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stockpair logoStockPair’s Minimum Withdrawal is Only $20

There are lots of reasons to try StockPair, and its policy on withdrawals is one of them. It is one of the few binary options trading platforms that offer minimum withdrawals at such a low amount. In addition, the process is easy and relatively quick.

Withdrawing money is not as quick as depositing which, for some deposit methods, is instant. For security and fraud protection reasons, StockPair has procedures in place for processing withdrawals that can cause small delays.

The first time you make a withdrawal you can expect slightly longer delays. Your first withdrawal will be processed within five working days. Once approved, the funds are typically transferred to your account within five to seven working days. This is standard across the industry, particularly with reputable and transparent trading platforms as security checks have to be made on the first withdrawal. Once this is complete, however, subsequent withdrawals are processed and transferred much quicker.

To speed up the withdrawal process make sure you have provided StockPair with all the necessary documentation to prove your identity and address. Also, choose a withdrawal and deposit method that has quick pay out times as they are not all the same.

There are a couple of other things you should note about the withdrawal process.

  • Credit cards – if you deposit into your StockPair account with a credit card you will probably want to withdraw money to the credit card too. However, you can only withdraw an amount that is equal to your deposit. In other words, you can’t withdraw profits to your credit card. You will have to select another method to withdraw the profits. For example, if you deposit $500 using a credit card and make a profit of $700, you can withdraw $500 back onto your credit card but will have to choose a different withdrawal method to get the other $200.
  • Fees – make sure you check the fees associated with any of the withdrawal options to make sure your profits are not unnecessarily reduced. One fee that is particularly important is the fee for withdrawing money by bank wire. This incurs a fee of $25 for any transfer worth less than $500.

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Is StockPair Legit

One thing that is not lacking in the binary options industry is choice – the number of platforms and brokers available to traders is mind-boggling. It is also a disparate industry with little in the way of common standards or agreed good practice. We therefore use a number of measurements to determine the quality of a platform before we make any recommendations. StockPair passes each one.

  • Regulation – not many binary options trading platforms can say they are regulated, so StockPair stands out from the crowd for this fact alone. It was a significant decision by the company to go for regulation as it meant moving its headquarters from the US to Europe, but it was the correct decision. If the binary options industry is to improve its image and secure the trust of traders, it will have to follow StockPair’s lead and embrace regulation. If you are considering registering an account, the fact that StockPair is regulated gives you extra reassurance that what they are doing is lawful and correct, and that your privacy and money is safe.
  • Support – StockPair offers various levels of customer support to help you make the most of your account and generate the maximum amount of profit. Examples of this include the educational resources available that help you learn how to use their platform and trade binary options. In addition you can get a demo account which allows you to use the platform in a real world environment but without risking your money. Also, it is easy to talk to a real person if you have questions or a problem. This includes your account manager or the customer support team.
  • The platform – the trading platform is easy to use and is intuitive, even for people with little or no experience trading binary options. This includes everything from managing your account to analysing assets to receiving signals to placing trades. The charts and graphical representations they make available are invaluable, and you have everything that you need for trading success in one easy to navigate dashboard. They also have a mobile app for trading on the go, plus they have succeeded in creating a trading platform that is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

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Is StockPair Safe

Legitimacy is one thing, but what about safety. Here is what we have discovered about StockPair:

  • Security – it is easy to see that your security is a top priority for StockPair. For example, all traffic between your computer or phone and the StockPair server is protected with SSL encryption. Its security certificate is issued by Thawte. This is a standard and effective internet security protocol that many trading platforms use, but StockPair has gone further. In particular, they have a policy which keeps the funds in your account separate from the StockPair accounts. This is not standard in the binary options industry and is a welcome change.
  • Banking and account management – you can choose from several different deposit and withdrawal methods, so there will be one to suit your needs. All policies are clearly displayed and transparent so there are no surprises. This includes security checks designed to protect you and the platform which, again, are a welcome change to the unsuitable policies used with too many other platforms.
  • Trading options – you have over 170 options to trade on with great variety, so will find many that suit your knowledge, trading style, and attitude to risk. They even have an advanced pair option trading feature which you can use to increase your level of return and/or minimise your risk. The signals provided by StockPair are also high quality and, when used correctly, will help you increase your return on investment.
  • Make money – in the binary options trading world, there are no guarantees of profits and no guarantees of success. StockPair, however, gives you all the tools you need built within a robust and reputable platform. If you have the right strategy and trading approach, and are willing to devote a suitable amount of time to trading, you can and will make a profit.

In summary, then, we do recommend StockPair. In fact, it is one of the best all-round trading platforms available on the market today. Don’t forget as well that there is a generous welcome bonus on offer for anyone opening an account with a deposit of at least $500 – you will get 25 percent cash back. If you are depositing at least that amount you should also check out the bonus tiers to qualify for maximum benefits. In addition, make sure you find out about the demo account so you can learn how to trade and how to use the platform.

Whether you are a beginner looking to get a start with binary options trading, or an experienced investor looking for a more powerful and user friendly platform, you should have a look at StockPair and sign up for an account. In has a lot to offer. In fact, in our view, it is as good as any other broker on the market today, and it is on a path of constant development and innovation, so the future looks positive too.

StockPair Complaints

Historically, one of the best ways to evaluate a binary options broker and trading platform before committing your own money was to read online reviews and comments about the platform’s performance. For the vast majority of brokers and systems available, this makes unpleasant reading as negative reviews and scathing comments are the norm. StockPair bucks this trend, however.

The vast majority of comments and reviews about StockPair are overwhelmingly positive. This, of course, doesn’t mean there are not problems. When a platform has thousands of customers in over 100 countries all using different languages, currencies, and devices, there will be issues. StockPair stands out from the crowd by the way it deals with those issues.

This is primarily done through its customer support team, which has already been mentioned. They are not just reactionary, however, waiting to take your call or message to answer your query. Instead they are proactive, following up on all complaints and issues in an attempt to resolve all queries and concerns to the satisfaction of traders.

When using online complaints and comments as an evaluation tool, StockPair passes with flying colours.

Comparing StockPair and Traderush

One of the ways we use to evaluate binary options brokers is to compare them with other leading brokers in the market. For StockPair we have chosen one of the market leaders – Traderush. It is a successful platform with many satisfied users.

We chose Traderush because it is one of the only other brokers available that offers trading on pair options. How does StockPair stack up when compared with Traderush?

  • Asset class – StockPair expresses currency pairs as separate asset classes making it easier to analyse charts and information as well as place trades. In other words, you can easily see both assets in the pair on one chart. Traderush does not do this.
  • Choice – you can choose from over 70 pair options on StockPair including stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. Traderush, on the other hand, only offers seven.
  • Floating and fixed – on StockPair you can choose from fixed pair options and floating pair options. You only have the latter on Traderush.

Both Traderush and StockPair are good platforms, but StockPair definitely has the edge over its rival in our comparison.

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