Not Reliable

Ninja Profits System openly admits that all their promotional materials are fictitious and inaccurate. What more needs to be said? Don’t trust these ninjas, and if you come across this offer in your email or whatever, just think to yourself “Ninja, please”.


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Binary Minery review: Ninja Profits System: 1 stars.

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