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TradeEqual LogoTradEqual Exchange is actually an exchange for binary options. It is a completely new concept and we hope that will see its popularity in the coming months. We have already talked about the binary options exchange trading and because of that we recommend you to check our article on this topic for more information. TradEqual is actually the first broker for binary options exchange that is actually capable and ready for accepting their first customers.

The platform is not complicated to use. On this platform, traders are actually not waiting for broker to be on the other side of the trade. Instead, they alone offer the positions for trading while others trader who do not share the same opinion have the option to buy the option and after that to bet against those predictions. If you want to know more information about these issues we recommend you to read our review of the TradEqual.

Basic information:

Online since: 2015
Jurisdiction: UK
Software: Proprietary
Max Returns: 90%
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Investment: $15
Maximum Investment: $1000
Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP
Mobile: No
Countries: All nations excl. USA


– Open Trading Platform
– Offers its own software
– Demo account available


– No USA clients

Binary Minery Rating:


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Features of the TradEqual Accounts

Obviously, the special feature of the TradEqual is actually the new format not seen before. The idea behind this is that traders actually trade with each other. On the market, there are also some platforms that enable traders to talk or to chat with other traders. TradEqual has made some serious effort in order to make the experience of exchanging true for all traders including the one from the United States. In comparison, the majority of the systems in Europe have put the broker in the center of attention while TradEqual actually makes the trader the center of the attention.

In the last couple of years we have seen the emergence of some binary options brokers who offered traders the option of creating your own option. In our opinion, this is a great decision because some traders are requiring something like this in order to be efficient. The final efficiency of some traders actually depends on the preferences and interests of the broker. TradEqual provides the opportunity to write your own option or to buy someone else’s option. Trader can make a selection of options from the order book.

This efficiency is actually guaranteed because the trade will not happen unless both sides actually agree on the risk that is present with such trades. This, however, will cause a decrease in the spread of bid-asks as well as minimize the level of risks that both sides are facing. If it happens that the broker take the other side, it will benefit from you taking on the as much risk as you are ready to take. However, broker is not without any risk and it is forced to take up some of the risk. This, however, is not the case with the TradEqual because it leaves all business to trades and because there is hardly anyone who is ready to take on maximum risk, both sides will have the benefits of the middle level of risk that they take.

No Trading Processes Against TradEqual!

Due to the fact that TradEqual does not participate in the trading process directly it does not have any interests or benefits when customers are losing money. There interests lie in the exact opposite. They want their customer to succeed and to win money and conduct as much trade as it is possible.

TradEqual will charge you the fee of 2% out of the amount that you have won (it calculates the investments as well as returns). As you can see, the fee is actually very small in comparison to the quality of the platform whose main interest is to provide you with the opportunity to earn as much money as you can because when you make money they make money as well. In the cases when the trading of binary options finishes in draw, that is, with the same strike price and the same closing price, the TradEqual will charge both sides with the same amount of money.

There is also a possibility for traders to try out their demo account and you will have access to that account as soon as you register. This account is also providing videos and webinars that the traders who are starting to use TradEqual might consider to be very useful. We are always for the involvement of the demo accounts because in that way, traders are able to familiarize themselves with that platform. There is also some good news in regards to bonuses. These bonuses can go up to even $100 000 depending on the amount of deposit that you have made.

Software for TradEqual Trading

The basis of the TradEqual trading software is actually the web just like it is the case with many other platforms for trading. The interface of their page seems easy to use. On the right side of the interface you can find the chart with prices while on the left side is the list of the provided assets. The controls are placed in the middle which provides the user with the adequate overview of what is going on. In order for you to see what trades have been done so far, all you need to do is to scroll down a page and at the bottom of the trading window will be the list of the previous trades.

TradeEqual Screenshot

For those traders who have been dealing with the trade of binary option, the TradEqual platform will look familiar. It contains some of thevery popular elements that traders have seen before including some software solutions (but in this case the software used is Proprietary). The Put and Call buttons must be used if a trader wants to start a trade. If some trader just wants to buy an option or two, all he or she needs to do is put write in the system the amount of the offer that he or she is willing to invest.

How Can You Trade on TradEqual?

If it happens that the trader is willing to write an option, he or she will have to select the asset and the direction as well as the amount that is required to be paid for the other side of the trade (to other trader who is buying the option). At this point, it gets a bit confusing. This is because when you write your own option, it means that you are also determining the amount of your profit as well as the rate for the payout. In this case, it might look to you as something that you have not been accustomed to. However, it is very easy to understand how it functions. While we were working on this review we mostly wrote our own options because we thought that that is the best way to connect the process of trading with that we were doing and that is the technical analysis. There is more information about this issue in our academy.

After analyzing the market, he or she is able to see the increase of EURUSD in the next half hour after he or she has conducted the analysis of the trend. After this has been done, it is very easy to write your own option:

  1. Setting up the “Call” option for the upward direction
  2. Selecting and determining the ration of your payout – specification of the risks that you are ready to take on
  3. Displaying confidence that your prediction will succeed
  4. Specifying your own profit
  5. And pressing the “Write” button.

The additional good news in regards to the TradEqual is the fact that their payouts are exceptional. By trading some classic types of binary options, he or she can get 200% while the upper limit to these kinds of payouts is 700%. The best things about this is actually the fact that the trader who writes the option himself or herself determines the risks and the buyer of that option will not accept those risks if they are seen as unacceptable to them. There is no “fixed return options” on TradEqual and yet their offer if the fairest of them all on the market for binary options trading.

Information About the TradEqual Support

TradEqual is among the best platforms in regards to the customer support that they offer to their customers. There are several options through which customers can contact the support and they include

LiveChat, Skype call, phone call, e-mail. This in fact enables traders to select the best possible and the most efficient way of contacting the support service.

In our opinion, the options of LiveChat and Skype may actually be the best methods for you to contact the customer support service because traders often have multiple questions and in that way they wil be able to have all answer in one place.

Information About the Company and the TradEqual Banking

While we were conducting the research for this review we also tested the TradEqual’s banking services. In our opinion, these seem to be very simple, user friendly and professionally done. The platform that is used for processing payment is actually Algocharge. This seems to be great options because it provides transparency and security. Besides that, it provides shield for the traders from some obscure companies for processing payments.

The minimum amount of the deposit is $250 while the maximum amount of the deposit is $10,000. The minimum trade for the customers who only buying binary options is $30 while the minimum trade for the customer who write their own options is $40. This does not seem to like the best deposit – trade ration out there. Because of that, it might be better for you to start with significantly higher initial deposits especially if you will be using the “Write” button as we have done while preparing this review. You should not forget that with TradEqual you have the option of determining your own level of risk. Because of that, the higher the minimum trade is, your possible payout will be higher.

The minimum amount of the withdrawal is $100. According to  our opinion this is little bit too much. While many people will consider it to be no issue we think that it is better when each of us adjusts our own liquidity more independently. The amount of time that it takes to process the withdrawal demand is 3 days and it a very good time margin. Traders will be required to verify their account before they receive the permit for their first withdrawal. In this business of trading binary options, everybody has become accustomed to this issue. The TradEqual is currently undergoing the process of registration and obtaining required licenses.

Additional information

Customer Service: Live Chat / Email:
Languages: English, Spanish
Trading Options: High / Low
Early close: Yes
Expiry Times: 60 sec, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr
Deposits and Withdrawals: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Wire, Skrill Moneybookers, Maestro, Discover Card, Neteller
Withdrawal Time: 1 – 3 day
Demo account: Yes

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Binary Minery Review: TradeEqual: 4.5 stars.

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