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Opteck logohttp://schulich.ucalgary.ca/files/schulich/enme-505.pdfOpteck is a binary options broker with its own platform which is recommended for both beginners and experienced traders. They make all the effort to help their customers achieve their financial objectives. The service itself has been established and is operated by experts who are enthusiastic about the financial markets. If you want to utilize the Opteck platform in a proper manner, one of the first decisions would be related to picking the account type that best suits your preferences. Those who have more experience will most likely select the higher level accounts, while the novice traders will find it more difficult to deposit larger amounts, so the basic account types would be great for them.

There are lots of explanations why many clients consider Opteck as their favored binary service. Opteck, which was created in 2011, is very active in the binary market. Due to its own platform, which is very secure and trader-oriented, and numerous outstanding capabilities, this binary service developed a status of a trusted broker. With only $250, which is the minimum deposit requirement for a basic account, traders may use the trading system and apply diverse trading tools and accessible functions to increase the earning potential.

The broker provides over 100 assets, including company shares, raw materials, Forex pairs, and indexes. The deposit/withdrawal methods are totally secure due to the latest SSL encryption measures. The clients may deposit money by using the credit/debit cards, bank wire transfer, and Internet wallets like Skrill, WebMoney, CashU, and more. There isn’t any deposit charge that comes from the broker, while making a withdrawal costs $30. The approximate withdrawal period is 4-5 working days. As an Opteck client, you can’t request a withdrawal amounting less than $50.

The broker offers 6 different trading account types with various features, like first deposit bonus, demo account, and so on. Opteck didn’t ignore the educational aspect, and offers many helpful materials and suggestions for a lucrative trading experience. Their customer support can be contacted via email, phone, and live chat directly from the website.

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Trading With Opteck

Opteck is making use of its own proprietary system that is totally safe and operated by RapidSSL. With over 100 trading assets, the broker is a great alternative for many binary trading across the world. The trading system is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface that will definitely help the way you trade. Their trading platform is made for both beginner and expert traders. Moreover, as mentioned above, the broker has a wide list of assets, which includes shares, currency pairs, indexes, and commodities. Here is the trading list that one can choose from:

  • 48 stocks, such as Microsoft, Barclays, Google, Nike, BMW, and so on;
  • 33 currencies, which includes EUR/USD, USD/GBP, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, and many more;
  • 8 commodities – oil, coffee, gold, silver, corn, wheat, natural gas and copper;
  • 23 indices, such as S&P 500, Nikkei 225, DAX, NASDAQ, CAC 40, and more.

The Opteck clients can apply many trading strategies and approaches to boost the profit expectations, as the platform permits this. You can buy both short-term and long-term options. Speaking about the trading instruments, the clients can trade classic options, One Touch, Turbo options and Range options. The Expiry Time options are 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, and one hour.

Opteck provides its clients with many education sources that are full of ideas and important info for a rewarding trading process. The list includes ebooks, video lessons, webinars and special trading systems. The clients are also provided with generous bonus deals after signing up the Opteck system. It is clear that you can’t withdraw the bonus amount immediately after claiming it. There are specific requirements that every client should fulfill prior to withdrawing the bonus. However, the bonuses are not mandatory – anyone can refuse their approval.

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Opteck Trading Accounts

Opteck has probably the largest list of account types we have ever came across. Moreover, besides their standard account options, traders can also find the Islamic account, which has specific features aimed at Islamic traders, and the demo account, which comes as a component with each standard account. In this way, the broker makes sure to arrange the trading opportunities in a manner that would be most appropriate for the majority of the customers around the world. Their goal does not relate to winning the competition by lower prices, but by high quality of services and trading process. This is exactly why the broker has also created its own trading platform.

Here are the account types described in detail:

Green Account – the deposit range is $250 – $499 – it includes: 25% Welcome Bonus, live phone and chat support, daily market reviews sent by email, Opteck eBook on binary trading, and free access to 22 educational video tutorials. This account is made for those who want to try Opteck. It is great for those who have some trading knowledge and are searching for more opportunities or a more advanced broker than their present service. This account type does not include a demo account.

