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Option Rally LogoOptionRally has a strong dominance in Europe and the Islamic world. To this effect, the broker offers a wide range of binary trading accounts to fit all its clients. Among its special features is the availability of the Islamic account, which is a sharia approved accounts so as to enable several additional features for their Muslim customers. This goes a long way to show that OptionRally is a first class binary options broker that really cares about its clients.

The Registering and logging in process is easy and fast and it only requires the clients information for the initial registration. After submitting the required documents showing the required information about the trader, there is a verification email that will be sent to the trader so that he or she can use it to activate his or her trading account. The next step is depositing cash into the registered account; but before depositing, the client must choose if he or she wants to use the credit card or wire money transfer method. For those wishing to use Skrill, it is not supported. The supported Credit cards are Visa, Amex, and MasterCard.

However, the verification will be necessary so as to be allowed to deposit money into the trading account.

For the registration process, clients should prepare a government issued ID that has their photo, a utility bill that carries their name and address as well as scanned documents of both sides of the credit card. All this is in an attempt by OptionRally to ensure the safety of the money that is deposited. The clients should also know that every transaction done in OptionRally is SSL encrypted and thus enhancing the banking security.

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OptionRally Account

It is always very important to choose a trading account type that fits all your capabilities. In OptionRally, there are different account types to choose from. If you are a newbie client it is most likely that you be able to easily choose which type of the account is the best for you and therefore the need to do a thorough research on the different accounts offered by the broker. In this industry, its all about money and most brokers are very much focused on obtaining as much deposits from their clients without taking interest into the success of their clients.

But that is not the case with OptionRally since its clients will are always in the focus. The accounts are set in a way that is very helpful to the prospective binary options traders. The account types follow the different clients trading cycles. For example,newbies get simple accounts so that they can try the platform while the advanced traders have the liberty to choose more advanced accounts that have more customer support.

For the beginners, they can choose the “Mini” account, which offers a 15% bonus on the initial deposit. The minimum amount of deposit in this trading account is $300 and it is enough for a great start, especially for the beginners. The account also offers a Daily market review, which enables the users to see the stories making headlines in the day and also learn about the upcoming financial events.

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There is also the “Standard” account, which is a great trading account for the intermediary binary options traders. It has a bonus of 20% for the initial deposit and subsequent bonuses of 10%. This trading account also offers a live chat, professional market analyst so that the trader can access better trading info. It also offers market reviews and a one guided session with an expert. There is also an e-book that is made available to clients with this type of an account.

For those who feel they have grown in binary options trading, the Executive” account,is a best fit for them. It offers a bonus of 25%. In addition to all the features of the Standard account, it has more one-on-one sessions and trading tips for the binary Options traders who spend most of the their time trading.

Then there is the “VIP” account, which offers an initial deposit bonus of 30% and 15% for the subsequent deposits. In addition to all the other features of the rest of he accounts, this trading account also gives a reward of a free tablet computer after $15,000 turnover. So even if the trader doesn’t manage to score a lot of profit, he or she will be entitled to get a tablet once the set minimum turnover is attained.

OptionRally Bonus

Bonuses are one of the most important promotional tools being used by binary broker onwards. They prove to be helpful both to the broker and to the client/trader. For the broker, the bonuses attract more customers while for the traders, the bonuses enable them to trade better.

For this reason, the OptionRally broker offers various attractive bonuses and rewards on various occasions, to both new and existing clients. Their bonuses include cash bonuses. OptionRally has a welcome bonus which is one of the reasons why this broker remains among the most favorite among binary options traders in the world. The welcome bonus amount offered by OptionRally broker gives prospective traders an added incentive to sign up on the website and make money by trading binary options. In In addition, the rules and regulations associated with this welcome bonus are very transparent. Also, all binary options traders with an OptionRally account are entitled to equal opportunities in getting this bonus.

The OptionRally welcome bonus amount depends on the initial deposit made by the trader. Traders can freely use their welcome bonus to enable the hold longer trading, improve their odds and get less stress from bigger investments. Actually, with this bonus, binary option traders are also able to place more trades and increase their likelihood of getting more profits.

Although the amount of bonus will depend on the type of trading account and amount of the deposit, the bonuses offered by OptionRally are among the largest in the industry. Also, since OptionRally accepts traders based in the United States, American binary options traders are therefore eligible to get this bonus.

Since this bonus amount be very high, it is surely a great motivating factor for newbie traders who sign up on the OptionRally website to start binary options trading and make large amounts of profits in the process of trading binary options.

