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stockpair logoShould You Use StockPair?

StockPair is one of the few binary options brokers on the market that is properly regulated. It also has robust procedures in place to protect its customers and offer support. The platform is powerful yet easy to use, and there are multiple options to choose.

These are just some of the views we developed when reviewing StockPair, and they match with what customers of the platform report. It is one of the most respected in the industry, and there is good reason why.

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Can You Make Money With StockPair?

Now for the big question – can you make money using StockPair? To start answering this question it is important to point out that StockPair is a binary options trading platform. This means there is an element of risk. You can, however, make money if you adopt the right strategy and use the tools they provide intelligently.

In fact, a better question to ask is whether you can make more money on StockPair by trading binary options than on other platforms. The answer to this, in our opinion, is, for most people, yes. There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, StockPair offers a wide range of features that help you learn more about trading, develop a strategy, and test that strategy in real-world conditions. These features include demo accounts, tutorials, and other educational resources. You also get a personal account manager who will help you achieve the level of success you desire.

Secondly, StockPair offers a range of trading options so you can find one that matches your approach to risk. For example, you can choose floating pair options which deliver impressive returns, but which allow you to close your positions early to mitigate loss-making situations.

StockPair Banking Options

StockPair have made all account management facilities of their platform simple to use, including banking. You can deposit using several methods, with most of them making your funds available immediately. The withdrawal process is quick too plus it benefits from a low withdrawal cap. In fact, you can withdraw as little as $20. This is ideal if you are just starting out, particularly if you use a deposit method with minimal transaction fees.

The methods of deposit and withdrawal include Visa, MasterCard, bank wire, Visa Electron, Skrill, Laser, JCB, Cartasi, Cartebleue, Dankort, Liberty Reserve, and Discover Card.

Remember, also, there are no hidden charges with StockPair. You can therefore deposit with confidence that the money you put into your account will be the money you are able to trade with.

You can deposit in any currency you like, but you have to manage your account in one of three currencies: Euros, British Pounds, or US Dollars. You can view this setting in the account details section of your dashboard, but you can’t change it so it is important to set it correctly when you first register.

From what we have seen, the company behind the StockPair platform works hard at maintaining its reputation: the banking rules and procedures it has in place demonstrates this. Specifically, StockPair is one of the few binary options trading platforms that segregates deposited money from users and operational money from the company.

This means funds in client accounts are kept separate from the company’s operational accounts. The funds in client accounts are held in internationally reputable banking institutions.

In addition, the company behind StockPair, Nextrade Worldwide Ltd, adheres to all anti money laundering rules and regulations regarding capital adequacy. This means it always hold enough liquid capital to cover all client deposits, even in fluctuating markets. Also, independent auditors carry out audits on an annual basis.

What does this mean for you? In simple terms, it means your money is much safer. Of course it is unlikely that anything would ever happen to StockPair, but it is good to have the peace of mind that your money is protected, whatever happens behind the scenes.

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StockPair On Mobile

The website works great on desktop devices but there is an option for those occasions when you want to access it from your mobile. The mobile app is quick and easy to install, and simple to use. It doesn’t take up much space on your phone either so it is not resource intensive. It also has the latest security features and technology built-in so it can be used safely.

You will be redirected to the mobile application whenever you access the website from a phone or other mobile device. Options for all of the main phone operating systems are available.

The app lets you place and monitor trades, as well as monitor assets. This is done through opening the app or you can set up notifications so that you get a message even when your phone is locked and in your pocket. An internet connection is required to use the app and receive notifications, however.

Using the app is simple, though, and it has all the tools you need to trade on the go. You can even contact customer support via the app.

StockPair’s 25 Percent Sign Up Bonus

To get started with StockPair you first have to create a live account and deposit at least $200 (this minimum deposit level is fairly standard across the binary options industry). We don’t recommend you deposit the minimum amount, however, as you will not get access to all the available benefits. Instead, make sure your initial deposit is at least $500. All new traders as well as individuals new to the StockPair trading platform should do this as it gives you access to a demo account and other benefits. Registering is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete. Plus, depositing $500 gives you access to a welcome award that includes a 25 percent sign up bonus up to a maximum of $20,000.

There are some terms and conditions attached to the welcome offer. You can read more about these in more detail on the StockPair website but they include policies on accessing the sign up bonus. Basically, you have to trade 40 times the value of the bonus within 45 days of receiving it before it is unlocked. This is an important condition to remember when signing up for your account.

Also, remember to check out the welcome bonus tiers before making your final choice of how much too initially deposit. The various tiers offer differing levels of bonus ranging from nothing if you deposit under $500, up to a very generous bonus if you qualify for the VIP, platinum, gold or silver tiers.

