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OptionFair logoThe majority of the binary options enthusiasts recognize TechFinancials as a binary system provider that has an international coverage and popularity. However, most of them don’t even realize that this company is more than this. TechFinancials also operates one of the greatest binary brand-names, which is called OptionFair. This is a company that easily gets our positive feedback and we can suggest our readers to deal with it. OptionFair is managed by a Cyprus-based branch, known as B.O. TradeFinancials, and both companies are included in TechFinancials. The parent company has recently become a public company, being among the first business in the binary industry to do so. It is clear that, once the parent company – TechFinancials went public, its subsidiaries and brands are also public.

The traders find it essential for a broker to get public because in this way the latter gets under continual examination. The 20th of February was an important day for TechFinancials as it was the first trading day on London Stock Market. You will find this company on the Alternative Investment Market of London Stock Exchange. A short while ago, by collaborating with Cantor Exchange, which has an authorization from CFTC, TechFinancials joined the US space as well, offering great solutions that should definitely influence the binary industry in the US. On 23 March 2015, there started the TechFinancials US binary exchange. In order to understand the importance of TechFinancial’s subsidiary, which is BO TradeFinancials, you should know that Cantor Exchange contracts are operated by them, demonstrating the international presence of the system that also runs OptionFair.

TechFinancials BO TradeFinancials was introduced in the binary industry in 2009. It is clear that the parent company was focused on a general mission – to offer the greatest binary trading application out there. On the other hand, its subsidiary got even deeper and wanted to reach a more practical level by creating a binary broker with international coverage, which is OptionFair. When these businesses were combined, the retail internet binary corporation appeared. Asaf Lahav, Eyal Rosenblum, Eyal Alon, and Jeremy Lange, who are the TechFinancials management, acquired much experience in the Forex industry and transformed the internet trading process into a different and higher degree once they created TechFinancials platform. This platform is specific due to an exclusive pricing system that allows web-based brokers to price and market Turbo Options and other binary instruments.

OptionFair was among the primary beta evaluators of this system and now TechFinancials has 20% of the entire binary industry when referring to platforms. It is clear that BO TradeFinancials utilized the strength of this specific platform to operate OptionFair brand as a high-class one.

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OptionFair Cyprus

OptionFair is a competent service in the binary options industry, which is found in the Republic of Cyprus. The brokers that got certified by CySEC, which stands for Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, are recognized to be trustworthy, and OptionFair is no different. The broker adheres to the specific laws, providing their customers with safe conditions trading commodities, stocks, and more assets through the binary options process. It is worth mentioning that the license is accepted in the whole EU, which shows that the customers in many countries can use the broker’s solutions without worries.

It is not such an easy to get the CySEC license, as it is a very rigorous institution. The broker has to make sure it offers professional solutions to its customers, which are in line with the common binary industry standards and are decent and transparent. OptionFair’s solutions behave this way, and the broker’s CySEC license demonstrates it. The reviews show it as well. Firstly, the broker is transparent in relation to the fees and costs, so the customers don’t get worried about any hidden fees. Also, the terms and conditions are displayed very well on the official website, and the great point is that every client can easily understand the writing style. You can even find a separate section created for bonus policy so that you could understand all the bonus conditions. It is really important to apply a safe payment system as many clients come with large deposits.

OptionFair doesn’t let its customers dissatisfied in this regard. Every person who registers the system may get the greatest safety measures, regardless of what transaction method he picks or what bank he is dealing with. In addition to safety, each certified broker must go through examination procedures and demonstrate that its support service is accessible for all the customers. This examination is done before obtaining the license and is replicated regularly so that the services sustain their systems. The customer support of OptionFair is quick and organized, as any certified service must be.

The clients, who require help to utilize the site, or have any questions relating to withdrawal/deposit methods, may send them through the contact page and get a reply as soon as possible. Besides obtaining the CySEC certificate, OptionFair conforms to MiFID as well, meaning that it recognizes the financial laws of the EU. All the payments are monitored and secured via SSL data encryption. Together with these accreditations, the broker has got many significant prizes. All this is obvious proof that the system is reputable and surely not a scam. If you want to make an account with this broker, you should be confident that your money is in good hands and that you are dealing with a high-quality trading system.