The most important this to note here is that this bonus is only available to a trader once he or she opens an account on the website, and makes their initial deposit after verifying their personal information.

OptionRally Demo Account

The Demo accounts are very important since they enable traders to try out the trading platform offered by various brokers while trading using virtual money and also enables them to determine whether or not their strategies and methods are viable. This way, the binary options traders can test the services of any broker before committing real cash with them.

But unfortunately, OptionRally broker does NOT offer a demo account. However, this shouldn’t be a hindrance for traders to not sign up with this broker.
On the other hand, binary options traders who sign up with OptionRally stands to benefit from a variety of services and features which include a high-quality customer support services. Actually, the OptionRally support desk is very professionally when it comes to the manner in which it handles customer issues. It provides very timely and informative responses to any issues that are raised.

In an attempt to counter the effects of not having a demo account, OptionRally broker is continually adding new educational resources like video courses, webinars, and eBooks so as to help traders in growing their binary Options trading knowledge. Also, the trading platform is one of the most sophisticated and professional ones in the world for online binary options trading. By trading on their website, both newbies and experienced binary options traders are able to instantly convert their financial analysis into money making online binary options trading activity.

OptionRally Minimum Deposit

The OptionRally minimum deposit amount gives the binary options traders an opportunity to start trading binary options with as little as $250. With this minimum deposit, both newbies and experienced binary options traders enjoy great flexibility and are able to make profits without incurring huge risks or paying high fees to brokers with their portfolio. Once a trader have opened his or her OptionRally trading account, they are taken to an automated deposit page where they deposit their minimum deposit. However, if the trader needs assistance in funding their minimum deposit, they can always contact OptionRally via Live Chat or their email address.

This little minimum deposit of $250 acts as a way of giving the trader an access to a trading account with OptionRally. For newbies, they should be very careful to avoid avoid investing their entire minimum deposit with one trade but instead de-risk and balance their trading strategy by getting acquainted to good binary options trading and money management skills. Binary Options trading experts recommend that newbies should invest the least amount allowed by the broker so as to make sure that they enjoy the maximum benefit from this minimum deposit.

The OptionRally broker offers banking options that include a fast means of depositing directly via your online banking facility. However, due to some legal restrictions, they don’t allow the use of MoneyBookers.

Customers can choose from a variety of money transfer methods to make their deposits with OptionRally broker. Among the allowed money transfer methods are:

  1. Bank Wire Transfer. Both for the Domestic International clients.
  2. Western Union
  3. Credit Cards, which include Visa cards, American Express, and MasterCard.
  4. Knet ATM cards.
  5. CashU
  6. InPay
  7. WebMoney

Before a client makes their minimum deposit, it is good to have their account first approved and this will only take three days. Failure to do that the vlient may end up locked and restricted from further trading with this broker. The verification process requires the client to sending a photo ID, utility bill and a scan of their credit card to OptionRally for verification. It is however advisable to ensure that the client crosses out 8 of the 12 digits on the credit card to prevent the misuse of their credit card.

With OptionRally, binary Options traders are guaranteed that their personal and financial information as well as all their deposit data remains completely confidential, safe and secure. The broker does this by storing all all personal, financial and trading data on the OptionRally trading platform which uses the very best and most advanced encryption protocols there is.

OptionRally Withdrawal

Withdrawing money from OptionRally trading account is relatively easy and secure. The same methods that are available for depositing cash is the same methods that are available for withdrawing money.

For the client to withdraw his or her money from his or her OptionRally account, the client has to first login and click “My Account” on their website. In this panel, the client will get the “Withdrawal Requests” button to enable him or her to choose a preferred withdrawal method. Then the client must fill the withdrawal form and specify the amount they want to withdraw. Because of the money laundering laws, OptionRally broker does not allow withdrawing amounts that are more than the initial deposit at a go.

Mainly, the credit card withdrawals are faster than via bank wire, although they are almost the same.

Processing the bank wire requests takes 48 hours in addition to the additional time for the funds to arrive at the traders bank account.

OptionRally offers great trading opportunities for most of the binary options traders in the world. The prospective traders should know that this is a great broker with superb customer support as well as a ton of banking and trading options. Also, this trader has a very long lost of trading Asset index which include the most popular securities, commodities, indices, and currencies.

They have won the hearts of many binary options traders around the world with their exceptional binary options trading services which are scam free.

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