The VIP tier, for example, includes three percent cash back on all trades you make, win or lose. In other words, if you trade $100,000 in a particular month, StockPair will give you $3,000 for free. You can take that in addition to the profit you made trading, increasing your returns even further. VIP membership also increases the value of trades you can make plus gives you access to training modules, expert trading analysis, and premium-level trading tools.

StockPair Signals

Signals are a crucial part of successfully trading binary options for most people. A signal is essentially a piece of information that tells you about the price movements and trends of a particular asset. You can use that signal to make a more informed decision about your trades. A signal typically includes price and expiry information.

It is important to say that signals are no guarantee of success. In fact, not all signals generate profit. Instead you should look at them as a way of mitigating risk. This is the key to successful binary options trading – reducing your risk level while at the same time maximizing your successful trades so that you have more profitable trades per month than unprofitable ones. Signals help you do this.

StockPair understands this essential part of binary options trading more than most other platforms. It therefore provides traders with regular and accurate signals that have all been checked and verified by experienced traders and market analysts.

Binary Options

StockPair offers the ability to trade binary options in a way that is similar across the industry. It is a way of trading that involves predicting which way the price of a particular asset or market will move. This means there is only two potential outcomes: the market moves as you predicted, or it doesn’t. In terms of your trade, you either win or you lose. At StockPair, they call this being in the money or out of the money.

How much you get when you win depends on the rate of return and the amount of money youi trade. For example, if you trade on an asset with a return rate of 85 percent, and you place $100 on the trade, you will get $185 if the trade ends in the money – your initial investment of $100 plus $85 profit. If the trade ends out of the money, you lose the $100 initial investment.

The benefits of trading binary options include:

  • Risk control – You know how much you can potentially lose, and how much you will win. Those are the only two outcomes, and there are no variables, so your risk is controlled.
  • Easy to learn – Learning the concept and basics of binary options trading is easy
  • High returns – You don’t need the market to move significantly to get a high return. In fact, in many situations, the asset or market only moves marginally, but you still get the return rate.

The benefits of using StockPair to trade binary options include:

  • Close before expiry – You can choose to close a trade before the expiry time
  • Trade control – A feature which automatically sells trades
  • Visual trading tools – So you have the information you need to make informed trading descisions

Pair Options

One of the unique features of StockPair is the ability to trade pair options. Very few binary options brokers offer this facility. In addition, StockPair has taken pair options trading to a new level of usability and functionality.

Trading on pair options basically this means looking at a pair of stocks, and picking which one will perform best. If you pick right, you get the pay-out.

The margin you can expect depends on the asset pairs you choose. Going for a Vodafone and BT pairing, for example, and selecting Vodafone, gives an average pay out of 93 percent. That figure can go as high as 350 percent for some of the options.

You have more than 150 different pair options to choose from on StockPair, including stocks from America, Europe, and Australia. There are also nine currency pair options plus commodities such as oil, gold, and silver. You can also pick one of the pairs of indices that are available.

The benefits of pair option trading include:

  • You can profit from any movement in price – pair options are neutral when it comes to price. This means you will get the same return rate, and the same amount of profit, even if the market moves down in price – so long that is what you predicted would happen.
  • Easy to learn – learning the principles of pair option trading, and getting started with your first trades, is easy.
  • Choice – you can choose between fixed or floating options, and you can choose whichever asset pair you want.
  • Early close – you have the option of closing the trade early to take early profits, or you can let it run until the expiry.
  • Manage your risk level – this particularly applies when you choose to trade floating pair options. This is because there will be one asset that is already in the money, and one that is out of the money. You therefore get two return rates, with the asset in the money being much lower than the one that is out of the money. This means you can pick the level of risk that most appeals to you: the high return rate but on a trade that is currently losing; or a lower return rate on a stock that is currently winning.
  • Limited risk – trading in pair options is not like other investments where the level of risk is variable. Instead you know exactly how much profit you will make if you win the trade, and how much you will lose if you don’t.

KIKO Options

Another of the trades you can make at StockPair is a trade on KIKO options. These are basically binary options but with one crucial difference – there is no expiry time. Instead of any expiry you select a price target – an upper price target if you believe the asset will increase in price, and a lower price target if you believe it will fall. If the asset hits the price target you select, you get the pay-out. As there is no expiry time, the trade is left open until one of the price targets is reached.

Like standard binary options and the unique pair options available at StockPair, KIKO options are not necessarily suitable for everyone. It is a good feature to have them available though, and you might find they do become a part of your trading strategy at some stage in your career.

The benefits of KIKO options include:

  • High payouts – StockPair quotes payout rates of up to 80 percent
  • Less complication – the removal of the expiry times removes a complication in your trade
  • Straightforward – this is the type of trade that is quick to learn
  • Controlled – there is risk involved in this type of trade, as there is with any type of investment. With KIKO options, however, the risk is controlled. You know what the payout or loss will be before you make the trade, and that doesn’t change, whatever the market does.
  • Variety – you can choose from a wide range of assets to trade on

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