Bronze Account – the deposit range is $500 – $999 – this account includes: introduction session with a Junior Account Manager, $5000 Demo account, 35% Welcome Bonus, and the same features of the Green Account – daily market reviews via email, Opteck eBook on Binary Options Trading, free access to 22 educational video tutorials, live phone and chat support. The Bronze Account is preferred by beginners who already found some good trading strategies.

Silver Account – the deposit amount range is $1,000 – $4,999 – in addition to the features described above, this account type includes: introduction session with a Senior Account Manager, 10 to 20 trading signals each day provided by SignalsXP, 45% Welcome Bonus, $10,000 Demo account, introduction Webinar: Market Liquidity. The Silver Account is recommended by Opteck as the best account type for most of their clients, as it offers a balance between the advantages and deposit requirements.

Gold Account – the deposit amount range is $5,000 – $9,999 – in addition to the previously mentioned features, it includes: introduction & strategy session with a Senior Account Manager, +1% extra payout, 20 to 30 trading signals per day, 65% Welcome Bonus, $15,000 Demo account, minimum amount per trade – $50, alerts ahead of big market events, 2 Illuminating Webinars: Market Liquidity and Trading Psychology. The Gold Account is great for professionals who handle binary trading well.

Platinum Account – the deposit amount range is $10,000 – $24,999 – this account type includes the following additional features: introduction & strategy session with an Executive Account Manager, 30 to 40 daily trading signals, 85% Welcome Bonus, $25,000 Demo account, private sessions with a Senior Analyst, Priority access line, minimum amount per trade – $100, 3 Illuminating Webinars: Market Liquidity, Trading Psychology, and Chart Analysis. This account type is ideal for expert traders who have gained some capital and want to invest a part of the money.

Black Account – the deposit amount range is $25,000 – $50,000 – the Black Account is the highest of the VIP accounts and it includes such additional features as: +2% extra payout, 40 to 50 Trading Signals per day, 100% Welcome Bonus, $50,000 Demo account, weekly sessions with Senior Analysts, minimum amount per trade – $250, and 4 Illuminating Webinars: Market Liquidity, Trading Psychology, Chart Analysis, and Trading Strategies.

Opteck Demo Account

To improve the chances for a lucrative trading experience, Opteck provides its clients with a demo account. The demo account is regarded as an effective instrument for bettering the trading abilities to be possible to turn into a more knowledgeable binary trader. The demo account of Opteck is designed for both novice and experienced traders to train and get familiar with the platform’s nuances. It permits traders to utilize the platform at its full capacity and apply technical or fundamental analysis and strategies. The broker provides its clients with different amounts of virtual funds, which are based on the selected account type. Trading with Opteck demo, or with any other demo account, is totally safe because there is not involved real money. You cannot lose anything when you trade with virtual funds – it’s done for training purposes.

The clients who pick the Bronze Account and replenish it with $500, which enjoy $5000 on their demo account. Opteck demo is utilized particularly by newbie traders who want to experiment with various trading strategies in order to grow their abilities. Eventually, with more experience and confidence, they may move to the real account. If there are any concerns about the demo account with Opteck and how it works, the clients can contact the customer service. Below, you can find the accessible demo virtual money amounts for various Opteck real account types:

  • Bronze – $5000
  • Silver – $10000
  • Gold – $15000
  • Platinum – $25000
  • Black – $50000

Additionally, there is the Islamic account that offers interest free trades, which is valid for the rest of the accounts as well, partnership options, in which traders can share with other traders the predetermined profits and losses, and gift options that are described on the website.

Opteck Info

Launched in 2011, Opteck binary service and platform is quite active in the binary industry and is regarded as a reliable broker. Opteck is a member of Centralspot Trading Ltd. During the past years, they had been able to develop a great brand that is reputable and is possible to provide instant access and a great selection of binary instruments to customers around the globe.

Because of its many benefits and possibilities accessible with the broker’s trading software, it’s no surprise why Opteck is accepted among the greatest binary services in the market. They utilize their own software. The clients are impressed by most of the brokers who develop a unique platform on their own, as it shows the broker chooses a tailored approach and is serious about enhancing the binary trading environment.

Finally, we would like to point out that Opteck is currently a licensed broker, with a CySEC license – nr. 238/14. The fact that it is a regulated broker suggests that it has to follow specific regulations which are valid in the whole European Union. This is great news for traders around the world as the EU regulations are strict and involve much verification.

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