OptionBot 3.0 Review

OptionBot 3.0_logoIt is truly the desire of every binary options trader to get a system that will automatically do the trading since it eliminates the human errors.

However, before diving head first into buying any binary options trading robot, there are important questions a trader should  ask himself or herself; like: Is it legit? Is it a trusted trading robot? is this a scam? To answer these questions in relation to this binary options trading robot, we have prepared a review about it. Read our review to find out more about the option bot 3.0 robot.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • This robot is deemed to free the traders from the hustle of placing orders since it is designed to operate in a fully auto pilot mode, putting call and put options automatically for the trader when the right conditions present themselves.
  • Its developers have provided a demo account to test the robot before using it on live account.
  • It is free.
  • It has a very simple to use interface. From the interface, the trader can choose his or her language of choice, view his or her active trades as well as view the trading history.
  • The robot comes with additional components like the OptionBot.net which is an educational tool on the binary options market. It is a helpful tool especially for binary options trading beginners since it teaches the terminologies involved in binary options trading.


  • There are no tutorial or promo videos about the robot available even on the official website.
  • It limits the traders to only 15 currency pairs while denying them the chance to trade the rest of the assets.
  • The robot is only made to work with the affiliated Option Bot 3.0 broker; keeping off traders using other brokers.
  • The robot is unfortunately only available in an application version.

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is Option bot 3.0?

Option bot 3.0 robot is an improvement of the earlier version, the option bot 2.0, developed by TrendXpert and Fibi FX companies.

The option bot 3.0, is an upgrade of the option bot 2.0 which was launched in 2013  2.0 as a web-based application, But since OptionBot ( which later changed to TrendXpert) wanted to use a zero latency system which could see the trading alerts being generated on the user’s computer rather than on a central server, the option bot 2.0 had to be upgraded to the now new option bot 3.0 that was released in so as to accommodate for this changes.


OptionBot 3.0_screenshot

How Does It Work?

The robot is designed to places trades for the binary options traders without the traders having to place any ‘call’ or ‘put’ option. It is made to function fully on auto pilot; meaning it places the trades automatically without the help of the trader.

Option bot 3.0 is set to help binary options traders to trade only 15 currency pairs in the live market. The traders can therefore be able to monitor the 15 currency pairs as well as earn profits from them.

The robot gives the binary options traders the chance to use the 60 seconds sniper trade which is a classic trading option provided only by this trading software. The 60 seconds sniper trade is designed to identify the support and resistance levels in the market and places reverse trades to counter any trades that are registering losses.

The developers of this trading system also offer an interface trading system with a $1000 Demo account so that binary options traders can effectively learn how to use this robot to trade on Live Markets.

Final Conclusion: Is Option bot 3.0 a Scam?

Not Reliable

In our review of this binary options trading robot, we have done a very thorough research to bring you every detail about this auto-trading system so that to ensure that your investments are safe.

The information that we obtained about how this system works was very shallow. The developers have not given any tutorials on how to use it or any accompanying promo video to help traders wishing to use it. Also, in the official website of the robot, there is no sufficient explanation of how the robot works.

In addition, this robot limits the number of assets that the trader can participate into only 15 and therefore denying the trader the chance to trade all the other assets, including the rest of the currency pairs, commodities and stocks, available in the binary options markets.

Therefore, it is hard to tell whether this robot is legit or not. Traders may not feel very safe trusting their money with this trading robot. For to have trust in any binary options trading robot, he or she needs to have access to all the necessary information about the robot.

Honestly, it is also very difficult to give it a five-star rating using the information available on the Internet.

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Binary Minery review: OptionBot 3.0: 1 stars.

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