Does OptionStars Provide Auto Trading?

OptionStars_logoIn the ever expanding binary options broking industry, another product that has been gaining popularity is binary options robots, also known as auto traders. These robots are simply proprietary software that generates trading signals for the user and most even have the option of automatically placing the trades for them. Just like binary options brokers themselves, however, many of these binary options robots are scams themselves, or they simply do not work. Often, such scam robots will promise exaggerated returns to its users, such as up to a couple of thousand dollars a day, which is not a realistic amount (a much more realistic amount would be in the range of up to a few thousand dollars a month, and it may take several months of use to reach that level).

Further, just like binary options brokers, the creators of these robots also make extensive use of the affiliate marketing model to market them, meaning that the Internet is full of dishonest and biased reviews of these binary options robots.

Lastly, many binary options brokers clearly state in their ‘Terms and Conditions’ that using a robot or any automated trading software to conduct trading on a client’s behalf is against their rules and is grounds for termination of the account and any profits made. This is not surprising as we have also mentioned before that binary options brokers are not really brokers; they are on the other side of your trade meaning that your gain is their loss and your loss is their gain. That said, many brokers do allow automated trading software on their platform and that is because no matter what the robot creators promise you, there is no such thing as guaranteed success. 

Binary Options Robot and OptionStars Auto Trading

So the question is does OptionStars allow auto trading? The good news is that yes, they do indeed allow auto trading and one of the most trusted auto trading software in the market today, Binary Options Robot, is also compatible with OptionStars’ trading platform. Note that traders wishing to use Binary Options Robot in conjunction with OptionStars will have to register with the robot first before opening a new account with OptionStars. 

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Auto Trading Features

Currently, Binary Options Robot is free of charge and is 100% web-based, meaning that users do not have to download any software in order to make use of this robot. It is also fully mobile compatible. Its trading algorithm uses its extensive historical trading data to attempt to predict market movements. Unfortunately, the software does not work with demo accounts; meaning that the only way to put the robot to the test is by investing real money.

Lastly, Binary Options Robot also has a VIP feature which allows for traders to set their preferred risk levels, different trading strategies, and different expiry times. Despite calling it a ‘VIP account’ however, the VIP feature is available to all traders upon making their first deposit with a broker (one month free for each broker), or by referring a friend (two months free for each referral). Based on the incentive structure, it is clear that the VIP account is used as a way to get traders to market the software themselves or to sign up with as many brokers as possible.

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