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Binary option trading has been popular for many years know. However, with the development of the binary option sector the fraudulent software products have been created all over the world with only one intention – taking away the money from the binary option traders who are looking for a software that might help them achieve better results during the trading of binary options. Throughout the years, it has become almost impossible to know the difference between the real and reliable software products for binary option trading and the software products for binary options trading that are scams and fraud.

These software products are getting better and better every year and it is not a wonder that more and more people are becoming the victims of such binary options trading software. Trading with binary options is a very risky business in itself and adding to that equation scam software products for binary options trading makes this business even riskier than it should be. Without the experience and knowledge of the binary options trading and the software products for the trading with binary options, it gets really hard to distinguish between the software for binary option trading that is a scam and the real and reliable binary options trading software. One such fraud software for the binary option trading is Terran Capital System.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Sophisticated mathematical algorithms and codes used for the creation of the software


  • The lack of information
  • False advertisements and promotions
  • False claims about the risk reduction
  • Shady background

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is Terran Capital System?

Terran Capital System is the software that is used for the automatic trading with the binary options that should provide traders with the better opportunity to earn a significant amount of money than they would earn without that software. This software was created by Susan Carter. According to the reports from the company running this software, it is the company that has received many different awards throughout the years.

One of the most suspicious aspects of this software for the trading with binary option is the fact that we could not get enough information about the software itself. This fact raises a lot of doubts when it comes to the reliability of the software because traders will not be able to find enough information about the software and those who obtain and sign-up with this software will do that without having enough information that might lead to losing money.

According to the company behind the software, one of the biggest strengths of this software is the fact that it uses many different and sophisticated codes and computer algorithms in order to make the trading more successful for the traders of binary options. Due to the lack of information it really is hard to say whether this software is a reliable software for binary options trading or it is a fraud. However, many different features indicate that this might actually be fraud.


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How Does It Work?

Just like many other binary options trading software products, the Terran Capital System is operating on a basis complicated mathematical calculations which would probably be very hard to understand for a trader of binary options – unless a trader is mathematical genius. These mathematical calculations generate market signals that the software will use to trade in the behalf of the traders. Even though, the promotional material and advertisements are claiming that the profit is guaranteed when using this software, it is far from truth. This is also one of the elements that make us believe that this software might actually be a fraud.

Additionally, this binary option trading software is also saying that it reduced the risk that comes with the binary options trading. However, it really is not possible to reduce the risk while trading with the binary options because this business is often risky and anyone who is offering to reduce the risk is actually trying to sell you or promote a fraud software for binary options trading.

Final Conclusion: Is Click Trade App a Scam?

Not Reliable

The lack of information about this software for binary option trading is the main problem when it comes to the reliability of this software. Without sufficient amount of information, traders will not be able to make the right decision and the probability that that software for trading binary options is a fraud significantly rise without the required information.

It really is hard to say whether Terran Capital System is fraud or not, but what we can for sure say there are many indicators that indicate that this software for trading binary options is actually a scam.

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Binary Minery review: Terran Capital System: 1 stars.

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