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OptionWeb LogoOne of the leading binary options traders, OptionWeb combines new technologies with quality and integrity to provide their clients with top notch services they deserve. This has proven to be a winning combination, making OptionWeb one of the highest ranked brokers on the market in nearly all relevant aspects.

In line with the rest of their offer, OptionWeb Login is also very simple and easy to use. To start with, traders are required to fill a form, which only requires them to enter some very basic information. However, being a regulated broker that they are, on the next step of OptionWeb Login process, you will need to provide detailed information about your date of birth, place of residence, and, naturally, your full name and surname.

Once you are done with entering all required data, an email will be sent to the address you’ve provided during registration. This email will contain the link required for the initial confirmation of your newly created account. Of course, this is only the first step in the verification process, as you will need to provide scans of your personal documents (ID, proof of address) before your account becomes fully functional.

When the registration process is fully done, the next required thing is funding your account so you could start trading. OptionWeb provides a number of deposit options, so most traders will have no problem finding the one that fits their preferences.

Available options include credit and debit cards like Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, and Diners Club, bank wire, e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller), and more. You will also need to make up your mind about the trading currency, which can be either USD or EUR.

Comparing OptionWeb to other brokers, it becomes clear that they are one of the market leaders in terms of the platform, trading assets, and traders’ benefits as well. Traders are offered with a wide range of trading assets, making sure that experienced market players and novices alike have what they need to get them started. Once you are done with the OptionWeb Login procedure, you will get access to their generous deposit bonus up to $4,000, as well as truly impressive investment returns going up to 90%. Trading options include all popular possibilities, like High/Low, Pair, Long Term trades, as well as One Touch.

In the event you need any kind of assistance, OptionWeb does offer a lot of educational and other resources, including e-books, live signals, daily market reviews, and much more.

Those who like to trade on the go will be able to do so by logging in using their smartphone devices. The OptionWeb trading app provides for more than 190 tradable assets and those registering for the first time will get to pick among six different account types, designed to cover different levels of experience and trading volume.

Once you are done with your OptionWeb Login process, you will not only get access to a trading account, but there will be a whole new world opening to you, offering hundreds of trading assets and providing numerous educational tools to help you on your path to becoming a successful trader. Offered languages include English, Italian, and French, allowing you to trade and observe markets in your own native language. For those already experienced with the market, there is Diamond Account, providing everything you could possibly need, including a personal account manager.

It is clear that OptionWeb provides their traders with all the tools necessary for successful career in binary trading. With various educational materials, six different account levels, and customer support available around the clock, you will feel at home with OptionWeb, regardless of whether you are just making your first steps in the market or you are an experienced trader with a six-figure investing bankroll.

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Experience with OptionWeb

OptionWeb has been on the market since 2012. Owned and operated by Lionsman Capital Markets Ltd., they’ve made sure to obtain a CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) license, reassuring their clients that everything is on up and up. OptionWeb license number is 175/12.

This binary options broker has developed special SpotOption software for their traders to use. Available in numerous languages aside from English, including German, Spanish, Russian, and Italian, it is well suited for newcomers and experienced traders alike. As mentioned, there are six different account levels, so traders can find their own comfort zone.

Those new to the market can start their trading career with a deposit of just $200 with OptionWeb. You will have access to all necessary features, including a demo account, various assets (indices, stocks, currencies), as well as many educational materials to help you along the way. Trading options cover pretty much everything you would expect: One Touch, High/Low, 60 Seconds, Long Term, and Pair Options.

As far as banking goes, deposits and withdrawals are safe and completely transparent, reassuring traders that their money is in good hands. That said, if there are any uncertainties or problems, you can always easily get in touch with a helpful customer support team, available via live chat, telephone, and email address: support@optionweb.com.

OptionWeb Mobile Trading

OptionWeb has managed to establish its place on the market offering wide range of assets, high quality trading features, as well as trustworthy and safe environment. Traders from all over the globe are welcome to join the market via OptionWeb, save for the US residents, who cannot trade due to their local laws. Adding to their already impressive offer, the broker has also made their OptionWeb mobile app available, enabling their clients to trade on the go.

Bonuses and additional benefits are very important for binary options traders, and some view them as a side business in its own right. Many traders start by opening the Starter account and investing the very minimum ($200). They use this as an opportunity to learn about the market through not only trading, but attending webinars, keeping track of signals and market indicators, and chatting with account managers. This helps them develop the best trading strategies for their own style.

