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Option Rally LogoRecently, the OptionRally broker has redesigned their website to include better analysis tools and a redesigned trading user interface. The company that manages this brokerage firm, LFG Investment Limited, really outdid itself in this case. As part of the new change the broker has also managed to include a research page that features an active weekly economic calendar that has daily headlines mentioned at the top so that traders can instantly know how to trades. This has gone a long way to prove that OptionRally broker has consistently offered a good binary options trading services to their traders.

OptionRally broker was actually very successful in having a new design for the SpotOption interface. The New OptionRally interface is darker than the later, however, it is much better in when we speak of space usage because it spreads across the whole web page. With the new design, the whole website is used as compared yo the previous website where just a narrow middle was being used for putting several trading windows. Now, binary options traders can choose between several binary options types on the top part of the website or even decide if they want a multi-window view or the simple user interface design. The new website design makes OptionRally binary broker to have one of the best trading interfaces in the industry.

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Is OptionRally Regulated?

When traders are deciding to open an account with a binary options broker one of the most important factors that the traders look for is whether or not that specific binary options broker is regulated. Since majority of the binary options traders are no likely to carry out their own independent research about the broker, and when they are signing up with the binary broker they somehow expect that the fees and commissions that they pay goes into making sure that the broker fulfils their obligation of being regulated. This sometimes is not the case and the trader may end up being frustrated after finding out later that the broker is not regulated. Therefore, it is good to carry out an individual research about the regulation of a broker before committing your resources with the broker.

So“Is OptionRally Regulated?” The answer is definitely yes. The OptionRally broker is regulated by CySEC. This fact of OptionRally broker being regulated gives the trader the peace of mind since the trader gets certain that his or her money is safe with the broker. The security comes about because the broker’s accounts are segregated, the binary options traders have an independent institution where they take their complaints and also there is an investor compensation fund. In any case, the financial regulations that regulate binary option brokers are made in such a way that they protect the investor’s money which is reinvested with the binary options brokers.

Since this broker is located in Cyprus, which is squarely in the European Union, and being that it is regulated, their financial activities can be held accountable to a fiduciary standard, just by simply adhering to the set standards that are put in place by the financial market regulatory institution, CySEC.

From when it was founded, OptionRally broker has shown a commitment to creating a good trading environment for their traders. All traders who enroll and register on their website enjoy access to great binary opinions trading products and services, and the necessary trading tools to guarantee the success while doing binary options trading. This is facilitated mainly by the state of the art OptionRally trading platform that offers the binary options traders a simple but at the same time exciting and profitable trading experience.

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Im reality, this binary options broker strives for excellence in every angle of their brokerage activities, by providing the most lucrative trading environment and top class customer support. Once a trader opens his or her OptionRally binary options trading account, they definitely receive a very warm welcome from the OptionRally customer support professionals, whose call center is based in Zurich. For the newbie traders it is advisable that they open an Executive account so that they can assigned a trade analyst who shall assist them in starting and they also get to learn how to trade the binaries. In vase of anything, OptionRally customer support is available via Live Chat or email, and most problems are usually solved instantly. They are also available through telephone.

Being among the leading binary options brokers in the industry, OptionRally gives the safety of their customers’ money the first priority in their long list of priorities. This is what has enabled OptionRally broker to set the standard of being among one of the leading binary options brokers worldwide.

OptionRally Complaints

The common complaints that are filled against most of the other online binary options brokers include the refusal to credit the clients’ accounts or refusing to reimburse the funds. This kind of complaints usually involves the binary options brokers who ask their registered traders over the telephone to deposit more money into their trading account after making their initial deposit, and only to later ignore the customer’s emails and calls.

Also there is the identity theft, which is another common complaint where certain brokers collect traders’ information like that of the credit card or driver’s license for undisclosed purpose. Another complaint that is very common among brokers is the manipulation of the trading software so as to ensure there are a number of losing trades and it is mainly done by altering the prices and payouts of certain binary options by somehow prolonging the duration of the expiration of the option especially when the trader’s trade is in the “winning” side.

We have not received any complaints about this binary options broker. Therefore, this should give the binary options traders another reason to trust OptionRally broker and utilize their trading platform in trading binary options on any Computer or mobile operating system. In addition, OptionRally also provides a wide variety of asset list as well as range of trading modes to ensure that the traders reap large profits in the shortest expiry times possible. And since this broker is upgrading their product list constantly, they have continued to raise the capabilities for online binary options trading.

OptionRally offers an educational to its binary options traders free of charge and it is not tied to the amount of the deposit made as is the case with most of the other binary options brokers. When it gets to customer services, this broker provides an exceptional customer support which is available 24/5. Thus is very important since traders are able to receive support at whichever time they need it in the ever changing financial trading world.

The depositing and withdrawal processes are also fast and reliable.

OptionRally Mobile Trading

The OptionRally mobile trading services ensure that the broker’s traders can conveniently trade binary options using their mobile devices. Not withstanding their geographical location, traders can easily access their trading account, analyse the conditions of the market, and even execute successful trades if the opportunity raises.

In this line, OptionRally provides one of the best binary options trading platforms, which has been optimized for use on the mobile phone devices. This has been achieved by the introduction of mobile trading applications for both Android and iPhone mobile phone devices as well as web apps that directly work within the Internet browsers of smartphones, even if independent of the device’s operating system. The OptionRally mobile trading applications enable traders to successfully trade using their mobile phones not withstanding their location or time.

OptionRally broker uses the SpotOption software for their binary options mobile trading services, which is known for being fast and user friendly, and also not being too technical or complex. When trading binary options on the OptionRally mobile applications, binary options traders are able to see the list of their open trades below the trading chart. This makes it extremely simple for the traders to closely follow their running trades up to the last seconds.

Another amazing feature of the OptionRally mobile trading applications, is that they also allow traders to sell options before expiry. This is known as an “early closure”. With this, binary traders are able to reduce their losses when they feel that their trade has lost, and there is still some time remaining before the option expires.

Also, the OptionRally mobile trading provides a new feature in which binary options traders can trade pairs. Therefore, the binary options trader can easily bet on one of two stocks or currencies to outperform each other. This is makes the binary options trading a bit more a fun as compared to the strategy that is typically used by experienced options traders.

While enjoying offering one of the best mobile trading software applications for both iPhone and iPads, OptionRally broker allows binary options traders to download these apps completely free of charge and trade binary options while on the move. In short, OptionRally is the best broker if you are looking to enjoy a good binary options trading experience and user friendly apps for mobile devices.

OptionRally Scam

The OptionRally binary options broker is surely not a scam. Compared to other brokers who have issues especially when it come to the banking sector, this broker has proved itself reliable. There are no such problems with the OptionRally broker.

OptionRally gives access to traders around the world, to trade binary options without being charged any fees while at the same time enjoying more than seventy assets. The broker also provides solutions for mobile trading, protect their binary options traders from debit accounts and provides a fast and secure banking process.With this broker, Payouts are up to 78%. The Minimum allowed deposit is $300 which is more than enough to get a feeling of how the binary options trading works with their platform.

Also, the OptionRally trading accounts are so designed so that they not only provide bonuses and other features that are not useful, but also concentrate on customer support and tips in the binary options trading. It is always in the broker’s interest to have their traders get good winning chances and binary options trading knowledge. That is the reason as to why they even offer the Islamic accounts to cater for the Muslim customers.

From the information provided above it is therefore very evident that OptionRally is not a scam, but rather a high reputed binary options broker in the industry and every options trader should check feel safe to register with them.

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