PrePaid Profits Review

Binary option trading software is a real game changer, especially if they are genuine. They eliminate the factors associated with human trading since they trade without any attached feelings and they, therefore, don’t suffer from greed which is the main reason behind the losses that most binary options traders in the world make. These applications are usually designed to automatically place trades without the input of the trader. The work of the trader is just depositing his or her investment and withdrawing the profits thereafter, after the binary options trading robot has done the trading. Binary options trading becomes completely stress-free.

However, binary options traders should be on a high alert since fraudulent binary options trading robot developers are on an increase and if one is not careful, may end up losing his or her hard earned savings to them. That is the reason we have done our investigation about PrePaid profits robot to find whether it is a scam or real. Read our PrePaid Profits review to find out more about it.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • The software claims to be fully automated.
  • No initial deposit required to begin using the application


  • There is no connection to a binary options broker which therefore provides no platform for analysing the binary options markets.
  • The developer is anonymous creating a lot of suspicions.
  • The software only trades in form of competitions instead of doing live trading on the binary options markets.

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is PrePaid Profits?

PrePaid Profits is a new binary options trading application. From its website, we were unable to find out the real name of the developers of this trading application even from their promo video and that was a real red alert. A genuine trading robot developer would very much want to be associated with his or her trading robot if in any case it is of good standard and it is not a scam.

From their official website, the trading application woes binary options traders by promising them huge risk-free upfront profits, which means that the trader seemingly doesn’t have to make any deposit to begin trading, which is not the case with all the real binary options trading robots.


PrePaid Profits_screenshot

How Does It Work?

According to the anonymous developer of this binary options trading application, the application is downloadable. Then after downloading the app, the trader needs zero initial investment to begin trading using this app although the website also states that the trader can trade with as little as $30– this sounded very unrealistic since how will the trades be placed? Where will the investment that will be used in placing the trades come from?

Then the developer claims that traders are to earn profits by participating in competitions which will last for a maximum of 5 minutes earning the trader profits of $50. Although this seems to be very practical, the thing that caught our attention was that all this was being done without the connection with any broker. With the broker, the traders as well as the trading robot/app will not have access to any platform where they can analyse the binary options market and we were left to wonder how the application generated the trading signals.

Then, the anonymous developer also claims that he or she will only be getting 1% from the won trades, which was a real marvel since in the first place there is no visible link between the trader’s account and the developer. This only leaves one speculation which is that the developer has some undisclosed ties to the app which may end up eating the trader investments.

Final Conclusion: Is PrePaid Profits a Scam?

Not Reliable

A real binary options trading software is one that has known developers, a proven trading record as well as well laid out documentation about the application to help prospective buyers and users to understand it better and also use it with ease. However, from our investigation, the PrePaid trading software met none of these conditions.

There was absolutely no clear information as how this trading software operates and who developed it. Also, we could not trace any record of a proven record of this trading application.

We also found the official website of PrePaid Profits application to be below the standards of a real genuine trading robot. The only thing that was very conspicuous in the website is a button showing the real balance and a withdraw button at the right-hand side, a clock showing the time for each completion and a small section with the step 1, click trade to start. Therefore is no enough information as to how the application works or how long the withdrawal process will take if in any case it is real.

This trading software, therefore, did not meet our mark of a safe trading software.

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