Rapid Income Method Review

Rapid Income Method LogoNowadays, we are seeing more and more trading systems appearing on the internet and each one of them promises to change your life by letting you earn more money than you can ever dream of. Unfortunately, the majority of these trading systems are just scams designed to drain you financially. To help our readers to avoid being sucked in by these scams, we conduct in-depth reviews of any new trading software which appears on the internet in order to validate their claims. The Rapid Income Method claims to be able to help its users earn thousands of dollars. To find out if this is true or just a scam, read our in-depth review of it.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • User Friendly Interface
  • Runs on autopilot


  • No choice as to which broker to sign up with
  • No validation data about the success rate of the trading system
  • No Information about the withdrawal policies

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is the Rapid Income Method?

The Rapid Income Method is one of the very latest trading systems which has popped up on the internet recently. Developed by an individual by the name of Dominic Taylor, the Rapid Income Method is said to be a binary options trading signals generator that can help its users scan the financial markets to look for profitable trading opportunities. Depending on where you are located, the software will link you up with a selection of binary options brokers to help you capture to these profitable opportunities.

How does it work?

Essentially, the Rapid Income Method is a trading signal generator. It indicates to the user what asset to trade, the duration that the signal is valid for, the confidence level and the ability for the trader to place the trade. The developer Dominic Taylor claims that the winning ratio for the Rapid Income Method is as high as 95% which to us seems to be an unrealistic claim. Furthermore, the signals provided by the Rapid Income Method seem to be randomly generated as traders are unable to ascertain which expiry periods that they should trade in. Unfortunately apart from knowing what the Rapid Income Method is supposed to do, we are unable to ascertain the quality of the trading signals provided. This is due to the fact that to see the actual signals, you need to open a live trading account and fund the account with one of the brokers recommended by the Rapid Income Method.

Rapid Income Method Screenshot

While the developer of the Rapid Method Income explained that the guiding principle behind the creation of trading system was a software that could give traders a leading edge by making accurate predictions of the price movements, he failed to provide any explanation as to how the Rapid Method Income derives its predictions. Everything that we have learnt about the Rapid Income Method seems to point to the fact that it is just a scam. In our opinion if the trading system actually does what it claims to be able to do, the developer would had been more transparent about the technical details and technology behind the creation of the Rapid Income Method. In addition, there is no customer support offered to those who might have difficulties in using this trading system.


Not Reliable

In the promotional video for the Rapid Income Method, one of the claims made was that the trading system is able to generate more than $5000 in profits on a daily basis. This sort of claim seems to us to be unrealistic and only serves to increase our doubts about the Rapid Income Method being a legitimate trading system. In addition, the overall quality of the trading signals seems questionable as no explanation has been given as to what the trading signals is based on. The developer expects users of the Rapid Income Method to blindly trust him while he conveniently forgets that this trust has to be earned. This requires him to provide a proper explanation about how his trading system actually works. Our conclusion at the end of the day is that the Rapid Income Method is most likely a scam and hence should be avoided at all cost.

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Binary Minery review: Rapid Income Method: 1 stars.

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