OptionFair Israel

Sadly, OptionFair won’t allow clients from Israel. This broker has begun its services 6 years ago and has continually increased its standard since then. OptionFair has great practical knowledge in the binary industry and has a client-oriented plan that has helped it to turn into a certified and regulated binary system and provides customers quality solutions. Even though it aspires to satisfy all the clients’ needs, OptionFair accounts from Israel won’t be recognized as a result of particular binary rules of this specific country. Actually, there are many other reputable binary brokers that include country-specific limitations directed at individuals from Israel. While the clients from Israel have to search for another trustworthy binary service that allows individuals from Israel, people from any other place on the globe can easily register and enjoy OptionFair’s great services. The customer limitations that are specific for a country have many reasons, but, usually, brokers are pressured by rigid laws to set a ban on clients residing in particular regions.

Usually, these customer limitations that are country-specific have an effect on clients from Israel and the US. The OptionFair policy for Israel is a reaction to the previously discussed laws. We understand that it’s disappointing to learn about a professional and reputable broker such as OptionFair only to discover later that you won’t be capable joining and benefiting from its solutions. That’s exactly why we have created a list of reliable binary services that provide outstanding solutions and innovative systems like this broker does. You will discover in-depth info about every binary service, which is also about those with country and region-specific client limitations, to make sure that you will ultimately make a great decision. The good news is that OptionFair Israel constraints aren’t directed at other regions. We suggest this binary service to both beginner and experienced traders due to its openness and determination, along with its numerous banking methods, fast cash-out, quality signals and large spreads.

After cautious reflection, we have chosen OptionFair among the best brokers of 2016, so if you aren’t from Israel and are thinking about trading binary options, you have to register namely with this platform. Though it doesn’t allow clients from Israel, this binary service provides many beneficial tools and bonuses for clients all over the world. Registering with any binary service needs identification procedures, so the clients will be informed if their country has some restrictions or not. Israeli clients can save time and energy by examining the lists of binary services that allow accounts from Israel.

OptionFair Binary Options

OptionFair isn’t just licensed but is also granted with prizes and nominations by numerous top professionals in the industry, so there should be no question that this system is totally reliable and outstanding. Depositing money on OptionFair is super simple as this service is providing numerous transfer methods for individuals around the globe. Particular consideration is directed at newbie traders, who can benefit from a first deposit bonus that is up to 30%. The broker announces up to 90% profits, but it is clear that this proportion can vary based on the account type and the trader’s experience. There are five types of accounts with this broker, which is great news for customers who prefer convenience and progressive advancements. If you opt for Standard account, you will have to deposit no less than $350. With this account, traders won’t have any extra return percentages, yet they are able to withdraw funds without any fees only for the first time. Other benefits are not included, yet it’s still a great choice for clients who don’t have much experience with trading options.

The positive aspects start growing with the Silver account type, which provides extra returns, a session with an expert each month, SMS signals and special trading tactics. The most sophisticated account is obviously the VIP type, targeted at professional traders. It will take a $50 000 deposit, but the client will get a 5% extra return, limitless strategies, and expert trading sessions. This is a great investment decision for individuals who are amply trained in the field of binary options. There isn’t a minimum withdrawal level and the money requests are ready in around five business days, which is a common period in the industry. The tutorial sources deserve special attentions too. By providing plenty of video lessons and eBooks, OptionFair becomes a great jump-start place for novices who wish to get accustomed to the concept of options trading and cultivate strong knowledge on the subject.

In general, OptionFair is a great binary options service, among the greatest in the industry when it comes to stability and trading system functionality. The industry of binary options is sophisticated today yet freely available to every person, no matter the awareness or practical knowledge. Even so, it appears that picking a reliable binary service to deal with is actually one of the secrets to high profits. One of the greatest brokers out there is OptionFair – a reliable trading system that is ready to give you lots of financial possibilities. If you still have some doubts about it, be aware of the fact that up to now, this service has obtained exclusively positive comments and there are not documented any criticisms against the broker’s activity.

