Traderush Rebranded as TR Binary Options

TR Binary LogoTraderush, a binary options broker that has been present on our site and in the binary options trading world for quite a long time, has been recently rebranded as TR Binary Options. The shorter name TR has been recognized and accepted easily and this brand is present in the minds of many traders. The shortened name of TR Binary Options has been chosen in order to make it even more recognizable for its existing and potential clients. Traderush becoming TR is a part of the general company’s strategy to increase awareness about the brand.

Traderush Rebranded Into TR

Traderush was launched in 2011 and within these recent few years, it has achieved popularity among many traders.  It is owned by Marblestone Partners Limited which is located in London. The broker has been rebranded in December 2015. Now it has a different name and is identified as TR Binary Options broker. Practically from the beginning, TR Binary Options has been present on our page as one of the top recommended brokers. We regard them as one of the most successful brokers that makes sure their clients are content and have efficient trading experience.

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TR Binary Options as Secure and Respectable Broker

It is important to mention that TR Binary options has a proven record of being a secure and reputable binary options broker. We had reviewed TR Binary Options earlier and wrote a detailed account of our experience with the platform. TR also has a strong reputation among other reviewers of the binary options industry players. We especially would like to commend their excellent customer support for their clients and can help out with all their needs. In addition, their client support option has 24/7 attention to TR Binary Options clients and they will be able to receive all answers they were really asking for punctually.

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TR Binary Options has Announced New Trading Accounts

TR Binary Options is always innovative and provides fresh updates for its traders. TR Binary Options has also completed a number of important changes for setting up their trading accounts and improved trading account features with helpful webinars, bonus options and signals after the rebranding. The traders can now take advantage of many more interesting features.

TR Binary Options Trading Accounts

There has been a small change that happened in the TR Binary Options approach as the recently branded broker is setting up their account types. At the present, there are quite a few accounts that consist of all kinds of features for the service of traders.  Account types start with the Mini account that begins from $500 minimum deposit amount and goes over quite a few options up to the Platinum account that requires minimum $25,000 deposit where a trader can take advantage of immense bonus options, signals, risk-free trades, webinars and fast withdrawals.

TR Binary Options Trading Platform Review

SpotOption has been used for binary options trading platform in TR Binary Options. SpotOption became the world’s major trading software solution that is extremely simple to use and works in any environment. This software has been used by many successful binary options trading brokers. TR Binary Options has all types of features enabled, offering their clients to trade all classic options,  for example short-term, long-term, one-touch options, pairs and ladder options. They also include SpotFollow tab, Forex/CFD platform and for social trading.

The classic binary options trading solutions of it are extremely user-friendly. Traders can decide asset, expiry date and amount they wish to use for trading before selecting Call or Put to actually begin trading binary options. The customer alternative pointer on the bottom shows how the marketplace is changing.

For all the traders, it is crucial to know that in the bottom left angle is the plan advisor that allows customers to implement very easily trading indicators such as moving averages or RSI.

In addition, the SpotFollow social trading is an innovative feature that is becoming extremely well-liked by the day. It includes a record of traders with their achievement rates also. Moreover, traders can go after them and copy their trades. Traders can even choose the asset category that they want to focus on or every asset the maturity of options, trade quantity of money and the boundary for the number of trades.

New TR Binary Options Trading Tools Introduced

TR Binary Options broker is always updated and trader-friendly. For this reason, it has decided to improve a number of innovative techniques for trading and go through rebranding in2015. Consequently, not they also have Ladder trading and social tab iFollow for the traders. Moreover, they also offer candlestick charts and the strategy advisor that are very useful for improving your trading experience.

Mostly, we are certain that these changes will benefit the broker’s customers. So we encourage everyone to read our updated TR Binary Options review and consider trying the new updated TB Binary Options broker and seeing all the new features for yourself.

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