OptionWeb Screenshot

Offering really short trade expiry times, OptionWeb allows for people to fit their trades in really narrow timeframes, like during their work breaks or between the tasks. Traders have access to offers as short as 30 or 60 seconds, 2 minutes, and one hour. The time and experience on the market can help turn newcomers into expert profitable traders. Mobile trading is also made very easy and simple and many traders will prefer it over desktop platform.

OptionWeb provides its client with continuous and simple access to the market, helping you to get the best results possible. Thanks to their mobile app, you will be able to always stay on top of things, keeping an eye on your trades and being able to get out in time if things are not going your way.

There are no extra charges to use OptionWeb mobile trading app. It is available completely free and you will receive a lot of extra features like daily market reviews, trading e-books, and informative graphs to keep you in the loop. If you’ve opened your account via the mobile app, you can simply confirm it by sending in your ID and proof of residence, just like you would had you used the desktop platform.

Beginners will have no problems using OptionWeb. Everything is made clear for you from the first time you’ve used OptionWeb Login, including bonus policy, expiry time, withdrawal policies, and more. Use the mobile app to keep track of the market at all time, trade using your smartphone, and rest assured that your money and your information are well protected. You can also use your mobile device to phone the experts who will help you and guide you through the trading process, helping you every step along the way.

OptionWeb Robot

Traders these days are used to having many features available to them, and the broker that offers more is likely to attract more clients. In line with that, OptionWeb constantly tries to expand and improve their offer, and one of the things you will find with this broker is their binary auto trading program.

This auto trading feature, often referred to as binary options robot as well, works using automated trading signals. These signals serve as alerts for different trading assets and the OptionWeb robot uses these alerts to enter trades. Alerts are created using financial news from the market.

Trading signals are delivered in real time, meaning the robot can take full advantage of them to enter profitable trades or exit positions in time. These alerts are provided by the team of experts who have been in the industry for a long time and know their stuff.

The OptionWeb robot can be a great way to make some money without too much effort. However, you need to always be aware of dangers of automated trading and never leave things unmonitored for too long. Regardless of how good signals may be, they can never substitute a human intuition.

As mentioned, OptionWeb offers six different account types with different return rates across 120 various assets. Trading signals are provided for Silver account holders or better. The minimum required deposit for this package is $3,000 and, aside from free signals, you will also receive a lot of free education resources, access to a demo account, market reviews, etc.

Minimum Deposits at OptionWeb

All traders can choose between six various account types. Your account type will be based on the amount of money you deposit, and deposits can be made in either USD or EUR.

  • Starter Account – deposits range from $200 to $1,000
  • Standard – with deposits between $1,000 and $3,000
  • Silver Account – deposits between $3,000 – $10,000
  • Gold Account – $10,000 – $50,000
  • Platinum – minimum deposit required is $50,000 (up to $150,000)
  • Diamonds – the minimum required deposit of $250,000

Making a minimum deposit with OptionWeb is simple enough and it won’t give you any headache. First, you will need to create an OptionWeb trading account. After that, it is as simple as picking up your deposit method and making a transfer using any of the methods available, like credit cards or e-wallets. All transactions are safe and secure, since the broker uses modern 128 bit SSL encryption to protect the information.

OptionWeb and Demo Account

In line with other well known and regulated brokers, OptionWeb also offers a full set of necessary trading tools for beginners and experts alike. OptionWeb demo account can be very useful, especially for novice traders to help you get to know the market and see how everything works.

Apart from the demo, there are six other account types, ranging from Diamonds (the highest) to Platinum, Gold, Silver, Standard, and Starter.

To gain access to a demo account, however, you will need to get at least the Standard account, since it is not provided with the Starter account. That means that traders need to deposit at least $1,000 to gain access to a demo account and test the market risk-free. This account type lets you trade with virtual money and see how things look in action. With Standard and Silver accounts, your access to demo account is limited, while higher tier accounts offer unlimited access.

OptionWeb Bonus

On top of offering safe and regulated trading environment, OptionWeb also provides their traders with some very nice and generous bonuses. With this particular broker, you can boost your initial bankroll by as much as $4,000.

Bonuses are OptionWeb marketing tools and they serve to attract new clients. These promotions are sometimes offered for a limited time, so make sure to check what is on offer prior to signing up, either on the webpage or by contacting your account manager. The bonus has 20x turnover requirements, meaning you will need to trade at least 20x the bonus amount before you are allowed to withdraw it.

Once all bonus requirements are met, you are free to withdraw the money. If you try to withdraw prior to this, however, you could lose all the profits made using the bonus, together with the full bonus amount, or, sometimes, all profits will be deducted, and you will only be allowed to withdraw your initial deposit.

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