OptionFair is great not just because of their functional platform and handy terms, but additionally due to the undeniable fact that it has got a solid consideration to customer support, and will try all the means to achieve client’s happiness. Dealing with this service is the ultimate way to get the greatest trading experience. Different professional reviews have demonstrated that this broker delivers its customers the greatest trading and platform experience as the system is enjoyable to utilize and gives easy checking solutions for all the actions. This year the broker entered the list of our best brokers in the binary industry, and this may be another affirmation of the truth that it must be the best partner for both beginner and experienced traders. This revolutionary platform is run by BO TechFinancials, a respected company based in the Republic of Cyprus.

The broker’s capabilities have been developed particularly to offer the best quality conditions when it comes to trading platform, and they provide a diverse array of financial tools, from which the clients can prick those that match their needs. The innovative technology permitted the professionals from TechFinancials to produce a number of superior algorithms, sufficient to assist many instruments and operations. The management and broker’s employees team is made up of capable professionals who are always determined to utilize their advanced knowledge in order to help their customers. They’re committed to internet trading but this is not their only concern. You can easily register OptionFair without any worries as it offers you the chance to generate wealth in a safe and simple manner. The clients who begin trading with this broker will be possible to get into their account and find all the transactions and actions in the “My Account” page section. To sum up, OptionFair has a perspective directed to customers, with the mission to give them secure and productive trading conditions.

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OptionFair Bonus

OptionFair has several exciting capabilities that are free for its customers. One of these great features is the broker’s bonus that is directly determined by the account type the traders goes for. If you want to know about the additional features, we can refer to the multilingual support service, superior platform, risk-free deals, and great training opportunities. OptionFair is an excellent binary service, but the broker does not allow traders from the US. In fact, this is true about any broker that has the CySEC license. This license gives them an extra level of confidence from the clients, but it can limit the range of the world presence. The broker additionally delivers lots of binary solutions for a proper risk management approach.

The account types available with OptionFair have different bonuses. The accounts start with $350 minimum deposit as mentioned above. The broker’s bonus is available from 20% to 50%, which can be up to $5000. Therefore, the maximum deposit amount that can generate the highest bonus is $10 000. Even though this is truly a high amount, we should say that OptionFair bonus limit is probably the lowest in the market. Exploring our list of binary services will disclose that the majority of them have the highest bonuses that can reach $10 000 and more. There are also brokers that don’t have any bonus limits.

The standard account of OptionFair will provide a 20% bonus. The Gold account is the next one, which can give you 30% bonus for clients who put no less than $500. With this account, you can additionally receive four daily signals that we feel to be an incredibly great achievement. The features are similar with the Platinum account type, which gives 50% bonus of deposits greater than $1000. With this account, the clients can grow their probability of high profits in the binary industry.

Also, don’t forget of that fact that binary bonuses cannot be withdrawn right away. You have to fulfill a specific trading volume that is indicated in the bonus policy. It is a standard procedure for all the brokers out there.

OptionFair Demo

Despite all the convenience that defines the concept of binary trading, it does not imply that it is so easy to monitor the trades and make an in-depth analysis of the markets. On the contrary, all the professional traders will explain that the basic knowledge combined with some pure intuition that derives from investing considerable time in the binary industry is the shortest path to high returns.

OptionFiar provides wonderful means for clients to evaluate their good and bad points before they even begin placing their own funds at stake. The feature we’re referring to is known as the demo account. It is a popular concept among binary and Forex brokers. All you have to do is to perform a regular signup procedure with OptionFair. We recommend our readers to register via our site, in order to make the binary industry more transparent and safe.

After signing up, each customer will be contacted by an account manager. If the clients wish to test the system or get familiar with binary trading particulars (maybe it’s their first experience), they are able to request a demo account. This account needs a deposit on the broker’s account. However, the money won’t be utilized while you’re trading on demo. The basic function of the demo account is to simply test the abilities with virtual money.

The OptionFair demo account is open only for five days and the clients will have $500 of virtual cash to check their trading approach. By offering this demo account, the broker allows its clients to understand the process prior to making real trades. There is no risk with it. We encourage every trader to test this great platform!

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