Is TR Binary Options a Scam?

NB! Traderush had been rebranded as TR Binary Options in the year of December 2015.

Is TR Binary Options a Scam?

TR Binary LogoTraderush had been rebranded as TR Binary Options in December of 2015. Therefore, the TR Binary Options was formerly known as Traderush among the traders. They had been rebranded with the purpose of renewing their platform and brand to increase customer satisfactions. Actually, this has not led to a lot of modifications on the platform itself but rather to some internal changes in the company.

It is needed to be mentioned that our team has never received any complaints from TR Binary Options or Traderush users before, and that characterizes them well and positions as a strong broker in the binary options trading world. We take all reports seriously and attempt to pay attention to both sides of the story before trying to discover a common ground. We blacklist any broker if it does not work according to the regulations and the customer has a serious case against them.

However, Traderush has always been a broker we could trust since it was always offering a high-quality service for its traders. They are experts in what they do. TR Binary Options uses SpotOption platform that is known for its reliability, potential and speed. Clients have to take a look at it to understand for themselves how it works and why it is so popular in the binary options market. It is also very important to take note of the fact that TR Binary Options is not yet regulated. So clients that prefer regulated services must take a look at our regulated brokers’ record such as Banc de Binary or 24Option. However, TR BinaryOptions has a lot to offer and we recommend considering signing up with this broker.

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TR Binary Options Bonus

Various unique account types  that can be chosen by the trader mainly determine the TR Binary Options bonus structure. As a standard binary option trading platform, they offer five types of accounts that are available in TR Binary Options. Each of them carries a definite set of features depending on the amount initially deposited also. They start off with the TR Mini account that is the smallest amount with  only $500 deposit and it goes up to the TR Platinum account that needs minimum $25,000 deposit.

Moreover, various types of bonuses are also progressive for the valued trader and those account types that are mentioned below:

  • Minimum account 25% (up to $250)
  • Starter Account 30% (up to $1500)
  • Silver Account 50% (up to 5,000) or one risk-free trade
  • Gold Account 75%, 03 ( three) risk-free trades or 1 Guaranteed profit trade for the traders
  • Platinum account that indicates 100% bonus, 5 (five) risk-free trades or 3 (three) guaranteed profit trades.

Besides, all the bonuses carry terms and conditions and the customers have to trade from 20x to 50x amount of the awarded bonus + deposit before being able to withdraw the bonuses also.

In addition, we should mention that risk-free trades are logged as bonuses if the trade ends up with a loss of capital. Guaranteed risk-free profit trades can be up to 50% of the deposited funds.

Depositing money with TR Binary Options

Being able to easily deposit money to their account is motivating for the customers since it is the only way to begin trading with TR Binary Options. Traders can enquire a demo account or begin trading on a genuine account straight away. For this, they require having some cash in their trading account.

There are quite a lot of ways to deposit with TR Binary Options:

This is not the biggest list of depositing methods we have seen, but it should be more than sufficient for most clients who desire to trade binary options with this broker.

In order to start trading without limits, traders need to confirm their identity. For this reason, they will need to send a scan of the following documents:

A photo ID of the trader
Proof of address detail
Utility bill for residence
Last 4 digits of credit card will be visible only if it is deposited is done by credit card.


TR Binary Screenshot

TR Binary Options Platform

In TR Binary Options, traders will be able to make profits up to 81%. Even 500% profit on one-touch options or one-week can be accomplished here. The most notable and outstanding matter about this broker is that it is extremely easy to use. There are some cooperative instruments that traders can take advantage of by making the right decision. For example, the instruments like various charts and market trend analytics. SpotOption is highly related to this platform. The tools enable accurate implementation of trades with 100 diverse assets to choose from. This helps traders to discover new assets to invest in.

TR Binary Options provides numerous features and assets such as one-touch options for the traders. Basically, one-touch options allow the traders to create a lot of profit, even profit can reach up to about 500% on what they put in the first place. This is an absolutely enormous profit-making chance for those who are trying to gain a lot of money within a very short period of time.

Other options and assets are available, so make sure  you’re taking your time and looking at the diverse options accessible before making your judgment. It is very important that you pay attention at the time of going through the educational segment before starting any trades.

TradeRush Testimonials

The procedure of trading assets and binary options with TradeRush is extremely trouble-free. There aren’t any hidden commissions that you have to be anxious about and all are apparent from the beginning. The initial thing to do is decide the kind of asset that is attractive to trade with standard trades. Moreover, the next thing to do is to decide “CALL” if one considers that the value of the chosen asset is going to augment, or “PUT” if it will reduce. In this way, the third step is entering the quantity of money that one would like to invest.

Moreover, one-touch options are mostly for individuals who thinks that a particular asset is going to exceed a detailed worth point but aren’t so certain if that value is going to be preserved.

In addition, sixty-second trades are comparable to criterion trades and are called speed trading as well in this trading field.

TR Binary Options Strategy

There isn’t a hidden plan required to be successful in TR Binary Options. There many important features that TradeRush offers traders to construct profits. A number of the most important features includes:

  • Minimum trade value is only $10.
  • Minimum deposit value is only $200.
  • Traders can receive demo account without any deposit.
  • Various kinds of assets and binary options.
  • Exceptional and reliable customer services.

Various binary options, commodities, and assets are presented by TradeRush for the traders to invest in. Moreover, this also includes stocks and commodities for the traders. These commodities include coffee and even crude oil. Traders who utilize TR Binary Options are authorized to create the smallest amount deposit worth is $200 and will even be competent to construct minimal trades value $10 as mentioned formerly. There isn’t a huge selection of international stock and there are previous huge options traders can decide from.

TR Binary Options is one of the leading online brokers on the binary options trading market. The positive thing about TradeRush is that there is a variety of long-term trades that have enormous payouts. There aren’t many online brokers who present these enormous payouts to traders. Moreover, this is also another reason why TradeRush has been competent to overcome the competition os other online brokers during the past few years.

TR Binary Options vs StockPair

StockPair and TradeRush are really outstanding online brokers that are highly known for their user-friendly platforms and services among the traders. TradeRush was one of the first brokers to present pair options on their dealing platform and this is still not provided by a lot of other brokers until at the moment. Trading pair options with TR Binary Options is not only realized in the form of benefit classes but, for example, various important currency pairs. Moreover, there is also not a single implementation method like one offered by StockPair.

In addition to mentioning that StockPair offers two diverse assets on charts and permits the traders to choose the asset faction that is going to execute better and be an additional gain within a certain time border. Furthermore, this is an important characteristic since traders appreciate additional assets they can decide on. There are possible distinctions between the trading platform of StockPair and TradeRush trading platform. The layout of the trading platform is provided by StockPair a lot clearer, particularly for the beginners. Pairs are also exposed as assets vs. second assets.

The traders are going to be able to analyze the value of assets as they are demonstrated on single charts with autonomous lines. The StockPair presents traders with a well-built assortment of pairs while TradeRush only has seven pairs that traders can choose from.

Mostly, both trading platforms are client-oriented. The client services of both online brokers are exceptional and traders will be able to obtain support all the time. Both the online binary options brokers offer vast and useful help in different languages. So traders need not be worried if English isn’t their first language. The assessment of which online broker to prefer differs from one trader to another depending on the characteristic they actually consider to be the most important.

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