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Profit Booster LogoAs the binary options industry grows in popularity, more and more trading systems are being developed to help traders in their quest for more profits. While some of these trading programs may be legitimate, there are many which are not and aim to scam traders out of their hard earned money. The Profit Booster trading system which we came across recently claimed to be able to boost the profit levels of its users to an insanely high level all at a touch of a button. So can the profit booster truly perform as claimed or is it just another scam? Read our in-depth review of it to find out.

Basic information:

Cost: Paid
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Free Software
  • Manual Trading Feature Available


  • No Technical Information on the software
  • Lack of support
  • Misleading Information provided

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is the Profit Booster?

The profit booster is said to be an auto trading software that was developed by a person by the name of William Blake. According to the promotional video for the profit booster, it is a trading software which allows traders to trade binary options automatically. The trading software essentially does away with the need for trading experiences meaning beginner traders can also trade the financial markets as competently as any seasoned trader with the Profit Booster.

The promotional video also claims that the trading software is safe to use and is protected with SSL encryption technology. However based on our research, we noted that the Profit Booster website lack the necessary SSL credentials. Hence, we find that statement that the Profit Booster is protected with SSL encryption technology as being misleading. In addition, we also noted that the creator of the Profit Booster William Blake has failed to provide any technical information about how the Profit Booster actually works.

How does it work?

From what has been described by William Blake, the Profit Booster uses a trading algorithm that is able to collect market data through the process of analysis and identification. How the software actually uses these data is not revealed by William Blake. All the marketing materials stated was that the software searches the markets for trading opportunities that are profitable. We are not told what criteria are used to determine if these trading opportunities are profitable or not. Nevertheless, we were told that the Profit Booster does have an auto trading feature which allows it to trade the markets automatically on behalf of traders. As to the accuracy of the auto trading features, we were not told.

Profit Booster Screenshot

Although the Profit Booster is said to be free and is provided at no cost to its users, potential users will still have to register and sign up to gain access to this software. In addition, you are also required to open a live trading account with one of the recommended brokers and make an initial minimum deposit of $250.

Final conclusion

Not Reliable

When it comes to deciding which auto trading software to use, one must always consider if the software comes with a manual option as well. In the case of the Profit Booster, it does come with a manual feature which allows more experienced traders to have more control over the trading activities. This feature alone seems to suggest that the Profit Booster might not be a scam. Nevertheless over the course of our review of the Profit Booster, we did notice a few red flags about legitimacy of the Profit Booster as a trading system which can actually boost the profits of its users.

Firstly, there is no technical information provided as to how the Profit Booster actually works. Apart from the sales pitch that claimed that the Profit Booster is such an innovative trading solution, there are no verifiable data provided by the creator of the software to backup his claims. Everything is based just on hearsay. Secondly, we also find it disturbing that the creator has resorted to providing misleading information about how the Profit Booster is protected using SSL encryption technology.

Because of all these factors, we recommend that our readers stay away from using this software. While there are no direct evidences which points to the Profit Booster as being a scam, we did find several indications that this software is most likely a scam.

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Binary Minery review: Profit Booster: 1 stars.

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