Trading Binary Options with IQOption

iq Option LogoNowadays, one of the easiest ways to trade the financial markets is by trading binary options. However with so many binary options brokers offering their services on the internet, you might have a hard time selecting the right broker to trade with. To help you begin your binary options trading journey, we recommend that you open a trading account with a well established broker such as IQOption. Established in 2013, IQOption offers binary options traders with a safe and secured trading environment. They also offer numerous other benefits which will greatly enhance your ability to make a profitable trade. So what makes IQOption so special? Let us take a closer look at what they are offering traders.

Trading Platform

A key part of any binary options broker’s offering is the performance of their trading platform. For most brokers in the industry, they have opted to use a white labeled trading platform to cut down on their investment on operational infrastructure. As a result, you often see familiar looking trading platforms used by many brokers in the industry. With IQOption, this is not the case as they have opted to develop their own proprietary trading platform to suit their service offering.

Developed with WebGL technology, IQOption’s trading platform is a user friendly platform with tons of industry innovations. First of all, it is the only binary options trading platform in the industry which comes with a dozen different types of technical indicators. Some of the popular indicators integrated into the trading platform including indicators such as Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI and Commodity Channel Index (CCI). In addition to having a wide array of technical indicators at your disposal to help with your market analysis, the IQOption trading platform also features graphical tools to help you plot trend lines and support/resistance levels.

And depending on what assets are available during the particular time that you are trading, you can open up to half a dozen charts simultaneously to view the selected assets price movements as well as to trade in them. On the left side of the trading screen, you can click on the “Market News” tab to keep track of the latest developments in the financial markets. For accuracy, the price feeds are feed onto the trading screen directly from Thomson Reuters. So far, no other binary options trading platform in the industry has been able to offer their traders so many features and trading tools as IQOption.

IQ Option Screen 1

Trading Accounts

Apart from providing their traders with a sophisticated and easy to use trading platform, IQOption has also made it easy for you to open a trading account with them. Depending on your particular trading needs, you have 3 different types of trading accounts to choose from.

The first trading account which you can open with IQOption is the Demo Account. The account is provided free of charge and does not require you to make any real money deposit in order to gain access to the demo facilities. If you are new to binary options trading, we highly recommend that you start off with the demo account first. You will be given $1000 in virtual cash to trade the markets with. The demo trading platform performs just like the real trading platform except that you have fewer numbers of assets to trade with and there is no risk involved. Nevertheless, the experience that you will gain from using the demo platform is useful in deciding if binary options trading is right for you. In addition through the demo account, you also get to evaluate the performance of IQOption as your broker before you actually start investing your hard earned money.

If you after trying out the demo account at IQOption and you find yourself satisfied, you can choose between the Standard trading account and the VIP trading account. The standard trading account only requires a minimum deposit of $10 for you to get started. It is worth noting that this requirement is the lowest in the industry. Most brokers will require that you deposit a minimum of $100 to $250 when you open a live trading account with them. With the standard trading account, you can already trade with up to 70 different types of underlying assets. With the VIP trading account, you will get additional benefits such as higher deposit bonuses and rebates for out of the money trades. You will also receive a monthly analysis from IQOption and the attention of a personal account manager.

Transferring Funds

Most people balk at opening a trading account with an internet based binary option broker because of concerns about the safety of their personal information and the act of depositing their money with the broker. In addition, they are also unsure if they will be able to withdraw their money from the broker without any problems.

With IQOption, you will face none of these worries as the broker is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). Under CySEC regulations, IQOption is required to take adequate measures to protect the integrity of their clients’ personal information as well as the safety of their funds. The money that you deposit with IQOption will be kept in segregated banks account at Tier 1 banks separate from the broker’s own operational funds. Furthermore, your funds are protected up to an amount of 20,000 euros under the Investor Compensation Fund scheme.

When it comes to depositing money with IQOption, they have made it easy, as well as being as safe as any transactions that you will make with a commercial bank. They support a variety of methods for fund depositing and you can do it with your credit/debit cards, bank wire transfer or a selction of internationally recognized online payment processors such as Skrill and Neteller.

And when you want to withdraw you money at IQOption, they have also made it easy by requiring your minimum withdrawal amount to be just $10.

Without a doubt, this broker is one of the best brokers that we have come across during the course of reviewing so many binary options brokers in the industry. They have really made binary options trading accessible and affordable. On top of that, they can provide you with the assurance that your money will be safe with them. Their advanced trading platform is guaranteed to offer you the ultimate trading experience.

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